Monday, February 3, 2020

From the Pastor's Desk...


It’s ok for you as a parent to recognize that:

—you are the primary example, guide, teacher, and protector for your young child;

—just as with diet and exercise, what the eyes and heart intake is going to affect the way the mind and heart grows and matures;

—your young child’s brain, emotion, character, and spirit is still developing;

—someone else’s opinion does not overwhelm the value of you knowing your child better than ‘they’ do.

It’s okay. You be the strong, wise, connected parent you need to be for your child.

If you shielded your kids from the halftime show last night, you don’t need to defend your choice to anyone.

If you didn’t, that’s also your choice.

Whatever you did, you’re the parent.

Be sure you recognize all the truths of adolescence, and be the guide you’re called to be for your kid.

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