Monday, February 24, 2020

E.R. and a 4th...

So...I looked up one day and saw something strange coming in my backdoor.  It looked like a carnival exploded!  I quickly figured out it was my granddaughter bringing me a LARGE bunch of stuffies that needed some Granny magic.

Apparently, the stuffies all sprung leaks so Granny's Toy Hospital was in for a long morning in the ER!  LoL  My Grandbabies think I can fix anything so they are always bringing stuff for me to "doctor".  I love it and hope they never figure out that I really can't fix everything!  I'll darn sure do my best, though!

I don't know how this happened...BUT...

This handsome little darling turned four years old!  Good Lord!  He will be starting school in the Fall!  It is just not it?  He knows he can have any kind of birthday party and cake he wants so he told me that he wanted a black and blue cake.  A what!?  

I made a chocolate cake with blue icing made to look like a monster from Monster U.  He love it!  I also made the decorations.

 There were hanging monsters, chair monsters and

 Baby monsters...

Monster eyes, toes, and fingernails! cups.  I had so much fun pulling this together but I will be the first to admit...I was completely worn out by the time it was all done!!

Are you looking forward to warmer weather...maybe some sunshine!?  It seems like it hasn't stopped raining since October!  Our place could be classified as the blacklands because of the black clay content and that stuff holds water like a bucket!  It never drains or dries out...never.  Even in the middle of summer it is not dry.  Now one would think that would be good for growing but it isn't.  Nothing grows in that mess but weeds!  No matter what I do it just will not grow anything!  

Good grief, I don't know how I got started on that but I did.  Anyhow...I'm ready for sunshine!

That's all I got!

Grace & Peace,


  1. What an awesome post!!! Seeing those monsters, it reminded me of the time when my son was little and we took him to see Monsters Inc. --I'll never forget how frightened he was. Monsters are/were so not his thing, lol. Sorry, had to laugh. ((grin))

    P.S. moms and grandmas are the best fixer uppers, smiles.

  2. Love it! Grandma's are amazing human's!