Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lookey What I Did Yesterday!

Y'all remember this post , don't you?  The one I wrote, just a couple of weeks ago, about being left behind when my Mister and granddaughter took off on their kayaks?  Well, not anymore!!!  I told y'all I had order my own kayak and I finally had a chance, yesterday, to try it out!

This was the view from my very own Kayak!  I am obsessed now and let me tell you, that is HUGE...HUGE, I tell ya!  See here's the deal.  I don't swim...or not well I am afraid of drowning.  I think the worse thing that could happen to a person is death by drowning...well, that and being burned, I generally stay away from the water.  I will go out on our pontoon but I am always overly cautious and never really let my guard down.  So for me to put that fear aside and buy a kayak and then actually fall in love with it!  I am still freaked out about drowning but having my own kayak allows me to control when, where, and how, I go.  So anyway, this is huge and I am down right proud of myself!  Here are a few more pics from our outing!

Here I come...

And there I go!

My Mister shaking his head at me!

YaY!!!  I did it!  Almost 53 years old and I did something I never thought I would do!  Thank you Connie from Crafty Home Cottage for inspiring me!

Grace & Peace!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Piddley Little Post

Oh mercy, it has been hot!  For three weeks, we had extreme heat warnings and by golly, they weren't kidding!  Heat indices in 100's with high humidity!  Honey, you can't get no worse than that, this side of hell!  

The barn kitties, Melvin and Fiona, just laid around in the shade and drank gallons of water.  Melvin looks thrilled to death that I stuck a camera in his face, doesn't he?

Hey!!!  What are y'all doing on the porch???  Every time I stuck my head out, there were chickens and guineas hanging out on the porch.  They would almost be hugging the water pan!

This is what happens to tomato plants in 100* weather...even with watering them, they still succumbed to the relentless heat.  Not one tomato did I get off of about ten plants!  Not even a green one for frying!

All of my granddaughter's babies (chickens & guineas) are now laying eggs!  We are eating a lot of eggs!  I will have to start sharing with the neighbors because we get more than two people can eat!  I love blessing others with the things God gives us and they appreciate the free food.  

These two are also laying eggs but we just found their nest today.  One of the stupid things has been refusing to go into the hen house at night so I figured she has a nest someplace.  We found it but unfortunately, I think a coyote probably got her, yesterday.  My daughter saw a coyote, yesterday, when she dropped off the grandson and I haven't seen the other guinea, since.

With all that grass in the goat pen you would think Betty Goat has enough to eat but apparently she thought the leaves, on the big elm tree, looked more inviting.  Silly thing.

Melvin is not happy with me!  He looks as if he is saying, "Really!!!???  You again with that dadgum camera!!!???".  Ok, Ok...I'll stop!  Mean ole kitty cat!  I'll just take my camera and go take pictures of somebody who loves me!

Isn't this little chubby boy just the cutest thing you have ever seen???!!!  Love this boy!

Well, this piddly little post isn't much but it's all I got!  

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Grace & Peace

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No more, the lake, & dadgum, it's hot!!!

Well, we are empty-nesters once again.  Our foster kiddo was moved last Friday.  I think we will be permanently closing our home, as soon as our certification expires.  We are pretty darn happy when it is just the Mister and I and we both like coming and going, whenever we want to, without having to worry about what to do with the foster kiddos.  Besides, we have plenty of children in our lives, with our grandbabies!  

Lawd, have's sure been hot!  I'm talking, "take your breath away" HOT!  I sure don't know how my Mister works out in this heat!  Of course, he does work at the lake so I guess he can jump into the water when he needs to but goodness, I need air conditioning!

Mentioning the lake... we've been spending the weekends out on the boat.  Even this old land-lubber has been loving it!  I used to not even get near a boat but now I am enjoying it.  I think it's because it is so peaceful, quiet, and my phone doesn't work real good out in the middle of the lake!  I just sit and stare out over the water and relax!

Our granddaughter loves to go with us and usually ends up being the Captain of the ship!  She's only six years old but she does really good!  Of course, Papaw is very close just in case!

We carry their kayaks out with us and when we drop anchor, Papaw and the Princess take off to explore a cove.  For only being six, she kayaks like a pro!  Future Olympian, perhaps?  She sure loves it so it is reasonable to believe she will be on the gold medal winning USA rowing team!

