Sunday, June 10, 2018

tick bites and boat rides...

Y'all, I really, really, have nothing to post about!!!  Life, these days, is mainly keeping the grandbabies and trying to stay cool!  That's what I do during the summer! 

I don't think I told y'all about the tick bite I got back in late April or early May. No big deal, right?  

Well, it certainly turned out to be a big deal!  It turned into Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  The epidemiologist couldn't believe that I wasn't hospitalized or very sick.  What you see in the picture is all the symptoms I had.  After a round of antibiotics, I am all clear.  I apparently have an incredible immune system!  

Oh my gosh, my allergies are off the charts!  I don't know what the deal is but I haven't had them this bad since I was a kid!  Whatever it is, the grands have also been battling allergies.  Of course, they are all better now but I'm just trying not to die!  My body fights off a disease like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but you let a tree bloom or somebody cut the grass and I'm out!  Really!!!???  LoL

Even though the calendar says it is still Spring, we are in full blown SUMMER HELL!  I'm not kidding!  Already we are having high heat!  So many people have been admitted to the hospitals with heat related illnesses.  I need to move someplace that stays a pleasant 70* year 'round.  Ever hear of a place like that? neither.  

I've been super busy with the grandbabies.  As you know, I keep them while their parents work.  People who say staying home is easy have never had a two year old running loose!  LoL  He keeps me hopping!  Thank God his big sister is here to help me entertain him!  He can't talk very well but the two words he definitely has down is "HEY" and "Granny".  And he says them as loud as he can and trust me...that boy has good vocal cords!  I wouldn't have it any other way!  He is the sweetest little boy but mischievous as all get out!  

Last weekend, we met up with our kids and grands, for a nice day at the lake.  Our granddaughter loves to drive the boat and has been doing it for several years now.  Well...the grandson thinks he should be driving too.  

He cracks me up standing in the seat and "driving" even though we are anchored!  He thinks he is really going somewhere!  It won't be long before he will be helping PawPaw drive, that's for sure.

His mama makes sure the babies have lots of sunscreen on.  She puts it everywhere!  Ears, face, arms, back, legs, and even... their hair!  LoL  Lake hair, don't care!  

Y'all have a blessed week!

Grace & Peace,

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Schools Out and Pinterest Will Be The Death of Me...

Hey y'all!  School's out for summer!  I'm excited to be able to see my granddaughter every day, now!  Oh, how I wish she was homeschooled so I had more time with her free spirited little self!  Yes, I'm a bit selfish when it comes to my grandbabies!  

So, with school being out, it is time to play in the water!  PawPaw and the babies had the first water balloon fight of the season!  None of them are very good at throwing, apparently, because they didn't get wet at all!  The grass got a good shot of water though!  I'm going to have to teach that little blondie how to have a water balloon fight!  HeHeHe!  I used to be pretty good.

No, it isn't a robot!  It is my version of a Pagoda!  I got bored so I started looking on Pinterest for garden art!  I tell you Pinterest will kill me one day!   I worked hard stacking these blocks under my rose arch.  I plan to paint it and add some pretty glass beads for color.  I'll show it when I get it done.  I pretty much stayed in the yard all day, today, although it was hotter than blue blazes!  I did some "Hippie" stuff, as you can see.  Besides the pagoda, I started a colored bottle garden.

There are only four right now, but I plan to add more.  I would like to have several bottle trees around the yard but since I don't really drink, I have to wait on other people to donate their empty wine bottles!  Man, they drink slow!  LoL  You know how it is.  Once you set your mind on something you just can't wait to do it!  Anyhow, I hope my granddaughter will help me with some of my yard art projects but she is at that age!  You never know what mood she is going to be in!  

The old bird feeder bit the dust!  It was all rotted and barely help the seed so I decided to use this extra large plant tray.  Actually, this is only one of three I placed around the yard.  

Kind of looks like a sombrero, doesn't it!  You can see what is left of the old rotted feeder.  I need to get rid of that and fasten this one down but it will do for now.  By winter, I will have it attached better.  I love watching the birds.  They don't visit the feeders much now, since they have all the native grasses and seeds to eat, but several Orange-Winged Blackbirds still show up.  And the Gold Finches and House Finches.  

I put these three pine tree seedlings in some pots.  My family back in East Texas would laugh me all the way out of town if they saw me planting pine trees!  I'm from the Piney Woods and miss those tall trees!  You don't see pine trees around this area unless someone has planted them.  We have an area of our place where nothing grows so I figured pines would probably do good there.  They grow in even the worst soil, it seems.

