Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Still looking for an answer...

The following is a post from 2016.  Still haven't heard an answer that actually addressed my question so I decided to repost it.


This morning, on Facebook, I asked the question, "With Halloween less than a week away, why, as "Christians", do we celebrate pagan holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), but not the Holy days of the Bible?". 

I got a couple of answers ranging from getting a day off from work to American tradition.  I also received comments regarding my listing Christmas and Easter as pagan holidays and I'm sure I will get more, here.  

Let's take a look at origins, traditions, and what the Bible says about it all, shall we?


     According to the Encyclopedia Britannica -
"During the later periods of Roman history, sun worship gained in importance and ultimately led to what has been called a 'solar monotheism.' Nearly all the gods of the period were possessed of Solar qualities, and both Christ and Mithra acquired the traits of solar deities. The feast of Sol Invictus (open unconquered Sun) on December 25th was celebrated with great joy, and eventually this date was taken over by the Christians as Christmas, the birthday of Christ."
Did you catch that?  Anything seem wrong with this, to you?

The Christians were apparently trying to get more converts so they tried to make the Messiah more like the idols found in sun worship---all under the guise of making Him more attractive to pagans. They even brought various elements of the December 25th "feast of the unconquered sun" into their worship by saying that December 25th was actually the Messiah's birthday. This is the origin of Christmas and this is why we have various pagan-rooted traditions accompanying this holiday.

So...who converted who?  Aren't we suppose to be set apart from the world?

When Paul was writing to the Ephesians, a group of believers who were surrounded by idol worship, he said:
Ephesians 5:11 - And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.
So we shouldn't be trying to copy idolatrous feasts. Rather, we should be exposing them for the fraud and lie that they are. One of the last things our Savior would ever want is to "acquire the traits of solar deities" and believers should not be imitating pagans.

So...Just when was Jesus born?
The scriptures do not supply us with an exact date of birth.  We know the date of His death is on Passover. Scripture does tell us the time of many other important events in biblical history such as the founding of the temple (first day of the biblical year), the timing of the Exodus from Egypt, the date that the flood began and many other events. But the date of the Messiah's birth?  Scripture is silent. 

What about Easter?  We won't spend much time on this but let's check out the beginning.

Origin of Easter

The origin of Easter dates back to ancient times, not long after the flood, Nimrod, a grandson of Noah, had turned from following his grandfather's God and had become a tyrannical ruler. According to the biblical record, as king, Nimrod created Babel, Ninevah, Asshur, Calla and other cities, all known for lifestyles that promoted unspeakable evil and perversion. When Nimrod died, his wife, Queen Semiramis, deified him as the Sun-god, or Life Giver. Later he would become known as Baal, and those who followed the religion Semiramis created in his name would be called Baal worshipers. They became associated with idolatry, demon worship, human sacrifice and other practices regarded as evil.

The origin of Easter involves the birth of Semiramis' illegitimate son, Tammuz. Somehow, Semiramis convinced the people that Tammuz was actually Nimrod reborn. Since people had been looking for the promised savior since the beginning of mankind, they were persuaded by Semiramis to believe that Tammuz was that savior, even that he had been supernaturally conceived. Before long, in addition to worshiping Tammuz (or Nimrod reborn), the people also worshiped Semiramis herself as the goddess of fertility. In other cultures, she has been called Ishtar, Ashtur and yes, Easter.  

So...Once again, we seem to be paying homage to and trying to mix the things of demons with the things of God.

With all of that being said, I am not condemning anyone for celebrating Christmas or any other holiday.  We celebrate them in our home, as well.  We taught our children and are teaching our grandchildren about why we celebrate them as the birth and resurrection of Jesus.  But shouldn't we put more emphasis on the Biblical Holy Days such as Pass Over, The Feast of Tabernacles, The Day of Pentecost, and so many others.  I like this paper written by 11 year old Tessa.  Here is just a short excerpt but I hope you will take the time to read the entire article. Why I Celebrate God's Biblical Holy Days Instead of Holidays

The reason we don’t keep Christmas is because the Bible doesn’t tell us to. It tells the story of Jesus’ birth, but not as a Holy Day. It doesn’t even tell us what day He was born. Dec. 25 is a day called the winter solstice. Most of the traditions of Christmas come from people called pagans who lived before Christ was born and worshiped idols. Later, during the Roman Empire , Christians started keeping these traditions in Jesus’ name and today everyone thinks that’s OK.
But the Bible says we shouldn’t take away or add to God’s laws. And we are not supposed to reject God’s Commandments so that we can keep man’s traditions, even if they seem fun. So that’s why my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

So...Back to my original question.  What saddens me the most is that nobody, not one person, answered the entire question.  Not really even part of the question.  One person did give me an honest answer, though, which made me think that most people celebrate these holidays for these reasons more than a Biblical reason.  His answer?
American tradition, kids enjoy them, brings families together, work gives you the day off, ect.

I know we will all go on celebrating the holidays as we have been but shouldn't we give some thought to the fact that Jesus celebrated the Holy Days?  

So...can anyone answer my question?

With Halloween less than a week away, why, as "Christians", do we celebrate pagan holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), but not the Holy days of the Bible?

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'm Sooooo Embarrassed!

Y'all, I am so embarrassed at the neglect of my beloved blog!  I didn't realize how long it has been since I last posted!  Good golly, Miss Molly! my defense I have been busier than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!  

Last time I posted, I was getting ready to go to our Women's Retreat.  I did go and it was the most relaxing and intense thing I have done in a long time!  The Holy Ghost was in attendance and made himself known in a powerful way!  A few years ago, I went through a very dark period...the darkest period of my life...and I always wondered why and just how the Lord was going to use it for the good!  At retreat, there were several young women who were going through some of the very same things I had been through.  One after another revealed things that no woman should ever have to deal with.  There were testimonies from several who had been through and overcame, those horrible things.  The entire weekend, God kept telling me to share mine but I stayed silent.  I argued with Him but finally asked God if I was supposed to share the entire thing.  He answered, "No.  Just this one little part.".  So I did.  God revealed, immediately, the reason He wanted me to share.  There was a young woman who said the my testimony was exactly what she needed to hear and that she now had hope.  I was floored!  Never before have I had someone tell me that.  The amazing thing about this whole thing is I had a burden on my heart for this young woman, the entire time.  I'd never met her before the retreat and didn't even speak to her before I gave my testimony, but kept feeling something for her.  When she spoke up, I knew instantly why I had been carrying that burden.  I ran to her, hugged her and we both wept.  I still don't know why I had to endure the darkness but I now realize that God will turn something horrible into something wonderful, if we only hear and obey Him!  I truly feel God used me that last night at retreat and I look forward to the next time He asks me to do it again!

I took several pictures but haven't managed to get them uploaded to my computer, yet.  I did have this one on my phone.  How would you like to look out these windows, every morning?

Our cabin was so beautiful, the surrounding woods were spectacular, and God was IN THE HOUSE!

I have been doing a little cross stitch for the past few weeks.  This time of year I seem to want to do more handiwork than anything else.  I guess it is the peaceful rhythm that seems to go along with cooler temperatures and falling leaves.  What I need to be doing is working on Christmas gifts!  I have two blankets to make and a few other things to get done, but I just haven't found the "want to" yet!  It will happen though!  Have you started Christmas shopping, or making, yet? 

Well, I guess I better go get ready for bed.  A certain little boy will be here bright and early!  If you are still stopping by from time to time, THANK YOU!  I do appreciate you doing so!

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fair time...

It's that time of year!  Fair time!  Now I don't get real excited about our fair but we decided to take the granddaughter because one of her favorite Christian bands was playing.  That is probably the biggest reason, besides we had free tickets.  Now I don't mind going and seeing the exhibits, animals, and a concert or rodeo, but the midway and the overly priced food, really doesn't interest me.  Of course, since we had little miss with us, I didn't get to see any of the exhibits or the other stuff.  Really, our fair is too big for my liking and far too commercialized.  I like the old timey country fairs, myself.  We don't see many of those around here.  That makes me miss our old home.  But anyhow...

I did manage to see this exhibit.  These are butter sculptors and that is a whole bunch of butter!  It always amazes me to see this.  Of course, my inner tight wad always comes out and I think about how much that butter cost and how many people would have enjoyed a little butter on their toast or baked potato.  Don't you just hate your inner self sometimes!  

We've had quite a bit of very beneficial rain, the past few days.  Made for some wonderful naps, too.  The only down side was I couldn't take my grandson outside to play.   He drives me crazy, going to the door and yelling for me to open it!  I am so thankful that my grandchildren would rather be outside than in front of the television, but I wish they understood sometimes we just can't go out!  Maybe tomorrow, he can go out and ride his little electric John Deere tractor.

The other day, we had a stray dog show up at our place.  He was a sweet dog but he had an attitude towards my cat and the other animals.  He got along with Jasper (our leopard catahoula) but our old boy, Roy, sure didn't like him.  I should have had my Mister load him up and take him to the humane society, but as with people, I always give animals a chance.  I shouldn't have...I know better.  Well, long story short, he killed our last chicken, which is the one my granddaughter hand raised.  I think I posted about that chicken before.  She would follow my granddaughter around, let her pick her up, and really didn't want anything to do with anyone but my granddaughter.  We haven't told her, yet, but I know she will be mad and sad, all at the same time.  I don't have any plans to get more chickens but if the Princess wants more chickens, we will get some.

