Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving Recap

Friends, I trust you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Did you Gobble Till You Wobbled?  My family sure did!  As is our normal, my daughter and her little family came over, as did our son.  It is a lot smaller gathering than the ones of my youth, but I am thankful to have my two kids and the grands close enough to enjoy the holidays.  I'm sorry, I didn't get pictures of the food, table, or anyone with a giant turkey leg, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to grab the camera!  It was all very delicious, anyhow!

My daughter, who is not only a very talented hairstylist but also a great photographer, brought her camera and as is a tradition for us, we did family photos.  She hasn't sent them all to me but I will share what I have but first I have to share the only picture of someone stuffing their face!

This handsome little man was all over the giant chocolate chip cookie my granddaughter insisted on getting!  Hims so purty!  

Remember all that long blond hair he had in this picture?  His Mama cut it at the beginning of summer and he got even cuter if that was even possible!  Anyhow, that's my one "stuff your face" picture!

This is my favorite picture taken!  These three people are what makes my heart beat!  Those babies love their PawPaw and he is quite smitten with them, as well.  

This is my second favorite!  There aren't that many pictures of me and my Mister so when my daughter told us to stand together and smile, I did!  This man is the love of my life and I thank God for him...even if he is a grumpy old man!  Mentioning you see that patch of silver in my hair?  I've decided to let it go completely gray.  After all, I am 55!  Besides, I really like my silver streak!  I can't wait until it is all transitioned and the hair dye is a thing of the past.

So anyhow, I just wanted to get in here and post a little something.  We will have the grands all weekend so there will not be a free second for me!  

Grace & Peace,


  1. Oh I love the pictures and especially the one of you and your Mister. You need to frame it. You have a beautiful smile. I love silver hair too. It would be beautiful on you. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Your grandchildren look very sweet.

  2. Meant to say too, your header sure is pretty. One of these days I might learn to change something on my blog. :)

    1. Thank you, Henny! I love changing the header with the seasons. It isn't hard at all.

      Grace & Peace,