Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Here I am!

Good morning,kids!  I hope y'all are enjoying some wonderful Fall weather.  It has cooled off, nicely, around here.  Almost too much but I'll take it! 

I bet you are wondering just what has kept me so busy that I haven't posted much.  Well, pretty much the same old things that we are always doing, with some extras thrown in for good measure!  Of course, there is always softball. At least twice a week we are at a game.  The granddaughter is doing so well!  This is her first year and she is a natural so I am so happy that she loves playing!  I'm a firm believer in keeping kids busy with sports, nature, and learning life skills.  Of course you have to keep it fun and exciting, for them, but it is so important to give them things to do instead of running the streets or vegging out in front of a video game.  Off topic but I digress.

The temperatures have cooled off and I've brought in my plants for the winter.  My kitchen is looking like a plant farm!  This is just one shelf with just a few plants but there is another shelf on the other side of the room and both are filled to capacity!  Not a single bare spot left.  My husband asked why I have so many plants.  Well, I started with only four several years ago but they keep making babies so now I have a house full.  I don't know how to live without something green growing, year 'round.  What a dull life winter would be without house plants!  Besides they clean the air.  So anyway, my kitchen is full of plants and there are more in the living room and my bathroom.

I spent this morning giving "Hairy the Boston Fern" a haircut. Bless his heart his "hair" was so big that he couldn't get a good watering and was beginning to show it.  I have the hardest time keeping ferns alive and I read somewhere that I should trim them up in the winter months.  Makes sense to me.  When my hair gets all bushy and wild, I feel better after I have a trim, too!

"Hairy" already looks happier!  He got a good drink of water and will now retire to his winter home, over on a table in front of a sunny window.  Fingers crossed and prays said, that moody "Hairy" makes it through winter and comes back as big as ever!  He has something to look forward to.  He will be getting a new, bigger, pot in the Spring, so maybe he will want to live! 

My mister and I built a new chicken house for those bratty Bantam chickens.  They were living in a crate in the shop, which was fine, but my Mister got tired of them taking up space.  I saw something on Pinterest about reusing a swing set frame for a coop and we just retired one so we used it.  It needs a few things to make it pretty but that can wait until Spring.  Naturally, about the time we finished it, the weather turned and I insisted they go back into their crate inside the shop.  I know they would have be perfectly find in their new house, with a wonderful heat lamp, but they are so small!  Mister is not exactly happy about them being back in there, though

I've been spending a lot of time with this tongue and all!  We have a fun time and he always wants to have a sleep over with Nona.  He will voice his opinion...loudly...if he has to go home.  HeHeHe!  As it should be with grandparents and grandbabies!

Of course, there is so much to do at Nona's house!  We love making playdoh "cookies", painting rocks, and there is this cool container with sand in it...

We love playing cars and the sand makes it even more fun. I keep the sand in this container because I don't want the barn kitties to get the wrong idea about the sand being a litter box.  Ewwww!!!  Also,  this way, I can keep the sand on the porch so he can play even when it is raining.  Besides his electric tractor, 4-wheeler, and monster truck, this is his favorite thing to do.  I kind of like it, too!  😉

Do you journal or keep a planner?  I have no need for a planner but I do like to journal and doodle...mainly doodle.  I decided to start a Scripture journal in order to try and keep up with my Bible reading.  I get so busy and scatterbrained till I forget to get into God's word.  The devil's plan, don't you think?  Ugh!  So anyhow, here is some of my supplies.  I would like to be able to tell you that I haven't missed a day but that would be an untruth.  I missed an entire week but I am back on track and I am trying hard to keep at it.  This is a good way to memorize scripture, as well, and who couldn't use more of that! 

Of course, the Fall skies in Oklahoma are always intriguing and I've been doing a lot of sky watching!  

This is from a morning earlier this month.  The camera just can't catch the splendor that your eye can and this picture just doesn't capture just how amazing this was, but trust me, it was beautiful.  Here are a couple more...

Besides all of that stuff, I've been sewing...A LOT!  Of course, it is time for making Christmas quilts for the grandbabies.

I've finished the one for my granddaughter and will begin my grandson's this week.  I will show pictures after Christmas because I don't want to share just in case one of them sees this post.  I decided to make quilts to fit their new twin beds.  Usually I make small quilts for watching movies but they have plenty of those for now. 

I've been doing other sewing, as well.  Our church had an "Old West Day" this past Sunday, so you just know I had to make outfits for that!  I had no idea where to start but I had a picture in my head so I drew up patterns for vests, chaps, and a skirt, for the grands.  They turned out so cute!

Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?  He really liked dressing up.  He got new boots to go with his outfit and he hasn't wanted to take them off!  Boy after Nona's heart, right there!  Blame it all on his Texas roots! 

Aren't these two the Bee's knees!  I had so much fun making these outfits and the good thing is they can use them for halloween, too.  

So, there you are.  Some of the things that have kept me busy.  Mentioning busy...I better get to it because we have a front coming in tonight and I need to get my rose bushes pruned and things picked up before the wind takes them off!

Grace & Peace,


  1. Oh my goodness, the smiles you brought to me--I just can not tell you, smiles...hey! We have a "Hairy aka Harry" recently took a beating due to the frost we had...I plan on giving it a hair cut today.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend, smiles