Thankfully, that dog didn't get into the goat pen but Betty Goat was still a bit shaken up.  Even though I am ready to get rid of all of our barn animals, I don't like to see them go that way.  I know I will get some hate mail but when you live in the country and have animals, you do what you have to do, so my Mister put that dog down because I am always fearful that if a dog will kill an animal, it may also attack one of my grandbabies.  It makes me sad to have to do that but better safe than sorry.

This is a picture of my granddaughter, and Mister, at the concert.  She loved it but I would too if I got a seat like that!  LoL

I am counting down the days until our Ladies Retreat!  Nine days and counting!  No kids, no husbands, no housework, no laundry!  Nothing but my church sisters, praise & worship, lots of talking, bonding, laughing, and good food!  I can't wait!  

Well, it is getting to be my bedtime so I will say goodnight!  

Grace & Peace,

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Almost a month...

In the month since I last posted, I've been busy.  Days flew into weeks and before I knew what happened, it was the last day of September.  Most days were filled with taking our foster girls to school, going to pick them up, cooking meals, washing laundry, cleaning and more cleaning!  I had forgotten just how much work is involved, with children in the house.   I enjoyed it though.  Now, the girls have moved on and it is back to normal for me and my Mister.  We are, once again, enjoying time together and of course, our peace and quiet.  After the girls left, we decided to close our home for good.  That makes me a little sad but I know we are getting older and we both have our ailments that keep us from being able to do as much as we used to.  I am considering volunteering as a court appointed child advocate so I will still be involved but not on the level as a foster parent.

I have also been considering volunteering at the library.  I love to read and would enjoy helping with all the behind the scene things like shelving books that are stored in a part of the library that only workers can go!  Of course, I still have all my work within our church, as well.  I do stay busy but I sometimes get bored, even with everything going on.  How is this possible???

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I just haven't had the time to pick up my camera.  Nor have I been anywhere to take them.  I plan to change that very soon.  I have a few trips I want to take before the weather turns cold.  Nothing fancy or far away but just places that I've wanted to visit.  I plan on doing some solo camping, as well.  It's been a very, very, very, long time since I've done anything like that so I am super excited about it!  Do you ever do anything like that?

My daughter and granddaughter invited me to attend the "Big Church Night Out" concert, last night.  It was awesome!  I don't know if you like this kind of music but it was an incredible time of praise and worship.  The artists were,  Newsboys, Sidewalk Prophets, 7eventh Time Down, Blanca and several more!  I had never heard of Blanca but I am now a fan!  Such a powerful voice!  If you ever get the chance to see any of these bands, do it!  Amazing night and so blessed to have been able to spend it with my girls!

Oh, I found a few pictures to share.  Before our foster kids left, I took them and my grandson, to the zoo.  We stopped for a snack, and diaper change, when this good looking guy came up and said hello.

The girls were terrified but my sweet little 19mo grandson, was intrigued until the peacock tried to get his snack.  He kind of smacked him on the head and then began to chase to poor bird!  It was too funny!

I don't remember whether I shared this Santa hat door hanger, with y'all.  I think it is one of the cutest things I have ever made.  This one will be donated as a door prize for our women's retreat, coming up in a couple of weeks.  This will be the first retreat I've been to in several years.  I am really looking forward to it.  

Do y'all like Potato Cakes?  I do!  This is one of those things my Mama made to help stretch the food budget.  We didn't realize that, though.  All we knew was how good they were.  Mama was a master at stretching our food, in order to feed a family of six.  The woman could stretch a pound of ground beef far enough to make four meals!  I'm pretty good at doing that, as well, by Mama was truly amazing!  We always had plenty to eat and never thought there may not be enough money for groceries.  There was always enough to share should someone stop in at supper time.  I think that must have been the norm back in those days.  Large families = Large grocery bills, therefore, every Mother I knew had some secrets to stretch meals to feed all those hungry mouths.  Anyhow, back to the potato cakes.  I always loved them but never made them on a regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make some and they were so good!  The girls loved them and my Mister ate several.  I thought I would share the recipe so y'all could enjoy them, as well.  I hope you will make them soon and let me know what you think.

Mama's Potato Cakes  

2 Cups homemade mashed potatoes
1 Egg (beaten)
1 Tbsp onion (minced)
Parmesan cheese (to taste)
salt & pepper (to taste)
garlic powder (to taste)

Mix all ingredients together.  Make into patties and fry until browned.  Drain on paper towels and enjoy!

Y'all have a blessed Sunday!


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello September! I've missed you.

Well, I can't really believe it is already September but boy how I've missed it!  September is one of my favorite months!  Our days are getting a bit shorter and I've noticed a few leaves starting to turn.  Our temperatures are cooling off and I am very grateful for that!  Soon, we will start sitting by the fire pit, roasting hotdogs and making smores.  I know my granddaughter will love that and I imagine our bonus babies will too.  Mentioning the bonus babies, they are adjusting to being in our home and have settled into a routine, quite well.  They are such good girls.  Rarely do I have to get on to them.  Two silly, giggly, girls!  The have been such a pleasure to have in our home.

I am just about as happy as tick on a fat dog!  I finally made a proper peach cobbler!  Not the one that is more of a cake type cobbler!  Nope!  I'm talking about an Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler with a buttery, flaky, crust!  My ex-Mother in Love made the best peach cobbler I have ever put in my mouth!  For years, I've tried, and failed, to achieve the excellence of her cobbler.  Finally, I found a book, at Dollar Tree, with a recipe that was pretty darn close.  I tweaked it just a bit and the result brought tears to my eyes.  I loved that woman very much and it thrills me to have this recipe turn out so much like hers.  I will be making it often!

I've added a few things to my Fall decorating.  Really not much because I have to watch setting out things, on tables and such, that will cause my sweet little grandson to try and get it.  He would climb the walls to get something off a table, if he wanted it bad enough, and I sure don't want him getting hurt.  Time will come that he won't be so curious and determined!  Until then, I will decorate here and there but not the likes of past years.  So far it is mainly wreaths and flowers but I did spruce up the Market sign I made a few years back.

I really think the little scarecrow needs to be moved over nest to the harvest sign.  What do you think?

Lately, I've wanted to start putting my recipes in scrapbooks.  I have several heirloom recipes that need to be protected and then there are some of my own recipes I would like to add.  I would like to have at least one scrapbook done so I can make copies and give one to each of my girls, for Christmas, as well as, put one in my granddaughter's hope chest.  I may not get them all done but I can put the copies in a pretty binder and add to them when I get the rest done.  Have you done anything like that?  I think it would be such a blessing to have my ancestor's favorite recipes all in one place.  I wish I had all those recipes!  Or maybe have a recipe exchange and gather my friends favorites in one book!  Oh what fun!  Would you be interested in exchanging written recipes?

Well...mentioning food...I should stir the pot before supper sticks to the bottom.  

Grace & Peace,

Friday, August 25, 2017

Is it Fall, yet?

Is it Fall, yet?  It is at my house!  I've been busy making all sorts of Fall pretties!  Three wreaths, a Fall tree, lanterns, and a whole bunch of florals stuck in Mason jars.  Y'all know this is my favorite season and I can never wait to put out decorations!  As far as I'm concerned, Fall starts the day after my birthday in Mid-August!  Thought I would show you some of the stuff I've been doing.

This is the first wreath I made this season.  I'm not sure how I feel about it but it will go on the back door, so I'm not going to stress over it not being perfect.  I might add some of those tiny fairy lights, though.

I added some Fall leaf garland, black-eyed susan's, gourds, a few old crows, since they are one of my favorite birds, and a scarecrow, to one of my small pine trees, I keep out all year.

Added a bit of Fall color to this pallet/bread pan candle holder.  Looks a little plain, to me, so I will probably add either a garland or maybe hang a sweet little sign, above it, on the wall.

This cute owl will hang on the door going out to the utility room.  I have used this old grape vine wreath, over and over, for several years, now.

This is perhaps my favorite wreath I have ever made.  You won't believe what it is made out of.  Shelf liner!!!  Crazy, huh!!??  I will probably change out the bow because it looks out of place.  Maybe a solid olive green or rust colored bow would look better.

And finally, I quickly put together this lantern, this morning.  It is made with picture frames glued together.  Stuck in a candle and some pretty flowers, for a pretty and simple lighting feature.  I think this is a game changer!  I can't wait to make more and especially some white or silver ones for Christmas! 
Over the last couple of days, we've had such nice weather.  Makes me wonder if we are in for an early Fall and a cold Winter.  I'm good with an early Fall but I could do without a long cold Winter! bones hurt just thinking about it!

Well, I better go get supper ready for my tribe!  Have a great evening and a very blessed weekend!

Grace & Peace,

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Church Camp, Back To School, and Fosters

Well, we are, almost a month and a half since my last post.  I wish I knew how to slow down time!  I've missed being able to sit down and write a post but when life takes over, what choice do we have?

I think I mentioned about my granddaughter and I getting ready to go to church camp.  Spent the whole week running around with 85 kids!  I'm not sure what I was thinking by saying, Yes!, when I was asked to do it!  Must have been one of my "senior moments" or a serious lack of judgement!  Oh my gosh!  It was great but horrible all at the same time!  LoL  Pretty sure I've learned my lesson and won't be doing that again!  Good grief!

