Friday, March 22, 2019

Dear Friends

Dear Friends...

Life has been a bit chaotic lately and I have neglected this little space for way too long.  In fact, not only has things been crazy, I feel like this blog has run it's course.  I am going to take a short hiatus and rethink why I even started blogging in the first place.  Is this what I wanted back then?  I don't know.  I feel like this place has become stagnant or maybe I'm simply in a new season in my life.  For now, I will continue to visit everyone's beautiful blogs and will soon decide what I want to do.  Whether it is continue here, start fresh with a new blog, or give it up altogether.  Right now, I feel as if I post just to entertain myself and I know that was not the plan, all those years ago, when I first started.  Times have changed, haven't they?  There was a time when people blogged to keep in touch and share life's adventures.  Now days, it seems blogs are for making money and feeding egos, not building friendships.  That's ok but it's not what I'm looking for when I visit a blog.  I don't want mine to end up like all those that I have quit following because of that and other reasons.  Anyhow, I got off the subject and started rambling.  Thanks to the one or two that visit!  

Grace & Peace,


  1. Take care and enjoy your time away. I often too why I blog. I love posting book reviews and sharing what the Lord puts on my heart but even those posts are slow in coming in.😕


  2. WELL, heck, Pam. I JUST FOUND YOU!!! And I really, really enjoy your sharing.....I haven't gone back into your archives....I guess I sorta jump on the merry-go-round and hang on...not going back into the hisotry of a blog. I CERTAINLY DO AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT BLOG THAT SEEM TO BE A MONEY MAKING DEAL! I tend to either drop them, or slide over that part of one that I find interesting in other ways...

    So....please be sure and let us know where you are headed....and I'll tag along!

  3. Dear Pam ... I so understand what you are saying. I have times that I want to just step away from blogging. There are times that I find that I just do not have much to share. I wish you the best. Thank you so much for your coming to my blog and for your kind words. I will answer your question ... I have purchased some graphics over time and I create my own pages using those. It is something that I love doing. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  4. Wait!!! Don't quit yet--I just started following you!!! You are right,though, You are right- blogging was different years ago---everyone supported each other and made friendships and people didn't try to 'outdo' each other. I do take breaks now and then but I always come back---at least so far!
    Have a nice break- Hugs- Diana

  5. I am sorry I haven't been around in so long. I will try and do better if you promise not to quit. 😊 I do hope you decide to stay, but totally understand if you don't. Times are changing and some of the changes make me sad. I once read.. ..Change the world but don't let the world change you. I am not sure who made up this quote, but I sure like it!
    Blessings to you and yours my friend ❤