Sunday, June 23, 2019

Oh Me!

If you ever doubt that you are indeed getting older, babysit your three year old grandson for five days!  There will be no doubt, in your mind, once his parents take him home!  

Loved every minute of it, too!

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, June 20, 2019

While I was gone...

I was only away for a little while but it seems much longer.  We had so many things going on.  Some tragic but most were blessings...I guess, if you think about it, even the tragic was a blessing.  I tend to look at things a bit differently than most people, I suppose, but when a person can see blessings during the storms, it makes even the most horrible storm, tolerable.

Back in March, we received the call we had been dreading.  My Father-in-Love was nearing the end of his journey here on earth.  The family needed to get there if they wanted to see him alive, they said.  My Mister barely stopped long enough to gather a change of clothes and his toothbrush, before he headed to Texas.  The trip is eight hours, one way, and I was praying that he made it in time.  He did, thank God!  I don't know how my Mister would have handled not being able to say his goodbyes.  He is a strong man but that would have crushed him.  Thankfully, he was there to hold his Dad's hand and to be there for his Mom.  Sadly, he passed on what was to be our 22 wedding anniversary.  I don't think either of us will ever look at that day as anything other than when Pops passed away.  I am not one to mourn.  I just don't.  It's not because I have no feelings or whatever.  I do and I grieve in my own way, but when a person knows the Lord, it is such a blessing when they crossover to be with Jesus.  I can't think of any reason to mourn that person.  I kind of think they got the better part of the deal.  After all, we are still here in the mean, heartless, world and they are dancing before the King!  Anyhow, that is a blessing in the midst of the storm!

So, as I said, My Mister and I have been married 22 years.  I thank God for that because both of us had multiple failed marriages before we got married.  We never really do anything for our anniversary so no big shin-dig to tell you about.  When we celebrate 25 years, I will make sure there is a party, though!

In April, our sweet granddaughter turned nine years old.  We celebrated with an Alicorn (basically a Unicorn with wings) party.   I made the decorations and the cake.  I have pictures but for one reason or another, I have yet to get them off my phone and onto my computer, so I can't share them.  Pictures or not, she loved the party!  Also in April, she started playing softball.  She is pretty darn good, too!  No I'm not just saying that.  She really is.  I think she has found her thing!  You know, we all have a thing we're good at and she is really showing promise.  So we spent most of April and the first part of May, going to ballgames.  I love sports and to have a grandchild who does too, is awesome!  I really get into it and can't hardly control myself at her games!  

So...middle of May it started raining...and didn't stop!  I'm sure you probably heard about the flooding here in Oklahoma, specifically Eastern Oklahoma.  I've never seen so much water!  Several neighborhoods, farm lands, and even entire towns, were flooded.  Some houses had 8 - 12 feet of water in them.  Such a sad thing to see.  I can't even imagine going through that!  Fortunately, we live far enough away from the river, we weren't affected other than so much rain we had a good 6 inches standing in our yard, at any given time.  Even now, we have saturated ground and so much mud!  The weeds like it but the grass is pretty much gone.  Oh well, I won't complain!  

So, those are just the highlights from the time I was away.  So much more was going on but I won't bore you anymore than I already have.

Have you started making Christmas gifts, yet?  I'm trying but...yeah.

Grace & Peace,

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Get your favorite beverage and snacks! This is gonna be long!

Hey y'all!

When I stopped blogging a few months ago, it was because I lost sight.  Sight of why I began blogging.  Sight of why I needed to blog.  Sight of the real me and my real life.  

I fell prey to that evil inner blogger who tricked me into thinking that me and my blog must not be any good and just down right boring, because I didn't have hundreds of followers and only one or two regular readers.  I mean, how bad does it have to be before your family stops reading it?  Just kidding!  They never read it to begin with! 

So, I started thinking that I needed a gimmick... you know, something that will bring in the masses?  Yeah, yeah, it probably would have helped if I had posted more than once in forever!  And, yeah, I know our life is down right boring and I couldn't even manufacture the fun, active, exciting, life...not even in my head...that I thought would be worthy of a blog post.  Y'all!!!  You know it's bad when you can't even make up a lie...I mean... WELL, you know...we all know some of those bloggers, don't we!  Oh, come on, Y'all!  Don't judge!  I know you can point out the blogs over there on your sidebar, that left you sitting there - staring at your screen, shaking your head, and mumbling, "Girl, you know that's a lie!  Ain't nobody in the world live like that!".   Anyhow...

Back to thinking I needed a gimmick.. I couldn't imagine what kind of gimmick, but I NEEDED A GIMMICK, for Pete's sake!  

Truth is...

I was jealous of those blogs that have 1000's of followers and regular readers!  

So while I was away, I focused on my home, my family, and my drumming.  I enjoyed my grandbabies and learned a bit of Native American beading.  This blog popped into my head one day and I realized what had happened.  Then I began to remember and analyze some facts  about why I start blogging way back in 2012, I believe.  Because that's what I do.  Analyze and then analyze that analyz-ation(I just made that up), and so on.

Facts are... I didn't stat blogging for self gratification, showing off, or to have 1000s of followers.  I didn't care if I had a follower or not.  As much as I love seeing new readers and new followers...there is a difference, you know.  Between readers and followers, I mean.  As much as I like seeing those two regular readers leaving a comment or the ones who come and go without leaving a comment...I didn't start blogging for socializing.  As much as I love every single one of you, I just didn't do it for you.  You, dear hearts, are a BONUS! 