Celebrated my 54th birthday by going zip lining, while at camp.  I never thought I would do such a thing but these are the years of "firsts", for me.  I am having big fun doing them, too!  

Weeeeeee!!!   There I go!
Back in June, I started a school supply drive for the kids of our church.  I had to bring them all home, sort and package, and will haul them back, this Sunday!  For a week, my kitchen has looked like an office supply store exploded!  Pens, pencils, notebook paper, crayons....I am sick of school supplies...sick, I tell you!  Sick of them but excited that we were able to do it!  Most of the children, in our church, come from a very poverty stricken of the city, so any help they can get is a blessing!  God provides...even for the least of these.

This past Tuesday, brought us two foster daughters.  One is 12 years and the other is 6 years old.  Very sweet, very quiet - which is a much welcomed change - very timid, sisters.  They are no trouble at all but it is that time of year, when school is starting and life seems to pass at break neck speed, I sometimes meet myself coming and going!  Not only, have we been trying to get them settled in, but there has been a tremendous amount of laundry (nothing comes in my house without being washed), running around trying to find school uniforms, getting them enrolled in school at the last minute, as well as my normal every day list of "To-do's".  On top of that, I've had all my church responsibilities waiting for my attention!  Don't get me wrong, I love to stay busy, but this old lady gets tired and I have to stop and take a break.  A few minutes here and there, to gather my thoughts, have a cup of tea, and just breathe!  I count it all joy, though.  It is my heavenly Father's work and that is what keeps me going!

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I bought myself a birthday present and it was delivered on Thursday!  My old mixer was a cheap hand held that was my Mama's and had to be at least 30 years old.  It has been a good one but it has started to smell like something burning, when I used it, so I was scared to use it any longer.  Made me kind of sad but I didn't want to be in the middle of mixing something and have it to quit, so I retired that poor little thing and ordered myself a KitchenAid stand mixer.  I know it is way too expensive but I figure I don't want to have to buy another one, in my lifetime, so I bought the best one I could find within my allotted budget.  Of course, I will be paying on it forever, since I put it on my credit card.  Anyhow, I don't use a mixer very often but when I do, it is usually something that requires a lot of power.  I really don't know how Mama's sweet little mixer stood up to my "abuse" but it never let me down.  I will probably keep it around for a little while.  Maybe use it to beat eggs or something.  I guess I'm just not ready to let the old gal go just yet.  Crazy, huh!?  Well shoot, I wish I had taken a picture of my new mixer, before I put her up.  She's a heavy thing so I'm not going to drag her out just to take a picture!  Maybe I'll make something in a few days and get one then.  I haven't named her just yet but I will!

Well, that's all I got!  How's the weather, where you are?   Any signs of Fall, yet?  I'm ready for some cooler weather, how 'bout you?

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It is way too hot and I've had enough

Oh my goodness, y'all, it is so dang hot!  We are reaching triple digits with high humidity and it is miserable.  I get out early and do anything that needs to be done.  After that, I am hiding in our cave  If feels like a cave with all the curtains and blinds pulled.  I try to find things inside to keep me busy but I want to go outside and putter around.  Oh well, puttering will always be there.  I tell you, though, I am not looking forward to church camp in August!  Yikes!  I will be helping out all week and y'all know I don't like to be hot!

 I am sooooooooo done with squash and zucchini!  I have put up, given away, and cooked, all that I want too!  I have enough squash, in the freezer, to last until summer 2020!  LoL...I'm almost serious!  I can't believe how it grew this year!  I went out, this morning, and picked another 40 pounds of the stuff!  While I was out there, I went ahead and pulled up the vines!  I wouldn't normally do that but I wouldn't normally have that much, either!  Usually either the heat or the squash bugs get them.  The only thing I left was the spaghetti squash plant.  I only have the one plant so maybe that won't get so overwhelming.

We went camping this past weekend.  It was steamy but so nice to get away and relax.  We kayaked, fished, and just sat.  The kids and grandbabies came out on Sunday and there was a lot of tubing and knee boarding.  Apparently that's what is cool!  Well, this Granny thought sitting and watching was the cool thing!  LoL  All that bouncing and flying through the air looks like something that would put me in bed for a week or two, so I refrain from doing something like that.

We had a lot of fun and every night was wrapped up with a beautiful full moon...

And each morning, we awoke to a gorgeous sunrise!

One day, last week, I decided to get in my car and just drive.  I drove awhile and stopped at a store to get something to drink.  When I came out of the store, I had a little hitch hiker!  

This little leaf bug was sitting on the hood.  Knowing that I would be driving faster than the little guy could handle, I tried picking him up to put him on a nearby bush, but when I touched him, he fly away...or so I thought.  He actually had landed on the side mirror and I didn't see him until I was speeding off down the highway.  He hung on until I finally saw him.  I pulled over and he flew off, for real!  I bet he sat down and contemplated life, for quite awhile, after that ride!  Poor guy!

