Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pruning and Planning

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone has thawed out from the Polar Vortex that swept through much of the country this past week.  Fortunately, we only had one day of brutal temps and the very next day we rebounded into the high 30's, which is still far too cold for me but it was a big improvement from the single digits we had the day before.

Today, was a much warmer day!  Although the humidity must be something like 972%!  That is very odd this time of year.  We are usually dry as a desert during the winter months.  I tell you, weather in Oklahoma is never boring...until the summer, that is!  Today, we had temps in the high 60's which sounds wonderful but it was as gray and gloomy as a cemetery in a horror movie!  I didn't let that stop me from going out and pruning my rose bushes.  I cut them way back because I am planning on moving them all to a special little place I am working on.  This will be my "Memory Garden".  All of my female ancestors loved roses so I thought what better way to remember them that with a special place to sit and reflect.  Well, that is my dream anyways!  It may take me forever to actually get it done.  We have so many projects that really must be taken care of this year.  It's a never ending list!

I've been sketching out my plans and dreams for the yard.  Do you ever do that?  I am not an artist but I suppose the idea can be figured out.

Sometime, this year I want to screen in our front porch.  That is probably another fantasy because of time and money constraints but, hey, I have that plan when and if we can do it.  I wish it was already done!  I love to sit on the porch but I hate fighting the flies and mosquitoes.  So this is my very unprofessional sketch of how I picture it.

HeHe, y'all may not be able to figure it out but I know what I mean!  Now if I can make my Mister understand!

Well, there you go!  Big dreams that I am going to try my best to make happen!  So what are you planning for your yard and house?

Grace & Peace,

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