Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Veggies, Weaving, and Are We Crazy???

Well what do you know!  I made it back in here before a month had passed!  I'm pretty proud of myself, for that!  HeHeHe! 

So...our little garden is producing pretty well...for now.  I don't know what or how, but something large enough to take a bite out of the tomatoes, is getting in and doing just that.  Taking bites out of tomatoes, trampling down the squash, and not leaving nary a footprint!  How whatever it is, has managed to get in the garden fence, is beyond me.  There are no holes or dugout places.  The first year I've been able to get anything to grow in this awful soil, and now some little moocher is out to destroy it!  I am putting out one of my son's, game cameras, out there.  They may kill the whole thing but not before I get a look at their mangy little faces!  Devils is what they are!

Mentioning something taking a bite out of the veggies...

I had just washed this batch of spinach and had it laid out to dry, a little bit, before putting it up, when my grandbabies came for the day.  I turned around and this monkey was sitting in the middle of the table just munching away!  That's how they do.  Climb up and sit on my big ole farm table to do all kinds of things.  I don't care especially when they are eating good, healthy, home grown food!  Silly kids!  

What she didn't eat, I made a couple of  wonderful salads and sauteed some of the spinach for supper tonight.  It is so rewarding when you get to eat what you grew.  God is good to provide!

My daughter...my BABY...turned 27 years old, last week.  I don't know who gave her permission to grow up but they need to take it back.  It is unbelievable that my children are the ages they are.  I mean, really, one has already passed me in age and my baby will over take me in two years!  LoL  They are OLD!  

I let the grandbabies put together a small birthday party for her, which was too much fun!  We decorated with streamers and had cupcakes and ice cream.  The granddaughter made her a painted stick with feathers and beads.  I forgot to get a picture of it but it was cute.  My freespirited granddaughter has my hippie blood and she always comes up with stuff like that.  Love that girl!  

I have been trying my hand at weaving, lately, and made this sweet little wall hanging for the birthday girl.  This is the first one I made and even though I had no idea what I was doing, I think it turned out pretty good.  I'm working on a larger one for our travel trailer, now.  I am letting the yarn decide the design just as I did on the one above.  I like to do that pretty much in everything I do.  I think the end product comes out better than if I followed a pattern or recipe.  

So, about that travel trailer...

My Mister, and I, are considering a drastic lifestyle change, within the next year.  We want to sell our home and go full time RVing.  Not that we would travel all the time, because he still has to work, but downsize to the point that we can go on proper vacations, etc., a few times a year.  We don't need all this stuff.  So many people are building expensive tiny homes, these days, but we have a nice travel trailer that is more spacious that most of those tiny homes, so why not live in it.  We would save about $1000 each month, which would be saved for those trips we want to take and a future sticks and bricks house once we decide we can't go anymore.  We have sacrificed, scraped by, and merely existed, for years, to have nothing to show for it but a bunch of bills and no time to do anything.  I hate to see him work so hard, stress so much, and never have time to really relax because the grass needs to be mowed, this needs to be fixed or that has to be done.  I want to enjoy my husband before we are both too old to do anything besides telling one another that food is stuck in our dentures or to please remember to pick up adult diapers!  LoL  I think you get the idea.  So do y'all think we are crazy???  Some do and that's ok!  Would you do it if you could?

Grace & Peace,


  1. Guess you've noticed that I am a bit late reading blogs. Since my husband retired, I can't get anything done! It's a mental thing...but he is always on the computer or asking me questions, or calling me to come look at something!

    I have never in my life seen spinach that pretty! Oh my gosh!! I would love to grow something...anything...that turned out that good!

    My husband says he would like to buy a travel trailer and us go places. I feel a little different. I am such a homebody and feel like it would drive me crazy knowing I didn't have a permanent home to come back to. Then at times, it would seem good to turn loose of all the problems and work that is always here.

    Hope you catch whatever is eating your vegetables. If so, let us know what it was. :)

    1. Girl, I understand! When my Mister is home I get nothing done! That's ok, though. I don't get enough "us" time so I take what I can get!

      I think I will be ok, living full-time in our RV, but after a couple of years we will do something different, I'm sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Grace & Peace,

  2. I don't think you are crazy, but after you have traveled everywhere...what then? Something to think about :0) mari