Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cleaning and Magnificent Creatures...

I am always honored when y'all come visit but when I get new readers, I just get so tickled!  Thanks to Regina, Kristi, and Gramma Grits, for stopping by.  

Not much is going on around here.  I'm itching to get outside and do some flower bed cleaning and rose bush pruning, but it is still too cool for that.  There's plenty of time, before spring arrives, but there are so many things I want to do.  I know, for sure, there are some Privet hedges that need to be moved.  They aren't doing well where they are.  I guess not enough sunshine.  I've been trying to figure out what I will put in their place.  Maybe just put in some gravel and a statue or some other decorative piece.  

I have started my spring cleaning, though, I won't begin washing walls and such, until it warms up for good.  I've been dragging junk out of closets, and storage areas, to donate.  How in the world do we accumulates so much STUFF?  I just did this a couple of years ago.  I've tried super hard to not bring in more than I throw out, but somehow, it still gets piled up.  My husband is as bad as I am...that's why his shop looks like it does even though he blames that on me!  He might be worse!  HeHe!

We've been hanging out at home, for the most part, but last weekend we did take a little day trip.  It really wasn't much more than sitting in the car and driving for two or three hours.  I had a plan but when it took us more time to get to our first stop, than we had planned, we decided to go eat and start the drive back home.  Our first stop ended up being about an hour and a half drive through a big bunch of nothing called Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

  LoL  I kid you not!  Gravel roads and miles and miles of prairie land!  We did have a chance to get really close to the buffalo that freely roam the preserve.

We were about 50 yards from this guy.  Trust me when I tell you, I was inside the car when I took most of these pictures.  Apparently, buffalo can jump about six feet, both vertically and horizontally.  They also can run at a clip of 35mph.  That's far quicker and further than I can run and jump, so I stayed at a safe distance.  

I love this picture!  I did some editing on it and will probably put it in a frame.  Again...I was in the car taking pictures out of the windows.  They really were more curious than anything, though.

Now, on the other hand, this big man didn't act like he was too keen on us looking at his little harem and babies!  He never took his eyes off of us.  This group was about 200 yards away, but I felt pretty sure we would be in trouble if Big Boy, there, decided to let us know how he felt!  Such magnificent creatures!

I guess I should get back to cleaning!  Have a great afternoon, y'all!

Grace & Peace,
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cats, Birds, and Earrings...

Don't you just love when you can sneak up on a cat?  Doesn't happen very often, does it?  Especially, when you want to get a picture of the crazy thing!  Miss Taffy was sleeping on the back of the couch, all rolled up backwards, as only a cat can do,  so I decided to grab my camera.

As soon as I stepped close enough to snap a pic, up popped her head and she gave me that look.  The look that says, "I will eat you and your little camera!  Back away...NOW!".

See, she is telling me about it and trying to get her paw on me.  I guess I don't blame her.  I think I would be the same way if somebody woke me up by shoving a camera in my face!  HeHe!  

We've had some beautiful weather the past couple of days.  Yesterday, not so much but Saturday and Sunday were very nice, with temps in the low 70's.  Today was sunny but it was a bit cooler with 50's being the high.  Sure made me want to do some spring yard work!  I didn't because there really isn't anything to do, yet, but I did make a couple of milk jug bird feeders and put out fresh seed and suet cakes.  I just love watching the sweet little birds, don't you?

Like this pretty little Tufted Titmouse (sorry about the screen and the dirty window).  These little ones and the Carolina Chickadees are always at the feeders, along with the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Orange-Winged Blackbirds, and so many others.  There is also a family of woodpeckers that stop by for visits.  My precious little grandbabies love watching the birds, as much as I do, so I will always have feeders filled with treats, so they will continue to stop by to entertain us.

So...yesterday, I went for, what I thought was, jury duty.  It wasn't.  Apparently, they have a bunch a people come in, split them up into four groups, and tell them that they are basically on call for the next month and a half.  Say what???  I've never heard of anything like that except for federal court.  I guess, now that I have been there and they have all my contact info, they can call me anytime.  I am supposed to check in every Friday to see if my group is needed for the following week.  Hopefully, I won't be needed at all since it is a 72 mile round trip.  I live at one end of a big county and court is practically at the other end.  

Have you seen the earrings Joanna Gaines, from Fixer Upper, wears?  Have you seen the price tag on those earrings?  Yikes!  I love them but not that much!  I decided that I could make my own and a whole heck of a lot cheaper, too!  And I can add other things to them, like charms or beads.

These are my favorite, so far.  Just a bit of leather, cut into thin strips, and attached to the earring hook.  These cost about 8¢ to make!  A far cry from the $28 I would have paid on their website!

These, I got a little fancy with.  They were about 12¢ to make.  I could easily sell these for $20 - $25, at a craft fair.  Crazy, huh!?

Well, I need to get the cookies out of the oven.  Y'all have a good night!

Grace & Peace,
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tiny Houses and Serging right along...

Wow, I can't believe how cold it has been...and nary a snowflake to be had!  We've been in extreme cold for quite a few days but it is finally warming up a little bit.  Shoot...we are expecting a virtual heatwave this weekend!  I'm ready for some sunshine and some warmer temps.  I'm trying not to complain too much about the cold because I know before you can say "bikini", it will be hotter than blue blazes!  We are in dire need of some rain, though.  Actually, any precipitation would be welcomed as we are heading into drought conditions in parts of our state.  

