Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring forward???

Spring forward????  How far forward do we need to spring?  LoL  Just when we set our clocks up Mother Nature went all bipolar on us!  It has been below freezing at night and only in the 40's and low 50's, ever since!  Crazy but I knew it would would happen.

So.... One evening, last week, my Mister, and our son, were working on a project out in the shop.  It's a nice size shop but the problem is, there are only two electric outlets.  My freezer is in that shop with only two outlets.  Somehow -- and neither of them will admit to doing it -- the freezer got unplugged. Two days later, I was out there piddling and decided I would get something out of the freezer for supper.  I didn't hear it running and at the same time I opened the door, I had a feeling it wasn't going to be good.  Sure enough, everything was thawing out.  Fortunately, I found it before everything was ruined but I spent the rest of that day and most of the next, cooking all that meat!  Needless to say, I don't have to cook for awhile, however, I wasn't really expecting to have to go shopping for meat again until the summer!  

Not much has been going on around here.  I find myself getting bored which is something that rarely happens.  To top off the boredom, I have no interest in doing anything to fight it off.  I've just been feeling kind of ho-hum, for a couple of weeks.  I don't know what's going on but I hope it will go away once it warms up, if it ever does... 

Y'all have a great week and if you are in the North East, stay safe and warm.

Grace & Peace,


  1. Here we are having a mother of a snow storm... so not much spring at the moment :0) mari

  2. Pam, I am so glad that you found out about your freezer being unplugged before everything was ruined. I can't imagine how tired you must have been after cooking meat up for two days.

    We are getting part of the snowstorm...the winds are to pick up tonight too. But hopefully this will be the last of the snow until after Easter. Although we normally have what we call an Easter snow every year...either a few days before on or Easter.

    Hope you have a great remainder of your week, Pam.

  3. This has been a winter for the books . . . when will it ever totally stop showing it's face? Sorry to hear about your freezer.

  4. Oh my, the past few days have been very cold and we had a pretty snow fall yesterday morning here in Kansas. What was even nicer is that it was all gone by late in the afternoon. Of course, tomorrow is to be 70 degrees here and by Sunday it may be near 80 degrees.

    Today we went to a nearby town and enjoyed dinner at Cracker Barrel and browsing through their Old Country Store. We sat near the fireplace and it felt so warm and cosy on a chilly day. It was a nice out and about afternoon.

    Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri