Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fall has finally found us, for good, I think!  Actually, the last few days, it has felt like winter!  Temps well below freezing at night and highs in the 40's and 50's, during the day!  Such is life in Oklahoma!  And the winds!  Lord, honey, I thought for sure we were going to blow away!  The leaves are still clinging to the trees but they are definitely falling more rapidly, than last week, but that's how we roll around here...From summer to dead, with a shift in the wind!
Isn't this tree beautiful?  It's in my neighbor's yard and while it is pretty, it doesn't seem to be as colorful as previous years.  Probably because we've been so dry.  I took a walk around the place and found some really pretty things to take pictures of.

Like these weeds!  Some see weeds, I see beauty!

The last bloom until late spring, for my Queen Anne climbing roses.  She is a bit lighter in color, this time of year, but come blooming season, she will be the color of all the little dark pink freckles. 

This is whats left of the Copper Moon roses.  I love this little bush because even after the blooms are long gone, it still shows out!

My sweet smelling tea roses are pretty much gone, for now, but this one bloom seemed extra sweet.  Apparently the ladybug thought so, too.

My little boy, Jasper, is wearing his camo!  HeHe!  When I got the pictures off my camera, I didn't even realize he was in this picture until I put my glasses on.  I couldn't figure out why I had taken a picture of the ground!  He's a little rascal but I love him.

I got to go shopping and out to lunch with two of my favorite people.  I love this gal (my daughter) and this little man!  He is getting so big and grown up.  He's quite the little ham and he was showing off big, for all the other customers!  He makes me laugh!

Well, that is just about all I have for now.  It's the little things that I get the most joy out of!
I'm sure I won't post again until after Thanksgiving so just in case, y'all have a blessed Thanksgiving and be sure to thank God for even the little things.

Grace and Peace,

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fall Decor, Dough, Cheesecloth, and This Old House...

You know, I really don't know why I keep this blog.  I never have anything to write about...or at least nothing that would be anything somebody would want to read about, anyway.  Sometimes, I think I will close it but then I think about all those people, who used to have wonderful blogs but have long since, disappeared from the blog o'sphere.  I always wonder what happened to them.  I miss those blogs.  I don't want anyone to think that I've just vanished, not that anyone would notice, so I keep on posting on occasion.  I always say I am going to do better at posting but we live such a calm, mundane life, so I really have little to share most days.  Anyhow, I am seriously going to make an effort to write more often.

So, have you started decorating for Christmas?  I know so many that have but I like to take it one holiday at a time so I can enjoy each one in it's own glory!  Besides, fall and Thanksgiving are my favorite times of the year!  This is in my kitchen. 

 I love everything about this vignette.  The sign, the little tree in a bushel basket, the flowers in an old bucket, the vine...just everything.  You can't really tell but there are crows on the tree.  I got them a couple of years ago from the dollar store and I've used them for everything!  The crow is a close second as my favorite bird.  The red bird is my favorite!

I will admit to being excited about decorating for Christmas, though.  I don't know why.  Usually I get anxious about everything not being in it's normal place.  I have to move furniture in order to put up the tree and everything kind of gets shifted around and that generally drives me insane.  I think some of my excitement has to do with the fact that we will only have a small four-foot tree this year, so I won't have to move around much.  See, with the grandson now crawling, climbing, and pulling himself up, we will put the small tree up on a table where he can't reach it.  Or at least I hope he can't get to it!  Never underestimate a 10 month old!

I've rediscovered salt dough ornaments!  I made these just to see if they were still fun!  Yes!  Yes, they are!  I will be making more dough so my granddaughter can make ornaments for her little tree and their large family tree.  I'm going to make more and maybe sell a few.  Who knows...somebody may actually like them as much as I do!  

So, how do you like my cheap curtains?  I think they look pretty good for a couple of $2.97 pieces of cheesecloth and some tea stain!  I'm thinking more of my windows need these!

Well, finally, we are having some fall temps.  Actually, for me, they border on being too much like winter temps.  We keep going back and forth, from fall to summer and back again.  Until it gets cooler and stays that way, I will be freezing to death every time the temps dip below 60*.  I'm not so sure it is me as much as it is this old house.  About half is concrete and concrete holds the temps, whether hot or cold.  That half is always cold even if the heater is running.  On the other hand it heats up too well when I have the oven on.  Ahhh...the charm of a 110 year old house.

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cleaning house and still too hot...

I am one of those odd ducks who can't clean unless everything is out of the way.  I always push everything against the wall on one side of the room while I clean the other, and then everything is moved to the clean side while I clean the other!  What should take about 30 minutes, ends up taking all day and maybe some of the next.

All the small stuff gets piled on the couch or in chairs.  Unfortunately, we have small rooms but fortunately, we do have long hallways, so more stuff gets pushed into the second hall.

I even had to put some stuff into the grandson's room, for awhile.  That room will get it's own cleaning day but for now it is nice to be able to push stuff in there.  Probably tomorrow, I will tackle his room and our bedroom.

Then, there is the kitchen.  Our seven foot farm table is the catch all, in here, on cleaning day.  Chairs are stacked on top, as well as clean laundry, cleaning supplies, and miscellaneous junk!  I simply can not clean the floors with stuff in the way!  Are you like that or am I the only one?

Well, here it is November 1st and I had the air conditioner running full blast!  I've just about decided we will not have much of a fall, but go straight into winter sometime later this month or early December.  *sigh*  I love a good fall season.  Love being able to have the windows and doors open so I can smell the leaves burning, or hear the wildlife getting ready for winter.  I'm kind of bummed but on the bright side, we are still able to go kayaking so I'll take that and wait patiently for a nice fall day...I hope I don't have to wait long, though!

Grace & Peace,