The reason I starting blogging was for pure personal reasons.  I started blogging for me.  I used to keep a handwritten journal but with the computer, I stated typing.  I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and sometimes holding a pen, my hand goes numb and that leads to all kinds of messes!  😜  It felt good to get my thoughts out of my head, again!  I also liked to scrapbook but for the same reason, I didn't do much of that either.  So it seemed starting a blog was the answer to both the journal and scrapbooking.  I started blogging as therapy.  I went through an, exceptionally bad, case of depression.  I've never told that TRUTH to y'all.  Well, no that isn't right because I'm sure y'all know about that but I'm pretty sure I've never spoken about just how bad it was.  I think I would like to share that with y'all.  Maybe somebody needs to hear it.  Maybe, my story will give hope and power for the times where there isn't any.  Just maybe, my story will be the seed that blooms into the beautiful and eternal SALVATION! 

I got off track again, but what I'm trying to say if this...I need to blog.  No matter how many times I think I have nothing to say...fact is...maybe somebody just needs to see a pretty picture, or a silly meme, or even an uninteresting, mundane, uncool blog post that shows them that their life is not so could be boring as me and my life!  Even if I never got a follower, never had a reader...that was ok. I is still ok because I am blogging for me and for those precious grandbabies of mine, because maybe, one day, they will want to read about their quirky, silly, and sometimes overly serious, Grandma!  Maybe... They BETTER!

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I am coming back very soon!  

Give me a couple more days and I will post something!

Grace & Peace!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Dear Friends

Dear Friends...

Life has been a bit chaotic lately and I have neglected this little space for way too long.  In fact, not only has things been crazy, I feel like this blog has run it's course.  I am going to take a short hiatus and rethink why I even started blogging in the first place.  Is this what I wanted back then?  I don't know.  I feel like this place has become stagnant or maybe I'm simply in a new season in my life.  For now, I will continue to visit everyone's beautiful blogs and will soon decide what I want to do.  Whether it is continue here, start fresh with a new blog, or give it up altogether.  Right now, I feel as if I post just to entertain myself and I know that was not the plan, all those years ago, when I first started.  Times have changed, haven't they?  There was a time when people blogged to keep in touch and share life's adventures.  Now days, it seems blogs are for making money and feeding egos, not building friendships.  That's ok but it's not what I'm looking for when I visit a blog.  I don't want mine to end up like all those that I have quit following because of that and other reasons.  Anyhow, I got off the subject and started rambling.  Thanks to the one or two that visit!  

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Book Review -- Devotedly,

Devotedly: The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth ElliotDevotedly: The Personal Letters and Love Story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot by Valerie Elliot Shepard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've always been a huge fan of Elisabeth Elliot so I jumped on this book! The devotion Elisabeth and Jim had for, not only each other, but also to God, is inspiring! Loved getting to know them better, through the eyes of their daughter!  It was emotional, moving, and a bit humorous at times.  I would definitely recommend this book!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Alexa...take down the Valentine's decorations.


I was playing with my grandson, this morning, and realized the decorations are still hanging around.  I never, ever, leave decorations up more than a day after any holiday.  Most of the time I usually have everything back in a box and out in the shed.  I didn't even think about it until this morning.  Oh dear and here we are just a couple of weeks away from St. Paddy's day!  In my defense I had a pretty busy weekend but I have got to do something about this little matter!

So over the weekend, my neighbor had am estate sale.  You know she lost her husband back in July.  Such a sad time.  She's a tough old bird but she was terrified to stay out here without him.  She bought a home in town and is in the process of selling this place...I do pray we get good neighbors.  Now, Allen was a bit of a pack rat and had so much stuff so really she couldn't do anything else but have a sale.  I don't know if I could part with my Mister's things like that.  I would probably just tell my kids to make it piece at a time...not the whole mess all at once.  But anyway, we went over and bought some things.  My Mister bought a lot more than I did because I'm just not into tools and "man stuff"! 

I did buy this sweet little table and a vintage kitchen cart that will work great for my vinyl cutting machine.  I love this table!  It has two drawers so I can tuck a pen and pad of paper in one and a couple of coloring books, for the grands, in the other.  It will be a good place for my most loved cookbooks, too.  I am on the lookout for just the right bookends for those.  Gosh, I wish my neighbor lady would have had two of the tables.  I have an identical place on the other side of the kitchen that needs a table.  I'll find something!  Oh and notice the letterboard?  Yeah, that is kind of my motto, lately!  Bacon makes everything better doesn't it!

So back to the weekend.  My Mister and I went to the Daryl Starbird car show and had a blast!  I took pictures but they are still on my phone.  I'm not usually one to like car shows but I wanted to go with My Mister on a date!  You know, sometimes we have to do things we wouldn't normally do.  This time, I am so glad I did!  We had so much fun!  Got to listen to one of his friends, who is in a RockaBilly band, play.  Very good sound!  I will be watching for more of their shows, that's for sure!  We saw lots of "Rat Rods", which is my Mister's favorite, and several VW bugs and buses...and y'all know those are my favs!  We are on the lookout for a VW for me and he has already been working on a rat rod for him and also one, made out of an old lawnmower, for our granddaughter.  We are going to be in that car show next year!  Some how, some way!  *blush*  Yeah, I had a good time.

Oh!  Before I forget again, I wanted to welcome my new follower's, Linda Eller, Mrs. C, Teresa, and Elaine !  Thank y'all so much for visiting!

Grace & Peace,
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Thursday, February 14, 2019


Sometimes...'s the little, 
every day,
 that make the 
best gifts.

Grace & Peace,
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