My Stargazer Lilies were in full bloom, last week.  These are probably my favorite flowers.  I probably say that about all the flowers but these beauties have my heart.  They always smell so good and the colors are beautiful.

Well, I guess I better get back to figuring out what to do with all that squash I picked, this morning.

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Man...oh man...oh man!!!  What have I done!!!???  I'm drowning in squash and zucchini!  What with all the trouble we've had, in the past, trying to get a garden to grown, I never thought I would have such success this year!  Well, I don't know if you would call it a success since I have yet to get a single tomato or pepper but I have squash, zucchini, and beets, coming out of my ears!

That's a wonderful thing, you know!  I am freezing some, cooking a bit, here and there, and I am trying my hand at fermenting.  I'll let you know about the fermenting...I'm still not sure if I like it. I'm thinking about getting a dehydrator but I'm not sure what you do after you get the veggies dried.  Have you used dehydrated veggies?  Do you have a favorite recipe or tip for using them?

I have also been making the woven wall hangings, again.  It is relaxing to do this and I can whip a small one out in a day.  Still thinking about making some to sell.  

This one I made in just a few hours.  Super easy.  The picture shows it to be blue but it is actually turquoise and brown.  I haven't decided what to use for the hanger but I'm leaning towards a painted dowel rod or maybe one with some wood burning on it.  

This one was a special request from my sweet granddaughter.  She tends to be a hippie/gypsy, too, and she loves all of the things I come up with.  I can't wait until she learns to do some of these crafts.  I am looking forward to what her imagination comes up with!  Mentioning my granddaughter...

She loves this crazy, trouble-making, dog!  She found one of her little stuffies and gave it to him.  They sat there for quite awhile talking and playing.  

This little man makes my heart happy.  He looks so much like my Daddy!  I know Daddy would have loved this boy and there is no doubt, both the grands would have loved their Great Big Pappaw!  

Well that is about all I got.  I'll just leave you with a couple of pictures.  

Mine and the granddaughter's kayak.  We had a wonderful time paddling around this past weekend.

I wish you could have seen this sunset in person.  It was gorgeous!  God loves to show up and show out, doesn't He!

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Veggies, Weaving, and Are We Crazy???

Well what do you know!  I made it back in here before a month had passed!  I'm pretty proud of myself, for that!  HeHeHe! 

So...our little garden is producing pretty well...for now.  I don't know what or how, but something large enough to take a bite out of the tomatoes, is getting in and doing just that.  Taking bites out of tomatoes, trampling down the squash, and not leaving nary a footprint!  How whatever it is, has managed to get in the garden fence, is beyond me.  There are no holes or dugout places.  The first year I've been able to get anything to grow in this awful soil, and now some little moocher is out to destroy it!  I am putting out one of my son's, game cameras, out there.  They may kill the whole thing but not before I get a look at their mangy little faces!  Devils is what they are!

Mentioning something taking a bite out of the veggies...

I had just washed this batch of spinach and had it laid out to dry, a little bit, before putting it up, when my grandbabies came for the day.  I turned around and this monkey was sitting in the middle of the table just munching away!  That's how they do.  Climb up and sit on my big ole farm table to do all kinds of things.  I don't care especially when they are eating good, healthy, home grown food!  Silly kids!  

What she didn't eat, I made a couple of  wonderful salads and sauteed some of the spinach for supper tonight.  It is so rewarding when you get to eat what you grew.  God is good to provide!

My BABY...turned 27 years old, last week.  I don't know who gave her permission to grow up but they need to take it back.  It is unbelievable that my children are the ages they are.  I mean, really, one has already passed me in age and my baby will over take me in two years!  LoL  They are OLD!  

I let the grandbabies put together a small birthday party for her, which was too much fun!  We decorated with streamers and had cupcakes and ice cream.  The granddaughter made her a painted stick with feathers and beads.  I forgot to get a picture of it but it was cute.  My freespirited granddaughter has my hippie blood and she always comes up with stuff like that.  Love that girl!  

I have been trying my hand at weaving, lately, and made this sweet little wall hanging for the birthday girl.  This is the first one I made and even though I had no idea what I was doing, I think it turned out pretty good.  I'm working on a larger one for our travel trailer, now.  I am letting the yarn decide the design just as I did on the one above.  I like to do that pretty much in everything I do.  I think the end product comes out better than if I followed a pattern or recipe.  

So, about that travel trailer...

