Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy window...

The window over the kitchen sink is my happy place.  I can see wildlife, including the grands and fosters, from this spot.  Many times, there will be a squirrel playing in the pecan tree, that is right next to the house.  There is a bird feeder, there, too.  I love having my coffee or a cup of tea at this window.  There is a much larger window on the other kitchen wall but this one is my favorite.  By the way, those beautiful pink hydrangea blooms were brought to me by my granddaughter.  She picks flowers from her Mommy's flower garden, and brings them to me.  She loves flowers and knows that I do, as well.  She is so thoughtful that way.

Grace & Peace

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Long week this morning!

I just love my Asiatic Lilies.  The blooms are always so big and bright!  They make me smile even with all the rainy days we've had lately which leaves me in kind of a funk!  

So, school is out!  This was the first full week of having my two grandbabies everyday.  The baby is easy!  He sleeps!  My granddaughter never sleeps...NEVER!  She is such a curious and intelligent child.  I struggle to come up with enough for her to do to keep her busy.  She loves to do science experiments and crafts but...God love her...she finishes them before I know it and is begging for more!  This week, she was still recovering from a cold and strep.  She was quite whiny which used to not be a problem because we would curl up and watch cartoons or read all day, but now, with the arrival of the baby, that isn't possible.  Just about the time I get the Princess all settled and I curl up with her, Cowboy starts crying and I have to get up and change him, feed him, and get him to sleep again, before I can go back to the Princess.  Up and down, up and down!  Well, at least I got my exercise!

Last week my sister was here.  She lives in Texas and I miss her so much!  I very seldom ever get to see any of my family so it is a treat when she comes to visit.  Unfortunately, between keeping the grandson, the never ending rain, and me having a horrible sinus infection, we didn't get to do much.  Didn't even get to sit on the porch because it rained so hard.  I hate that!  Sitting on the porch and hanging clothes on the line, is so relaxing to her and she got to do neither.  I bet next time she comes, I will not keep the grands and will not let the rain keep us from doing some of the things she loves to do.  Going to get a cup of coffee at a local coffee house, or walking around downtown, or like I said, just sitting on the porch!  

So...one of our foster kiddos came back to stay with us, again.  He is a sweet little boy but he does have a few issues that really try my patience, sometimes.  He is also very ornery and likes to agitate my granddaughter.  This week, with three kiddos, all yelling at the same time, I wanted to run away and never come back!  On top of two sick kiddos, my own sinus infection, the mischievous little foster son, hubby working late hours, and the infernal rain, we had visits from caseworkers, agency workers, phone calls every time I turned around, and a few appointments that had to be kept!  Thank God my Mister decided to take the foster son camping, tonight, and my grandkids are home with their parents... God knows I needed a break!  It's been a long week...every day!

Grace & Peace

Monday, May 9, 2016

Love the clothesline...but...

Ahhhh...the joys of drying clothes on the clothesline!  In my humble opinion, there isn't a better way to dry the laundry.  It's free, which is always a good thing!  Especially during the summer months when the air conditioner runs non-stop!  Our electric bill is high as it is!  I do everything I can to keep it manageable and line drying really helps!  Not to mention, if I run the dryer and the a/c at the same time, in the heat of summer, the breakers will trip and I spend more time running to and from the breaker box than actually doing laundry!  That's what happens when you live in an old house.  

So anyway, back to the joys of clotheslines!  Hanging the laundry on the line is good exercise!  Lifting, bending, and in my case, stretching to reach the line!  I'm short, people!  The struggle is real!  

Using the clothesline keeps me grounded!  It takes me back to my roots, if only for a short time.  Brings up so many memories!  Mostly good ones but there are a few memories that I am not fond of...like the time a huge snake slithered between my Mama's feet, as she was hanging clothes!  Mama was calm, cool, and collected...

...I freaked out and that is probably the reason why I will kill a snake in a heartbeat!  Don't care who or what he thinks he is...good or bad...gotta die!  A horrible death it is, too!  Snakes under the clothesline is why you will never see the grass very high around it!  Me, let a snake live!!!???

Nope!  Ain't happenin' y'all!  Do you hear me???  AIN'T HAPPENIN'!

(please don't send me hate mail or tell me all the wonderful benefits of snakes because you will never change my mind and I just don't care...really, I don't!)

 Anyhow, the joys of the clothesline are many but I will admit there are a few negatives to using the line to dry our laundry...actually, there is only one negative for me...


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Something a little different

I got a bit bored with the old look so I redecorated a little and renamed the blog.  I realized that while I am still a 50-something woman, I've had my stride all along.  It's the same one that has made me happy for all those 50 plus years!  Anyhow, you may be wondering about the name "Green Goose Farmhouse" so here is a picture of my pretty little green goose that moves from place to place around our itsy-bitsy wannabe farm.  

The little feller looks kind of yellow here but he is a pale green chalk painted goose.  Sometimes, he sits on the front porch and waves to all who pass by.  Occasionally, he smells the roses but for the most part he sits on the kitchen window sill, watching over all the happenings of our family.  You probably think I have finally lost my mind but he is the first thing I saw when I was trying to choose a new name for the blog!  It's the little things, people!

So, anyway, one other thing I've done here is to merge all of my old blogs into this one.  You can now read about our life on this little square of earth, before this blog.  Just every day stuff but I always like to read a blog from the very beginning and I hope you do too.

Grace & Peace.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Oh goodness, me, where has the time gone!  I don't even know what has kept me so busy.  Well, today, I know what has kept me so busy!  Mowing!  I had the bright idea to help my Mister out by doing some of the mowing.  I got most of it done but the bouncing on the mower just about got the best of me.  My back is going to give me fits and I know it!  Anyway, the yard looks better so I'm glad about that!

Since I posted last, we've had four more foster kiddos, come and go.  I wish we could get kids, in here, that last more than 15 minutes!  They don't stay long, for one reason or another.  When a child leaves I try to kill myself by bleaching everything and getting it all ready for the next one.  My poor hands are so dry from all that bleach and disinfecting spray!  

My Mister volunteers out at one of our many area lakes so we have a camp site there.  He stays out there most of the time.  I don't mind.  He has always worked so hard to provide for me so he deserves a place where he can get away.  I will stay out there when the weather breaks a bit more.  Too many storms and here lately, the temps have decided to drop back to the mid 40's at night.  Too cold for me to enjoy the lake.  Of course, I also have my animals to tend to every morning and might, so staying away from home at night is not very convenient!  

Well, I just heard the timer go off!  Time to get supper out of the oven but before I go, I'll leave you with a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets over the lake!