Monday, February 24, 2020

E.R. and a 4th...

So...I looked up one day and saw something strange coming in my backdoor.  It looked like a carnival exploded!  I quickly figured out it was my granddaughter bringing me a LARGE bunch of stuffies that needed some Granny magic.

Apparently, the stuffies all sprung leaks so Granny's Toy Hospital was in for a long morning in the ER!  LoL  My Grandbabies think I can fix anything so they are always bringing stuff for me to "doctor".  I love it and hope they never figure out that I really can't fix everything!  I'll darn sure do my best, though!

I don't know how this happened...BUT...

This handsome little darling turned four years old!  Good Lord!  He will be starting school in the Fall!  It is just not it?  He knows he can have any kind of birthday party and cake he wants so he told me that he wanted a black and blue cake.  A what!?  

I made a chocolate cake with blue icing made to look like a monster from Monster U.  He love it!  I also made the decorations.

 There were hanging monsters, chair monsters and

 Baby monsters...

Monster eyes, toes, and fingernails! cups.  I had so much fun pulling this together but I will be the first to admit...I was completely worn out by the time it was all done!!

Are you looking forward to warmer weather...maybe some sunshine!?  It seems like it hasn't stopped raining since October!  Our place could be classified as the blacklands because of the black clay content and that stuff holds water like a bucket!  It never drains or dries out...never.  Even in the middle of summer it is not dry.  Now one would think that would be good for growing but it isn't.  Nothing grows in that mess but weeds!  No matter what I do it just will not grow anything!  

Good grief, I don't know how I got started on that but I did.  Anyhow...I'm ready for sunshine!

That's all I got!

Grace & Peace,

Monday, February 3, 2020

From the Pastor's Desk...


It’s ok for you as a parent to recognize that:

—you are the primary example, guide, teacher, and protector for your young child;

—just as with diet and exercise, what the eyes and heart intake is going to affect the way the mind and heart grows and matures;

—your young child’s brain, emotion, character, and spirit is still developing;

—someone else’s opinion does not overwhelm the value of you knowing your child better than ‘they’ do.

It’s okay. You be the strong, wise, connected parent you need to be for your child.

If you shielded your kids from the halftime show last night, you don’t need to defend your choice to anyone.

If you didn’t, that’s also your choice.

Whatever you did, you’re the parent.

Be sure you recognize all the truths of adolescence, and be the guide you’re called to be for your kid.

Thursday, January 30, 2020


Surreal - strange; not seeming real; like a dream; bizarre; weird

Surreal is a word I am becoming much too familiar with.  The past month and a half has been shockingly difficult for my family.  Back in December, my cousin's son was killed in a car wreck.  He was 21 years old.  One month, to the day, my aunt passed away.  She was laid to rest the day before my baby sister went home to be with Jesus.  She was only 44.  Never have I known such heartache.  I think we are all collectively holding our breaths, wondering, what is next.  

My aunt passing wasn't quite as shocking as the other two.  After all, she was 81 and had health issues.  Coming to grips with the other two, though, has been hard.  I am not one to grieve, or mourn, like most people do.  I've saw too much when I was working in EMS.  Death does not scare me but when my baby sister passed, one week ago today...THAT rattled me.  I mean...she's the baby!  That's not supposed to happen, right?  Surreal...Bizarre...Weird!  

Times like this, one starts questioning's next?  Why so young?  why now?  The one thing I will never question is God's love for me and my family.  Nor will I ever question the fact that God is in control and knows things I can never comprehend.  Jesus is weeping right along with us and His heart is broken over the pain we have been going through.  When I sit and think about everything, I can see God's hand all over these difficult days and the events that happened right before my baby sister passed.  For those things I am thankful.  God loves us.  He loved my baby sister, aunt, and cousin.  God, and only God, will see us through.     

Father, God.  Thank you for giving us the time we had with our loved ones.  Thank you for restoration of relationships.  Forgive us, Lord, when we question You and the timing of these deaths.  Thank you, Father, for peace and comfort because we are simple and weak.  We can't get through this without you.  Most of all, Abba God, thank You for Your Love.  Amen

Friday, January 24, 2020

From the Pastor's desk

... because too often we treat Christianity as a moment to put in our schedule, or as a reason for being mostly nice; we treat it as a sometimes thing, as if we’ll follow Jesus when there’s nothing else we need or want to do at the moment.