My Mister, and I, are considering a drastic lifestyle change, within the next year.  We want to sell our home and go full time RVing.  Not that we would travel all the time, because he still has to work, but downsize to the point that we can go on proper vacations, etc., a few times a year.  We don't need all this stuff.  So many people are building expensive tiny homes, these days, but we have a nice travel trailer that is more spacious that most of those tiny homes, so why not live in it.  We would save about $1000 each month, which would be saved for those trips we want to take and a future sticks and bricks house once we decide we can't go anymore.  We have sacrificed, scraped by, and merely existed, for years, to have nothing to show for it but a bunch of bills and no time to do anything.  I hate to see him work so hard, stress so much, and never have time to really relax because the grass needs to be mowed, this needs to be fixed or that has to be done.  I want to enjoy my husband before we are both too old to do anything besides telling one another that food is stuck in our dentures or to please remember to pick up adult diapers!  LoL  I think you get the idea.  So do y'all think we are crazy???  Some do and that's ok!  Would you do it if you could?

Grace & Peace,

Friday, June 2, 2017

Another month has flown by with not so much as a hello from me.  That's what happens around here.  I get busy with things and before I know it time has flown by.  I always have such good intentions, too!!!  Let me try to bring you up to speed...

RAIN!!!  We've had so much rain.  All the lakes and rivers are full and some are running out of the banks.  I daresay there were probably some upset people during the holiday weekend.  A lot of the parks, campgrounds, and other recreation areas, were closed down because of flooding.  I, myself, won't complain because this is Oklahoma and just as quick as the rain came, it will leave just the same leaving us hot and dry, for months.  Although, I would love to get my kayak in the water at some point in the near future!!!

The squash plants seem to like all the rain.  I just planted these a couple of weeks ago and they are growing like crazy.  Unfortunately, so is the grass!  I can't keep up with pulling grass out of the garden!  Hopefully, I will get a few veggies before the grass takes over!

Weekend before last, we took our granddaughter to a local arts festival.  She had so much fun!  Lots of things to see and do.

There were a lot of art cars but I think Chewie was the best and both of these kids loved it!

I though this was such an awesome idea.  Everyone could leave a painted hand print on the side of  this building.  The Princess though that was the coolest thing.  I am going to take her back to the building to see if she can find hers!  The hand print wall will stay up until next year's festival.  Simple art to brighten someone's day!

Of course there was facepainting!  The coolest, sweetest, Hippie/Gypsy lady did them and I want y'all to know, she is one talented gal!  I wish I had gotten a picture of her but I was amazed by her work!  The Princess certainly thought she was awesome!

My sweet Princess is such a ham.  A colorful, free spirited, ham!  LoL... yes she picked out her own outfit and I always let her wear what she wants too, providing everything is properly covered.  You know what...she fit in perfectly!  After all, it was an arts festival with lots of colorful, free spirited, folks walking around.  I think PawPaw and I were the ones who didn't fit in, what with our normal clothes.  Next year, though...

Last weekend, Princess and I went to an event held by one of my friends.  It is called "Urban Ag Day", and is a learning event, for kids.  They learned about different parts of plants, got to see and pet some small animals that you can raise in the city, how to be sustainable no matter where you live.  It was mostly for the urban/inner city kids, but she enjoyed it.  Of course, her favorite was the different types of soil and rocks!  That is her thing and I think she might have taught the teacher a few things!  LoL  Lots of fun.

It won't be long until this big boy can go on adventures with us!  He is growing by leaps and bounds!

He is already 3ft tall and would you look at those calves!  He definitely is living up to the nickname I gave him.  Hoss!  And he's the Boss!  I can't wait until we can take him fishing!

This past weekend, our church had a visit from our missionaries.  They serve in Rwanda and I tell you, their spirit and love for the kids is above and beyond!  David and Rhonda are walking the walk and talking the talk!  So much so, that I am working on a mission trip for our church.  Check out their website.  Cramers in Africa

Mentioning our church, I have jumped off a cliff and am now directing/teaching our new Creative Arts Ministry.  I don't know what I was thinking!  LoL  I do love it and drama/dance/art if how I express my love for Jesus, and I feel other's, who might feel intimidated by outward worship and praise, can use creative arts as a means to do so.

Y'all remember how I said I thought I saw a tattoo, piercing, or purple hair, in my future???  Well...this happened!

The Cancer Sucks Charity held a benefit tattoo event, last month, and my daughter and I got tattoos in memory of my Mama, who fought to the very end.  We had to stand in line for almost nine hours but the time spent with my precious daughter doing something to fights this evil disease, that has both touched our hearts and devastated our lives, was well worth it.  We already have plans for next year!

Well, I think that mostly catches us up.  I will work on posting, more often, now that it is getting too hot to be outside during the middle of the day!

