Sunday, June 23, 2019

Oh Me!

If you ever doubt that you are indeed getting older, babysit your three year old grandson for five days!  There will be no doubt, in your mind, once his parents take him home!  

Loved every minute of it, too!

Grace & Peace,


  1. We love keeping them but it takes a while to re-cooperate after they go home!

  2. Oh, I believe that! Pam, I've just read back through the post where you said, this is going to be long. :) I have always enjoyed your blog and posts. You are very down to earth and I like that. Sometimes I feel like people follow my blog and leave me comments because they feel sorry for me. Seriously, I probably come across as being mentally off. I asked my daughters if that's how I sound. Lynn said, Mama, please and laughed. It embarrasses me to read stuff I've written...but it is all true. :) Anyhow, please keep blogging. and did you ask for my address?? Oops, I need to email that. Good grief.