Monday, January 25, 2016

Still working on the kitchen and interesting...very interesting!

Yes, we are still working on the kitchen.  When my husband only has one day to do projects around the house, and the weather is as dreary and cold as it has been, working on the kitchen has been a long process.  We got all the trim put around the two windows, over the weekend.  I will attempt to sand and put primer on those, tomorrow.  Then on to those horrible cabinets!  Hopefully by the weekend, I will have have the upper cabinets sanded so my Mister can do the bottom cabinets on Saturday.  Then it will be a matter of cleaning the walls, patching a few holes, and caulking around the trim.  Then we can finally paint the whole room!  I have more projects to be done in the kitchen but I think I will wait until Spring before tackling that.  I can't wait to get everything painted!  I am ready for some normalcy!

While out gathering more supplies, we stopped in a local antique shop, and can I just say, there are crazy, demented, creative people around here!  There was one booth that had some rather interesting repurposed items for lighting.

This isn't a great picture but the little stove top percolator is filled with coffee beans and then they added lamp parts to make this cute little light.  That wasn't so bad...

My Mister, and I, both liked this old metal fan lamp.  We liked it a lot!  The price tag read $292!!!  We didn't like it that much!

This pair of lamps were kind of disturbing... I couldn't decide if they are cute or just down right creepy!  I'm leaning towards creepy!  One thing is for sure, I wouldn't have them in my house no matter how much of a conversation piece, they would be!

Grace & Peace

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kitchen, Sunsets and Diapers

Once again, we've been busy in the "Big Fat Ugly Eat-In Kitchen".  Remember I had my Mister take out all of the trim because I wanted something different?  I drew up a design, bought all the wood, and we have started installing all new trim.  We have 8 1/2' ceilings and the narrow trim just didn't work so I am going with a chunky, simple, craftsman style.

This is the baseboards on two of the walls.  I love the look and this also served as a way for me to get a good mental picture of how the dark floor will look against super white walls.  I think it looks pretty good.

Our weather has been outstanding the past few days!  Beautiful sunshine, a bit warmer temps, and NO RAIN!  We still have plenty of mud and water, standing in our yard, from the last rain, snow, and ice.  I happened to be passing by the front door, this evening, and snapped this gorgeous sunset.

As is the norm, for Oklahoma, this sunset, nor the wonderful weather, will last long.  A cold front is coming in tonight and by Monday or Tuesday, we are suppose to get more rain or snow.  I keep telling myself, this will pass and Spring always returns!  I just wish it wasn't so long until it does!  Sooooo....what do kitchens and sunsets have to do with diapers?

Well, nothing really...unless you count the fact that I used "My Ginormous Farm Table" to lay fabric on!  I've been making diapers for my granddaughter's baby doll.

When her Mommy has the baby, the granddaughter will receive a baby doll, baby boy clothes, diaper bag and everything that goes in it, and these diapers.  I am in hopes it makes the transition from being an only child to having a baby brother, that will need a lot of Mommy's attention.  I hope, anyway!  I was the same age as she is when my sister was born.  Let me tell you, I did not like her or the attention she needed.  It took my Mama away from me...or so I thought.  It was a long, long time before I "kind of" liked her!  I'm talking years and maybe even a decade or so!  I don't want that to be the case with my granddaughter.  So, we are making a gift box that will be given to her when she goes to the hospital to see little brother, for the first time.  It will have all of the appropriate "Big Sister" stuff...T-shirt, jewelry, ribbons, and anything else I come up with announcing that she is awesome AND a big sister!

I've even made baby wipes out of left over flannel.  I need to find a small container for them.  I still have to make baby doll gowns and sleepers, swaddlers and the diaper bag.  I need to hurry!  She told her Mommy that his birthday will be February 3rd!  I need to have everything ready just in case she is right!  

Grace & Peace

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shower and piddly stuff...

My daughter's friend gave her a baby shower, today.  Can I just say, that sweet little baby boy will be the best dressed  baby, around!  Lots of clothes, blankets, etc.  

Some of you will recognize that quilt.  It is the one I made back in the Fall.  What isn't in the picture is the baby doll quilt, exactly like this one, for my granddaughter's baby doll.

Isn't she just beautiful!!!???  And don't we all wish we had looked like that when we were pregnant!!!???  She is only a month away from her due date and she is so ready!  

Big sister is excited about having a little brother!  She is always asking if he can go camping or fishing with us!  Of course, we all know that is subject to change once "Cowboy" is actually born!  