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dry No More and Inner Hippie/Gypsy

After days and days and days and months and months, of rain, I think we are going to get a break...finally!  I remember thinking, "We sure are getting dry around here.", sometime back in February.  Well, I'm certainly not thinking that anymore!  The state animal (construction cones) have been replaced with High Water signs.  It is crazy, the amount of rain we have received!  Normally, I would be excited that my garden, lawn, and roses, were getting to drink for free but we've had so much rain, I wonder why they aren't drowned out.  Goodness gracious!  

I know why my garden hasn't drowned!  That's because I never got to plant it!!!  After all that work, trying to get the soil just right, it started raining and really hasn't stopped enough to plant not one thing!  There is now grass growing in that spot!  My Mister will have to get back out there and till it up again!  I know he will love that!  I'm not complaining about the rain.  God knows we needed it and will need all we can get come August and September, so I will not complain!  I will plant what I can, for now, and prepare for my Fall garden, instead of crying over not having fresh veggies, this summer.  Fortunately, we should now be past most of the rain and have several nice sun shiny days in the forecast!  Yippee!!!

About this time, every year, my inner Hippie/Gypsy starts showing it's head!  If you've been around here, for long, you already know this!  I get the itch for Tie Dye, Hemp Bracelets, Janis Joplin... well, really anything that you could relate to hippies, that's what I crave!  Right now, I am working on a few dream catchers and of course the hemp and shell jewelry.  I start looking for long flowy skirts and sundresses, floppy sun hats, mirrored round sunglasses, beads, and feathers!  You would think an almost 54 year old woman would have outgrown all of that, by now, but not me!  I think it's the feeling of breaking out from a long, dark, winter and coming alive with the sights and sounds, that come with Spring.  Whatever it is, I get restless and it comes from deep within and I can't contain it.  I was born a few years too late to have really experienced everything hippie.  Oh, I had bell bottoms and could make daisy chains with the best of them, but somehow, I almost feel cheated out of a very important part of history.  Whatever!!!  I am going to embrace my inner hippie/gypsy and be proud that I am a product of the 60's!  Shoot!  You never know, I may be sporting those beads and feathers, in my hair, before the summer is over!  I am, for sure, getting a tattoo and a piercing, before summer!  LoL  

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Garden, Easter and a Birthday

Good gosh, I didn't intend to be gone so long but it is Spring which means I tend to spend a lot of time sitting on the porch, working in the yard, and of course playing with my grandbabies.  If you are still coming by, thank you for not giving up on me.

I've been trying to get my veggie garden ready for planting but we've been getting a lot of rain, which we desperately needed.  My Mister has tilled and worked the soil and then it will rain and he has to do it again.  Doesn't he look excited...

Hopefully, this coming week, I can get something in the ground without the rain washing it away!  Not that I am complaining about the rain because without rain, we would burn up this summer!  Do you have your garden planted, yet?

Our granddaughter and I decided to build a fairy garden.  For the plants, we used herbs.  There is cilantro, purple basil, and german thyme, in this one.  There are also a couple of petunia plants, as well.  A couple of days later, she and PawPaw decided we needed another fairy garden.

This one has a log cabin, pretty arch, and some kind of flowering ground cover.  Cute and so much fun to do this with our sweet girl.  Mentioning our granddaughter...

...Yesterday was her birthday.  I don't know how it happened but she is now seven years old.  As you can see, Moana is her favorite thing right now so we got her the outfit.  She wanted me to take a picture of her wearing it.  PawPaw and I decided to redecorate her room so that it is fitting for a big girl of seven!  We had one day to do it!  Last Saturday, we got up early, dragged everything out, which was no small task because that child has a lot of stuff...or should I say DID have a lot of stuff!  We painted, put up a new bed, added pictures, new comforter, rugs and pillow.  Several small touches and we were finally done.  

We started at 6am and finished at 10pm.  We were worn out BUT we still had all that stuff to sort through and decide what stays, what goes, and what our grandson got.  A big job but we got it all done and everything set up for her birthday party the next day.  

We combined the Easter egg hunt and her birthday, which she always loves to do.  This year was so fun because Hoss got to hunt eggs, too.  He is walking now and seeing him toodle around makes my heart smile.

He is the little one with his hand over his face.  He doesn't like the bright sunshine!  The other two little boys are our step-great grands.  I get a kick out of having so many babies around here!  The best part...

I can fill them with sugar and send them all home!  LoL

As you can see, we've been having fun around here.  Of course, there is always work to do.  My days are filled with homekeeping, babysitting, and taking care of our animals.

Which apparently, I haven't been keeping up with too good.  Betty Goat needs a good brushing to get rid of her winter hair.  She looks so shabby.  I guess I will do that this afternoon.

I wanted to show y'all my Asiatic Lilies.  Do they not remind you of Cousin It from the Addams Family?  HaHaHa...

Well, not much of a post but I did want to tell y'all I do read your blogs every day even if I don't get around to posting!

Grace & Peace,