Monday, August 22, 2016

I've been missing haven't I?

I want you to know, for a couple of weeks, now, I have said that I needed to get in here and write something!  I'm telling you, every day , I say that!  One thing leads to another and before I know it, it has been two or three weeks since my last post.  Do you ever do that?

So, what have I been doing?  Two weeks ago, my Mister and I went on a mini vacation.  We needed some R&R, so we threw a bag into the trunk of my little red car and headed North East.  That sounds like we went a long way from home, doesn't it?  Well, for me, it is a long way from home, but we just went to Branson, MO, which is only four hours from our house.  We had a paid for hotel room, to use, so we did.  We spent three nights and four days doing absolutely nothing!  It was wonderful.  We did go check out Table Rock Lake, which is beautiful, as well as some antique malls.  The rest of the time we swam, slept late, and just hung out at the hotel.  We did make it down to Branson Landing, on Saturday evening.  We heard an awesome band, and of course, for the life of me, I can't remember their name.  I do remember that they were finalist on X Factor so I can probably do a search and get their name.  After that, we had dinner at the White River Fish House.  We came back on Monday afternoon.  It was good to get away but it is always great to get back home!  I would share pictures but this morning I backed up my pictures onto an external hard drive and I haven't gotten around to sorting through it all.  Maybe next time!

The following weekend, my Mister and I, along with our kids and grandbabies, spent the day at the lake, for my birthday.  It was nice to have them out with us, for a change.  It is usually just the two of us and our granddaughter.  There was lots of fishing, swimming, jet ski riding, and of course, kayaking! 

(My daughter and I)

Naturally, I was the one doing most of the kayaking.  I am pretty much obsessed with paddling around the lake enjoying the peace and quiet. You get to see all sorts of wildlife, on the banks, that normally you wouldn't see just sitting in a chair on the beach.   Funny story...My daughter and I took off to make a round and we saw a beautiful Blue Heron. He was almost majestic the way he stood watch over a small clump of bushes! He watched us for the longest time. My daughter started clucking like a chicken, at him, and asked me if they made noises like that. I replied, “I don't think so”. Then she started quacking at him and I said something like, "I don't think they quack like a duck, either."  She replied,  “Well if he doesn't sound like a chicken or a duck, just what does he sound like?”. Just about that time that big ole bird let out a whoop that would have raised the dead! Scared both of us to death! I said, “Well, I guess we know what he sound like, now.”. We laughed so hard we could barely paddle away! Such a wonderful time and I look forward to many more days, being lazy, paddling around! 

This past weekend, my Mister and I spent quite a bit of time in the yaks.  Every evening we went out for a little while.  I am so glad I decided to buy my own kayak!  Anyhow, last night, Sunday evening, we went do to the navigational channel to paddle around.  Saw a snake...good thing that sucker stayed on the tree limb!  So when we were done, one of the tires on the truck was going flat.  We raced off to a nearby gas station to get air but the tire had a puncture on the sidewall so the air continued to leak out.  We stopped and got a can of fix-a-flat, put it in and raced off to the next gas station with air.  Of course, with a sidewall puncture, the fix-a-flat was leaking out right along with the air, so my Mister put more air in and we raced off towards home.  We got a few miles down the road before we needed more air.  We managed to get to a Walmart but wouldn't you know, that particular store didn't have a tire dept.!  So...Mister bought another can of fix-a-flat, hole plugs, and a small air pump that you plug into the cigarette lighter.  He did what he could and we, once again, raced towards home.  Several more times, we stopped to put air into that tire.  The whole time, I was praying to God that we make it home safely and on that tire!  We made it!  The tire finally went completely flat just down the road from our house and my Mister drove on the flat tire the rest of the way.  What kept that flat rubber from coming off the rim can only be called an answer to my prayers!  This is one of those stories that I like to add the hashtag, #ButGod , to!  We were surely going to have to call for a ride home, but God, took care of the situation and we made it home safe, sound, and on that tire!  Isn't that just like God!!!???

So during the week, between the weekends of kayaking, I have been keeping the grandbabies.  Mostly just the grandson, since the Princess started to school week before last.  She is out on Fridays so I keep both of them then.  I tell you, I love those two precious children!  I just can't get enough of Hoss' slobbery kisses and Princess' bubbly personality!  They do keep me hopping though!  By the time they go home, I am worn out, but in such an amazing way!

Well, mentioning babies, tomorrow will be a long baby day so I better get ready for bed.  Y'all have a restful and blessed night!

Grace & Peace,