Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trying to get back into the blog swing...

I am trying so hard to get back into the swing of things as far as blogging goes but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to do it.  I have so much to blog about but not really anything at all.  It's kind of like being busy but you can't really put your finger on why you have been so busy.  I tell you, though, I really haven't been online much lately, either.  Our foster kids kept me hopping for the past month.  Physically as well as mentally.  They were much more needy than we had anticipated.  I'm an old woman.  I need my rest and that includes mental rest.  Those sweet babies needed to be in a therapeutic foster home and we aren't trained for that.  Fortunately for them, and for me, they were finally placed in a home that was licensed for that.  I have slept more and better, in the past two nights, than I did the whole month they were here.  I was exhausted.  Of course, the quiet rest will come to an end on Monday as we go back into service, so we should have more munchkins very soon.  I love what we do for these children but sometimes I wonder if we are up for it, but then I get the call and I know God wants us to go forth.  It's a crazy calling for two old people who really aren't kid people. I guess God knows something we don't!

So anyhow, my lilacs have been blooming.  Their fragrance is one of my favorites.  My Queen Anne Climbing Roses have also been blooming which kind of freaks me out since my roses never bloom this early.  Of course, generally, in April we are still having freezing temps at night but this year it has been quite warm.  In fact, today it was in the low 80's.  And here I was trying to bake a ham and baked beans for my son's birthday dinner.  Luckily, the wind shifted and the breeze helped cool the kitchen just a bit.  I thought for a bit that I would have to turn on the air conditioner which is something I almost refuse to do until the end of May.  Of course, living in Oklahoma, it can be hotter than blue blazes in February or colder than a... well never mind...just plain cold!  HeHeHe!

Did I tell you about the tornado that came directly over our home, last week?  Maybe it was a couple of weeks ago but either way, it passed right over us and touched down not a mile away.  Of course, like every good Okie transplant, I was outside with my camera.

That is the very beginning of it.  Shortly after, I saw it touch down just east of us.  I told my Mister, "Yep, it's a 'nader!".  That's what we call 'em in these parts.  Tornado, Tornader, or just plain 'nader!  LoL

Today, my kids came out for my son's birthday dinner.  My kids are goof balls but they have fun!

He's 33 years old and she is 25 years old but you can bet they are going to play like two little kids when they get together.  Here they were trying to toss the hula hoops over each others head while riding the granddaughter's electric toys.  We all need to act like children once in awhile, don't you think?

Well, I just heard the rumble of thunder.  Sure hope there isn't another 'Nader!  It's dark and I wouldn't be able to see it to get a picture!

Grace & Peace

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Let's see if I can catch up...

Gosh, March was a busy month for me!  My granddaughter and I made the trip to Texas for my family reunion.  It was so good to see my family!  We went to the old home place, while we were down that way.

The only thing left on the place is the old concrete porch that my Daddy put there.  It's so strange to see my granddaughter and great niece, sitting on the same porch we played on at their ages!

The old wash shed is still standing!  That thing is at least 60 years old.  When I was younger it held a lot of Granny's stuff that wouldn't fit in her small house.  I remember there was a treadle Singer sewing machine and an old Victrola. 

Granny loved flowers and especially Azalea bushes.  These are the only ones left.  If I had a shovel while we were there, I would have dug them up and brought them home with me...or at least tried!  I'm sure those bushes have long roots by now!

Let's see...after we got back from Texas, we got placement of two foster children and they have kept me hopping!  Not only with them but I am also babysitting my sweet little seven week old grandson, everyday too!  Busy, busy!

I was going to make this a long post but I am tired and really need to get some sleep!  Having children in the house doesn't allow for sleeping in...this old Granny is tired!!!

Grace & Peace