But, that is not the example and teaching of the Bible.

In Scripture, to believe and to follow Jesus, to have Him as Savior and Lord, is to be a completely new and different person.

It is a changing of mind, of heart, of life direction. It is you leaving behind the way of looking at life that allowed for shallow and prideful choices, and instead loving God with all that you are, and loving your neighbor because of it.

It changes your courage and your contentment and your commitment; it changes the words you choose and the thoughts you think and the friends you have.

It should be noticeable, and verifiable, and make you stand out in a particular way.

If you’re not different, maybe you don’t spend enough time with Jesus.

Acts 4:13–“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”

Monday, January 20, 2020

From the Pastor's desk

Still needed...

Reality check of the morning:

You don't have to treat them respectfully just because they agree with you politically;
you don't have to treat them respectfully just because they're on your side;
you don't have to treat them respectfully just because you like what they say, or what they've done, or how much money they have, or how much you'll gain if you get in good with them.

You don't have to agree or join or follow.
You don't have to approve or sign off or be silent.

Respect doesn't equal agreement with choices or opinions; respect doesn't mean you've given in or given up; respect doesn't mean weakness or timidity.

Respect simply means you see them as you see yourself--human, flawed, uniquely created, a constant work in progress, a person whose life you haven't lived, whose brain you're not in, whose time and energy and movement you don't control.

Maybe today is a good day to stop demanding that every uniquely crafted, living, breathing work of art be exactly the same...and just respect them for the design that they bring.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

From the Pastor's desk...

... because it’s possible that you’re in need of conviction, in need of commitment, in need of a deep change that has been needed in your life for a long time.

And there have been good influences, godly examples, men and women that you’ve looked up to and sought for advice and wanted to be like.

And unfortunately for too long, you’ve chosen to be less than you could be, than you should be.

Don’t waste another moment, another day, another opportunity to change your legacy, to begin something new in your life and in your family, and to make much of God!

See the example that others have set, reach for it, seek it out!

Who is it for you? Who has been that one person, for you?

Hebrews 13:7–“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Confession and DONE!

I'm going to confess something to y'all.  I am obsessively addicted to asparagus.  There!!!  I said it!!!  And I'm owning it!  

I've always loved those long skinny spears of green deliciousness.  I get it from my Mama.  She loved it, too, and would cook it all the time.  Back in those days, it was the canned, slimy, kind but with a little bit of bacon grease, salt and pepper, it was awesome!  I still eat the canned stuff but mainly I use either frozen or fresh.

The way I like to make it is pretty darn simple.  I melt some butter in an iron skillet.  Add the washed and trimmed asparagus and toss it with the butter.  Let it get somewhat browned and then add just a bit of water, maybe a 1/4 - 1/3 cup, should do it.  Put a lid on the pan and let cook for about five minutes.  Remove the lid, salt and pepper and then let it cook until all the liquid is gone.  Now, you can stop there or you can do what I do.  I let that stuff get nice and caramelized and add a 1/2 cup of riced cauliflower.  Dish it up and sprinkle with soy sauce and sriracha.  Oh my word!  Yummy-ness!  I am the only one around here that likes asparagus which is probably a good thing because I can and will eat the entire bunch, all by myself!  

I am so DONE!!!

With the granddaughter's earrings, that is!  I finally finished them, and might I add, without pulling my hair out!

Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen!?  She is going to be over the moon!  I am currently working on another pair for her but those will be for Valentine's Day and aren't nearly as complicated as these were.

I should get off the computer and start getting ready for bed.  I have to be up early in the morning and have yet to fold the laundry I did this morning.  It should be properly wrinkled by now.  Guess I will get out the old ironing board tomorrow...that's ok...I love to iron!

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Crazy weather and stuff

You know, I thought I would have a lot of things to post about but I've been struggling with some junk and I just can't get a grip on my brain, I sit.  