My pale pink Asiatic Lilies finally bloomed.  They are so pretty!  I guess I lost the deep maroon and orange lilies, that I had planted.  They didn't come back this year.  Those were my favorites.  Guess I will just have to plant more!

Well, not much of a post, really, but I always forget to take pictures of the things I do so I don't remember to post about it!  I have got to get better at that!  Oh!  I did want to show you this one picture my daughter posted of us on Mother's Day!

We like big glasses and we cannot lie!  LoL  

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!  Remember the real reason we celebrate it!

Grace & Peace,

Sunday, May 20, 2018

This and That...

Good gosh!  I just realized my header is not centered!  Now y'all know my OCD will kick my tail until I fix it!  What in the world!  

Did I mention our Mother's Day camping trip?  Actually, my Mister did the camping and I did the running back and forth, from camp site to the house.  I think I mentioned, once, that is how I "camp".  I set everything up, do all the packing up and cooking, make sure the camper is ready, help set it up, and then come back home to feed the animals!  LoL...I usually just stay the night here at the house and then head back out to the campground the next morning.  I will stay all day and then head back home at dusk.  I really don't mind because I get a few nights to myself while my Mister is relaxing at the lake.  Occasionally, he is the one to run back and forth but generally it is me.  I would rather do it and let him enjoy his time away from work, phones, mowing, and daily doings.  He works hard and deserves it.  Anyhow, we went out to the lake to "camp" and on Mother's Day, my daughter and her little family came out.  My mister, and our son-in-love, took the grandbabies out on the boat and swimming, so my daughter and I could have a nice nap in our very cold camper!  It was way too hot to take a nap in the outside chairs so inside we went!  I think we both needed that nap but she especially needed it!  She works full time, runs my granddaughter all over, takes care of both kids, as well as the house and dog, while our son-in-love on his truck driving runs.  She is awesome and certainly deserves a short nap, if nothing else!  Silly me, didn't even take the camera out of my bag, so no pics to share.

So...this happened!  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love Asiatic Lilies but I sure wish they bloomed more than once a year.  I would love to have more but I have no place else suitable to grow them.  Apparently, they like a shady, moist, flower bed and most of mine are out in the sun.  I guess I could put in a couple of more beds but since they only bloom once, I would rather have more roses.  These are beautiful but I can't wait for my Stargazer Lilies to bloom.  I think those are my very favorite flower and again, they don't bloom more than once.  Makes me feel super blessed when they do finally bloom!

I finally bought a rug for the living room.  Seeing as how I am part hippie, this Aztec design really spoke to me.  I will have to show you the entire room once I get my new couch.  Right now, I wouldn't show that old ugly thing, that's in there, to anyone!  LoL  It is beyond me on that!  Anyhow, I love this rug and it feels so nice under my feet.  I might change my mind when I have to have the thing cleaned but for now, I'm in love!

Mentioning being part Hippie...

I've been doing a bit of crochet using all these bright colors!  I decided our camper really needs some color.  There is so much dark brown and that just doesn't go with my personality...or quirky-ness!  LoL  I will make some banners to hang around the campsites and maybe a few other things to hang from the camper canopy.  I know there are going to be some new wall hangings and window treatments inside. 

I like this.  This is something I made for my play room (craft room).  What do you think?  That should liven up a too dark travel trailer.  Maybe in some neon colors, though.  Do you see what is hanging to the sides of the windows?  Yep, I've been making macrame plant hangers, too.  I realized there is a whole big blank canvas above my head so I made plant hangers to hand from our 8 ft. ceilings, in this house.  I've decorated the walls, of course, but I never thought to much about the ceiling.  I suspect that comes from being short.  I've always had hanging lamps or chandeliers, in our other homes but never in this one.  I don't know why.  Anyhow, I will show those to y'all in a future post.

We've had a few storms roll through, this past week, but nothing that gave us any rain.  We are beginning to get dry, already.  About the only thing to come out of these storms is the opportunity to snap a few really pretty pictures.

Probably a boring, rambling, post but that's what I do best!  LoL  Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time!

Grace & Peace,

Monday, May 14, 2018

And just like that...

And just like that, it was summer!  We went from winter to summer rather quickly this year.  Spring came for two or three days and then temps soared to the mid 90's and have been there ever since.  

My heart is so heavy today.  We had to return our cats to the shelter.  Turns out I've developed somewhat of an allergy to them.  Never in my life have I been allergic to any animal then suddenly I turned 54 and I'm allergic to cats.  The older I get the more things happen.  I've always been allergic to Mountain Cedar trees but now I am also allergic to Elm...guess what kind of trees we have all around us!!!  Uh-huh...Elm.  Wonder what else I will become allergic to now that I am getting ready to turn 55?