They always have so much fun on those Yaks and I am jealous when they go out!  So much so that I ordered my own!  I hope it will be delivered before the weekend!  We have a couple of nice, small lakes that don't allow boats with motors on them and they are perfect for kayaks!

I guess all that kayaking wears one out!  She made a pallet out of the towels and fell asleep!

Well, I guess that is all for now!  Oh, one more picture before I go!

She is also an awesome chicken mama!  Not real sure how "Riki the hen" feels about that!  LoL

Grace & Peace.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Want to go for a little walk?

The "Surprise Sunflowers" look a bit weary, don't you think?  I bet the ants have something to do with that.

The bees seem to think they look fine.

Guineas are funny little creatures, aren't they?

Betty Goat said "Hey"!

Pretty little blooms


Not ready yet!  Maybe I will get enough to make a peach cobbler, this year!

Hmmm...Wonder what lives in there?

Hope you enjoyed our walk.  Let's do it again sometime!
Grace & Peace.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I miss...

...the handwritten letter.  There is nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter in the mailbox!  The anticipation of reading the words written inside, was almost as good as the letter itself!  I never quite made it back inside before I opened and read the entire letter!  Then, once inside,  I would get a glass of iced tea or a cup of coffee and take it, and the precious letter, and sit on the porch to read it again.  I miss reading about Sally's grandchildren and Myrtle's cow, Beulah, or about the mysterious new neighbor across the way, from Jenny.  

Oh I know we have email but that is, dry, and impersonal!  I have never gotten excited over an email...or a tweet...or a facebook post...never!  Don't get me wrong, if that is the only way I will hear from someone, it is better than nothing but seeing an envelope with a loved ones handwriting on the front is pure bliss!  

And what about love letters!  Don't you miss love letters in the mailbox?  I've been married for a long time but I still have all the letters my Mister and I wrote back before there was such a thing as email!  He traveled with his job and I missed him terribly but when I got one of his letters, I was over the moon!  

I used to have pen pals all over the USA, when I was in school!  I loved hearing about what other kids did and how their school's were.  There was always a fair amount of doodling in those letters, too.  Somewhere along the way, probably around the time I was raising kids, I stopped writing letters so much.  I didn't get many either.  Now, some thirty odd years later, I realize what a lost treasure the handwritten letter has become.  Same with the telephone call but that is another post for another time.

What about you?  Do you miss sending and receiving letters through the mail?  If you do, maybe we can write to one another!

Grace & Peace

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! 

I just love this picture!  I went looking for something to post on here, since I don't have pictures of my own, and when I saw this picture I smiled big...real big!  There were lots of pictures with children and flags and fireworks but there was something about this one.  This little lady looks truly happy to be waving that flag!  Independence Day probably means more to her than it does to anyone under the age of 50!  

So, how are you?  We have been busy since I last posted.  Nothing out of the ordinary but busy none the less.  We made a quick weekend trip to Texas, to see my inlaws, about two weeks ago.  That is always a whirlwind trip because we only get to visit for one day.  No time to do anything like antiquing or sight-seeing.  Of course, having lived all over Texas, I have pretty much seen it all but it would still be fun to see the new things!

Of course, our place keeps us busy with mowing and cleaning barns and coops!  Just about the time we get the mowing done, it is time to start over!  I got out there, one day, and shoveled out the goat barn.  Betty goat was so happy she immediately ran in and pooped right in the middle of the newly strewn pine chips!  I love my animals...really I do!  

My little container garden isn't producing at all!  I planted a bunch of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and eggplant.  We haven't gotten one thing off of those plants.  I highly suspect the guineas and chickens are pulling the blooms off and eating them!  Fortunately, I have some new potatoes growing!  I'm sure if they could get to those they would eat them too!  Maybe...just maybe...I will get at least one green tomato to fry!  

So, why do I not have picture, of my own, to share?  Well, I pulled out my old film cameras and have been playing with them.  I haven't gotten them developed yet but when I do I will share.  There is just something about pictures taken with film that seems pure and wholesome!  My weirdness is showing, isn't it!!!???  Don't get me wrong, I love my fancy digital cameras, but isn't it fun to get the film developed to see what you captured in a shot and not always knowing immediately?  Sometimes, I think the digital cameras make me even more crazy about perfection!  With film cameras you never know how a picture will turn out and what you get is what you get!  No going back to get the perfect picture!  Makes life a little less stressful, don't you think?

Well anyways, I pray your 4th of July is safe, happy, and full of the Lord's blessings!

Grace & Peace