I think my sweet grandson perfectly captured my brain lately.  Just a jumble of thoughts, emotions, and insecurities.  I would like to blame it on S.A.D. but that's not it, unfortunately.  Some days, I just don't know where I stand or what the future will hold.  What I need to do is get back into God's word but even that seems to be a chore so I put on my little happy face and try to hold it together for my grandbabies.  This will pass and life will go on but in the meantime my head is all a mess.  Do you even get like that?  It can't be explained but it is real, none the less.

I started this project way back in November.  It is supposed to be four singing snowmen.  I don't know how I managed to put this behind some stuff and not finish it.  I found it last week, along with another project, and decided to put it in my craft room floor so I would have to step over it to get to anything, in hopes that would make me get it done.  Yeah...that didn't work.  I'm still stepping over it.  Maybe by next Christmas...

I've been crocheting for over 45 years and never thought to use the FPDC and BPDC to make a scarf.  I don't know why, really, because it works up nice and thick and is really a beautiful design.  I made myself a red neck warmer to wear with a dress I've had for several years but never worn because I didn't like the neckline.  This was perfect to hide that.  I'm sure I will be using this stitch combo for many things from now on.  This would also make nice reusable "swiffer" cloths.  I wouldn't ever use them because of all the dog hair I am constantly cleaning up but for every day floor dusting, this would work very well.

I started working on a pair of earrings for my granddaughter.  The pattern is really cute and since she is horse crazy, I thought  these would be perfect for her birthday in a couple of  months.  I don't know if the thread is old, my hands don't want to work or just what the problem is, but I've started over three times and just now got in a hurry and somehow the thread twisted and knotted.  I had to put it to the side because I was getting so frustrated.  I hope I can get the knot out because I am not going to start over again!  I also discovered, while working on these, that I need stronger reading glasses.  I'm about to go nuts trying to see how to get the knot out!  UGH!  Getting older is not for sissies!

Oh!  Hey!  Do you have one of these?

I got one for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to use in my bathroom since there is no room for a traditional radio and I love listening to Southern Gospel while getting ready for church, on Sunday mornings.  HOWEVER!  I have no idea how to set it up much less how to use it.  I'm going to have to get my daughter to set it up for me but, dang it, I keep forgetting to ask her to do it.  Too bad I can't just plug it in and say, "Hey Google.  Set yourself up.".  LoL  I guess we aren't there in our technology just yet.

Y'all have a beautiful and safe weekend,

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends.  I pray it will be blessed for all!  

Going to try and update y'all.  I don't know how I got so far behind, really, but...

Not a lot happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas until my husband woke me up about three days before Christmas!  He never wakes me up so that was enough to freak me out but when he said he wasn't feeling good and thought he should go to the ER, I jumped up, wide awake!  This is the man that would rather take a beating than to go to the doctor, y'all!  When I looked into his eyes, I could tell immediately he was a sick boy!  He was having trouble breathing and his chest was tight.  The ex-paramedic in me, kicked in, and we wasn't no time getting to the hospital.  I just knew he was having a heart attack!  We got to the ER and they rushed him in and hooked him up to all kinds of machines.  That is when I freaked out!  I was calm and in charge until I could no longer see him.  I had to go to the restroom and collect myself because I didn't want my husband to worry about me being upset, so I sucked it up and dealt with it, you know what I mean?  God is an awesome God!  After a hundred-million tests, IVs, xrays, and every thing that goes with it, it was decided that he had pneumonia and the stomach flu.  I'm sure that doesn't sound like good news but considering what it could have been, that was the best news.

Christmas was wonderful.  Our kids and grandkids were here, we had lots of food, fun, and gifts. My Mister was still not feeling good and everyone went home, after a couple of hours, so he could rest.  After 10 days, he is just now feeling almost normal.  Now here it is, a new year and everything is back to normal.  All the traces of Christmas have been put back in storage, the house is put back to rights, and I've settled in for the rest of winter by crocheting, drinking lots of coffee and hot tea, and just being...

I am looking forward to what the new year and new decade brings.  I don't make resolutions but I do set goals.  One of those goals is to be more consistent with keeping up with this blog.  I have other goals for the year as well as the word I was given for 2020.  I promise to post about all of that within the next few days!