After all the time I have been away I really don't have a lot to say.  I have been busy as all get out though.  I will share a few pictures with y'all from our doings this spring.

Not much of a post but it shows some of the things happening in our lives!  Until next time!

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Where are you???

I'm still here!  Just been super busy but I will be back to post soon!  If you are still hanging with me, thanks for doing so!

Monday, April 9, 2018


I don't remember if I've ever posted about my penpals or not!  Years ago, when I was in my early teens, I had penpals.  I loved to get those letters from all over the country!  I loved writing letters just as much.  I don't remember where all of my pals lived but they were all in the USA because sending letters to other countries was too expensive for my parent's budget.  That part hasn't gotten any better but I would love to send ,and receive, international letters now that I have my own budget!  So anyways... One thing lead to another, life and technology got in the way, and I lost my pals and the desire.  As much as I love snail mail and the art of letter writing, it was easier to get online and shoot an email to someone and receive an almost instant reply.  By the way...I hate email!  So cold and impersonal, unless you find someone who is full of life and it shows even over the world wide web.

Recently, I found a couple of penpal groups, on Facebook, and once again I have started writing long letters to people I have never met.  I am ticked there are still people who do this!  I've even found that younger folks are picking up a pen and writing a good letter!  Of course, those young'uns also want to be friends on FB and every other social media out there, but at least they are writing letters!  I mean handwritten letters that require an envelope, stamp, and a trip to the post office!  

Now, I tend to be a purist when it comes to penpals.  I only want to be letter-writing buddies!  I don't want to get an email or be friends with my pals, on social media, although I do have some of those.  We all met on social media about 18 years ago and have been "friends" ever since -- more like kindred spirits, really.  We do still write letters and send cards to one another, as well.  There are some who get offended because I won't friend them on FB but that would ruin the whole experience, wouldn't it?  It would for me!  I want to sit down with a good letter in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, and get to know that person.  I don't want a snippet here and there!  I want life long penpals!  

Well, I'm sure y'all are bored with me but I just wanted to share.  Do you have penpals?  Did you when you were growing up?  I'd love to hear about it.  Maybe you and I can become pen friends!

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April...can you believe it?

I don't know how so much time passes as quickly as it seems to these days!  One minute it is the middle of March and the very next second it is going on the second weekend in April!  Whew!  Tires me out!  

I hope y'all had a blessed Easter!  We decided to have the Grand's egg hunt on Saturday because Sunday was going to be rainy and cold.  Yes, you read that right!  COLD!  And boy was it!  We went to Easter service, not in our fancy new Easter clothes, but in winter woolens and rain boots!  I know this is probably the norm for some parts of the country but not in ours!  It was miserable but the service was good and afterwards we went out to lunch with our daughter and her sweet little family.  Then we came home and I crawled into my bed and took a long nap!  I am so glad we had the egg hunt the day before.  I think we will do that from now on.  We were able to focus on the Resurrection rather than the eggs and Easter bunny.  

In an earlier post, I mentioned the journaling I've been doing.  I have gone crazy with it!  Now I am making my own blank journals rather than purchasing them!  Honestly, I think I like making them more than filling them!  Here is the one I am working on now.

Outside cover

Inside front cover has a pocket for pens and highlighters.  Inside back cover has another pocket for a small ruler.  I have made three small notebook inserts.  There can be removed and replaced when full.

This insert is filled with grid paper for taking notes.

Another has plain sketch paper for doodling.  There is an insert with calendar pages, as well.

I'm probably going to use this journal for sermon notes, prayer requests, and church events.  I think I am going to like being able to add and remove the notebook inserts, depending on what I need to keep in there.  I'm looking for other inserts to hold small bits and pieces but so far I haven't found any in this particular size.  I may end up trying to make something, myself.

I've also been working on the journal that I will pass down to my grandbabies.  Here are a couple of pages out of that one.

This one is so much fun to work on.  It is all about me.  Things that I hope my grandchildren will want to know, one day, about their crazy granny!  I love it.  

So, that is just about all I have been doing lately.  I've been too busy keeping my grands, what with Spring Break and now, as you may or may not have heard, through the teacher walk out here in Oklahoma.  I'll not go into that because my blood pressure gets up when I do and I would lose readers ( I don't have that many, as it is!) if I shared my opinion.  Anyways, I have enjoyed the time with the kids, though!