I have quite a few tiny houses given to me by a sweet and dear friend, right before she passed away.  They are from the Liberty Falls collection and are the cutest little things.

I have several more placed here and there but honestly, I really don't know what to do with them.  I know I don't want to part with them because, 1.  my sweet friend thought enough of me to give them to me, and 2.  my granddaughter loves them and I will pass them on to her once she is old enough to care for them.  In the meantime, they sit on shelves and I dust them off.  I will confess...I sometimes sit and stare at them, daydreaming what it would be like to live in a little village with homes and businesses that look like these figurines.

Guess what!  I am so proud of myself!  I figured out how to make a pretty decorative hem on my serger.  I use the machine all the time but just for seams and such, but I've never taken the time to figure out anything else.

I had this old buffalo check tablecloth, that I never use anymore...mainly because I have a seven foot farm table and the tablecloth is about a four foot square...so I decided to make valances for my kitchen windows.  I wanted the edges, and hems, to be some what decorative, so I pulled out my handy dandy machine manual and pulled up a few sites, online, and ta-da!  It isn't perfect but it will do.  Now I can't wait to make my granddaughter a few summer skirts, so I can use it for hemming!  

Oh gracious me, it is getting to be late so I will say nitey-nite and sweet dreams!

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Here we go again and You don't see this every day...

Well...Here we go again...dang it!  After a beautiful sunshine-y and almost 60* day, yesterday, we have been thrown back into the clutches of Old Man Winter.  It's cold but that's not the worst thing...the winds are plain old evil!  Oh me, Oh my...I've decided I'm not going to complain.  Not today, anyhow!  I'm just going to make a big pot of chili beans and curl up with a coloring book and a cup of hot tea.  What else can a body do?  

Good news...or should I say, Happy news?  I received the first seed catalog of the year!  I haven't made up my mind as to whether or not I will have a vegetable garden this year.  I may plant some pumpkins or something fun for the grandbabies, but I doubt I will plant anything else.  I do, however, want to put in a sweet little English garden and plant a few trees.  We're probably going to put in some more fruit trees and berry vines, too.  Can't ever have too much fruit, right?  

I have these wonderful open shelves, in my kitchen, but I never know quite what to do with them.  The bottom shelf holds some of my cookbooks and I like the way it looks, for the most part, however that top shelf drives me crazy!  I don't like the way it look but I'm afraid if I do anything more, the whole thing will look cluttered.  I can't do clutter...at least not out where I can see it!  So what do you think?  How can I dress the top shelf without the clutter?

Now, this isn't something you see every day, down at the Walmarts!  At least not at ours.  It was really pretty but I would have loved to see it hitched up to horses and being driven by a little pioneer couple.  I bet there is some kind of show going on, somewhere.  

So...I think I hear the kettle whistling.  I'll just leave you with this sweet little face.  As you can see he is doing great after the ear problems.  He is healing up nicely according to his doctor.  He also loves to show you the food in his mouth...apparently that is super funny for an almost two year old!  HeHe!

Grace & Peace,

Sunday, January 7, 2018

5:07pm and I'm pulling my hair out...


Oh my word!  It seems as if it has been 5:07pm for a month!  Seriously, these past two weeks have seemed to have crept by.  Long, cold, gray days, not fit for man or beast...or a middle aged Granny!  One would think, after 54 winters, I would get used to the boredom, anxiety, depression, filled days.  I do crafts, watch television, read...but...I still feel like life has stopped.  How do y'all cope through the winter months when sunshine stays hidden for days, even weeks, and it is too cold to do anything?  I hate it!  I am pulling my hair out from sheer boredom.

Yesterday, we did have a couple of hours of sun but it was still too cold to go out.  I walked down to the mailbox, with all my many layers, and the boys were actually laying in the yard, soaking up the sun.  They haven't ventured out of the barn, and their warm beds, in quite awhile.  I usually only see them when I go out to feed.

It wasn't long before the clouds returned and they headed back to their warm spot.  

Mentioning feeding...Melvin, one of our barn kitties, wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken.  "Give me that can of food!", seems to be what he is saying!  He never get full!

And this is Miss Taffy.  She is one of the kitties we got for our granddaughter.  She is the tiniest little thing.  Miss Taffy is almost three years old but looks to be a kitty no more than a few months old.  Little Bitty.  She is the more social of the two.  Asia aka Cathy, will play and eat, as long as you are fooling with her but the second you leave her alone, back to her hidey hole, she goes.  I think she is a bit afraid of Miss Taffy even though she has about 8 pounds on her.  She could eat Miss Taffy if she wanted to.  LoL  

So...how many phones has your husband broken in a year?

If I'm not mistaken, this is the third one since the beginning of 2017.  The man is rough on shoes, jeans, and phones.  I made him use this one until it quit working last night.  Good thing I get him the inexpensive prepaid phones.  I could use a phone for ten years without a problem.  I just don't understand how a person can be so rough!  That is why he is not allowed in my kitchen!  HeHe!

Well, I guess I will go see if the clock still reads 5:07pm.😭

Grace & Peace.