Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dry No More and Inner Hippie/Gypsy

After days and days and days and months and months, of rain, I think we are going to get a break...finally!  I remember thinking, "We sure are getting dry around here.", sometime back in February.  Well, I'm certainly not thinking that anymore!  The state animal (construction cones) have been replaced with High Water signs.  It is crazy, the amount of rain we have received!  Normally, I would be excited that my garden, lawn, and roses, were getting to drink for free but we've had so much rain, I wonder why they aren't drowned out.  Goodness gracious!  

I know why my garden hasn't drowned!  That's because I never got to plant it!!!  After all that work, trying to get the soil just right, it started raining and really hasn't stopped enough to plant not one thing!  There is now grass growing in that spot!  My Mister will have to get back out there and till it up again!  I know he will love that!  I'm not complaining about the rain.  God knows we needed it and will need all we can get come August and September, so I will not complain!  I will plant what I can, for now, and prepare for my Fall garden, instead of crying over not having fresh veggies, this summer.  Fortunately, we should now be past most of the rain and have several nice sun shiny days in the forecast!  Yippee!!!

About this time, every year, my inner Hippie/Gypsy starts showing it's head!  If you've been around here, for long, you already know this!  I get the itch for Tie Dye, Hemp Bracelets, Janis Joplin... well, really anything that you could relate to hippies, that's what I crave!  Right now, I am working on a few dream catchers and of course the hemp and shell jewelry.  I start looking for long flowy skirts and sundresses, floppy sun hats, mirrored round sunglasses, beads, and feathers!  You would think an almost 54 year old woman would have outgrown all of that, by now, but not me!  I think it's the feeling of breaking out from a long, dark, winter and coming alive with the sights and sounds, that come with Spring.  Whatever it is, I get restless and it comes from deep within and I can't contain it.  I was born a few years too late to have really experienced everything hippie.  Oh, I had bell bottoms and could make daisy chains with the best of them, but somehow, I almost feel cheated out of a very important part of history.  Whatever!!!  I am going to embrace my inner hippie/gypsy and be proud that I am a product of the 60's!  Shoot!  You never know, I may be sporting those beads and feathers, in my hair, before the summer is over!  I am, for sure, getting a tattoo and a piercing, before summer!  LoL  

Grace & Peace,


  1. Well I'll join you Pam 🙂🙂 we have had the perfect amount of rain here except for the tornado that created havoc, spring has been quite beautiful 😌 Inner hippie? Yep, I know exactly what you mean. I tend to live on long flowing skirts and loose blouses. I was born too late also. I don't call myself a hippie but a bit bohemian 😀😀

    1. I am glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for visiting, Mari!

      Grace & Peace,