We are attending a new church.  I don't remember if I posted about the crap that went on, where I felt as if I was pretty much being told to leave the old one, but I've moved on and am so happy about that!  God always knows best and, while I won't share the events, my entire family is ecstatic about no longer being at that church!  My Mister actually wants to go to church now and he hasn't fallen asleep once!  LoL  Anyhow...I am trying to get used to the new one.  I'm old school when it comes to church and this new one is anything but!  It is LOUD but the spirit is there in force!  The preaching is awesome!  Some of the best I've heard in a long time but the main thing is Jesus is there and my Mister likes it!  Yay!

Well, it is about time for the babies to get here.  I still need to get some stuff done, before they do.  

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Little Road Trip

Oh Lord, our weather is bi-polar and off it's meds!  I ain't even kidding!  Saturday was lovely, beautiful sunshine, pleasant temps, and light wind.  I couldn't have asked for a better weather day!  Then Sunday started out to be a nice day but then the clouds started rolling in.  We had a few showers and the sky was happy to stay in it's ugly gray mood.

I snapped this picture (which doesn't do justice to the beauty) just after one of the brief showers.  I thought it was going to clear up but it didn't.  Then the weather went back into winter mode and this morning the temps were cool, only to become cold, and the wind is now blowing like nobody's business!  I do not do well when Mother Nature forgets what she is supposed to be doing!  

Anyways, on Saturday, during the beautiful weather, my Mister and I decided to take a little road trip.  We checked out several campgrounds that we might want to camp in.   We usually just go to the one about 10 miles from our house but it stays booked usually all summer, so we decided to venture a little further out.  I can't wait to go camping for the first time this year.  Although, I usually don't stay more than one night because someone has to take care of our animals and I don't see the point of driving all the way home, feed, and going back to the camp, only to have to turn around and do it all again the next morning.  Kind of takes the fun out of it but my Mister loves to camp so I don't mind being the one who comes home early.

I took this picture at one of the campgrounds we looked at.  It isn't the best because I took it with my phone and the Heron, you see, was all the way across the lake from where we were.  He was so pretty, though!

We stopped in a little town, along the way, to have lunch.  I took lots of pictures of the restaurant and antique shop we visited but I want to save those for another post.  I did find some sweet treasures in the antique shop.  I've been on the lookout for old pictures, ephemera, and bits of lace to add to my journals.  

I found this sweet little box containing six note cards, that I couldn't resist!   The paper is so finely textured and even the box is beautiful.  You don't find note cards like this now days.  I can't wait to use them for my Bible journal.  

Some old lace and trim that I found.  Isn't the bow lace unique?  I've never seen any like this.  Again, these will go it a journal or scrapbook.  I would love to have more of the bow lace for trimming new curtains for my bathroom.

These precious little bunny rabbits are just so cute!  I had to buy them for my granddaughter but I am using them for my Spring decorating.  Once I change out the decor, I will wrap and put them in her "Memory Chest".  She loves stuff like that.  

I will be back later to post about the restaurant and antique shop we visited.  In the meantime...

The girls say hello...well...Aja does.  Taffy is napping and it's better that way!  Trust me!

Grace & Peace,

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunset Walks and Green Stuff...

Even though it is still quite chilly, the trees and roses are starting to put on some green leaves.  

I am so happy but I'm afraid we might have yet another frost.  It is only March and Oklahoma is very unpredictable in the weather department.  One day 70*, the next freezing temps, and there might be a tornado in the mix.  We never know!  I sure hope not because I am happy to see some green and sunshine!

And this little lady, named Salem, is ready to go camping!  So am I but first I will have to go down there to clean and get everything ready.  I'm not doing that until it gets a little warmer.  

My little buddy got a big boy haircut, over the weekend.  I'm not sure I can handle not seeing those sweet blond curls!  He is still the cutest munchkin on the planet, though!

Do y'all journal?  I picked my journal up, again, and decided I would finish it and put it in my granddaughter's Remembrance Chest (Hope chest).  

This is not my usual style of journaling.  This is just a book with bits & pieces of who I am.  I call it "Pieces of Me".  Very simple, not very pretty, but I hope, one day, my granddaughter will look through it and say, "Oh yeah!  I remember this about Granny!".  

One day, last week, my Mister and I went for a picnic and a short walk at the lake.  It was a bit cool but with a sunset like this, I didn't seem to notice.  I can't wait until we can do this all the time!

Talking about sunsets...this one looked like a fireball in the sky.  There were a lot of clouds, as you can see, but the sun was peeking out and making those clouds glow.  So pretty!

Well, it's been a day so I'm going to go take a nice hot bath, make a cup of tea, and watch "Grace & Frankie".  Peace!

All my love,