The granddaughter and I are listening to what "Cowboy" has to say and Papaw was making fun of Mama for being chubby like him.  I have got to teach that girl to say smart things like, "Yeah but I'll lose mine.  What are you going to do about that belly of yours?".  She's too sweet...much more so that me!  

We finally saw sunshine, today!  YaY!!!!  Naturally, it was so cold you couldn't go out and enjoy it, but I'll take what I can get!  I will be glad when we have warm days.  I'm looking forward to going for walks again.  That is something I haven't been able to do in several years but I am doing so much better since I lost all the weight!  Heck, who knows, I may buy myself another bicycle!  That is an lofty wish, for sure!

So...we have a meeting with our foster agency, tomorrow.  We will listen to what they have to say and then make our decision as to whether we will continue or close our home.  Ultimately, it will be up to my husband, so we'll see.  

We are in the process of becoming licensed for adoption, though.  Whether we decide to continue or not, we will still be open to adoptions...maybe an older child than what we had planned on.  I suppose I will leave all of this in God's hands.  No sense in me trying to change what He has in store!

Grace & Peace.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Cold, Dreary, And A Sick Princess...

Yuck!  Yuck!  Yuck!  Nothing but gray skies and mud!  Skies as gray as an old worn flannel blanket seem to never let up and so much mud.  We are suppose to get more rain a matter of fact, it is raining right now.  The rain is suppose to turn to freezing rain and snow before morning.  I think the weatherman didn't get the memo about my not liking days like this because it has been this way for almost two weeks.  The sun only peeked out for a very short time on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This weird little evergreen bush, the turquoise bird feeder and my little red car, are the only bright spots!  That bird feeder is usually empty by noon but not today.  The birds must even be depressed with all this yuckiness!  UGH!

My daughter called this morning to see if she could bring my grand daughter out because she had been sick last night and this morning, and wouldn't be going to school.  You betcha, you can bring her out!  She has laid on the couch, played, threw up, laid on the couch, played, threw up...for most of the day.  She seems to feel better  and suddenly she will crawl on the couch and say, "I don't think I feel good, Granny."  Poor baby.  She is going to stay the night because of the weather and her pregnant mommy sure doesn't need to get sick.  She will feel better by morning, I'm pretty sure, but I am going to cuddle with her all night!  My little cuddle buddy!

Well, I guess I will go listen to it rain, some more.  OHhhhhhhh!!!!!

Grace & Peace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kitchen and other ramblings...

Last weekend, we my Mister, painted the kitchen floor.  That was a whole bunch of work, let me tell you!  Of course, we had to block off the doors into and out of the kitchen, and that was a huge pain in the...well, anyway!  There is only one way to get from the front part of the house, to the laundry room, the grand daughter's room, and the back door, and that is through the kitchen!  We had to go out the front door, all the way around the house, and in through the back door, to get to those rooms.  Our inside fur babies were so confused!  They sleep and eat in the laundry room, so they also had to go out the front door and around the house, every night at bedtime.  Bless their hearts.  I had to do the same to do laundry and then haul the clean laundry back around the house and in through the front door.  Did I mention the mud, yet?  No???!!!  Well, it rained and rained and rained...and rained...right after Christmas so there is still a lot of mud in our yard.  Can you imagine how my living room floor looked with all the coming and going through the front door???!!!  UGH!!!  Oh and I forgot to mention, my big ginormous farmtable is in my teeny tiny living room along with two chairs, couch, entertainment center, and assorted side tables!  Oh my goodness, that thing really is massive and I only realized it as I looked for a place to sit in the living room!  So anyway, the floor turned out pretty good and once I get an outdoor rug for under the "ginormous farmtable", I think it will be nice.  Right now every flaw, in those old wood floors, shows.  I'm calling it character.  We have a lot of "character" in this old house!

I do like the dark color even if it shows EVERYTHING!  Who knows, maybe it will inspire me to sweep more often!  

So...while my Mister was taking off the baseboards, I asked him to go ahead and remove all the trim from around the doors and windows, as well.  Of course, I got "The Look" but once he removed it, I think he was glad I had him do it.  

There was absolutely no insulation around those windows and this big window is on the north wall.  He used spray foam to fill in the spaces and immediately, we could tell the difference.  Even without trim.  So why did I ask him to remove all that trim work?  Because I didn't like it and I am designing my own trim and baseboards.  This old house is a combination Craftsman/Ranch but I want it to look more Craftsman/Farmhouse, so I am adding chunky trim around all the doors and windows(eventually) and wide baseboards, as well.  Of course, my Mister doesn't understand my thinking but that's what he gets for marrying a creative soul, who happens to be OCD and ADD!  God love him...He is good to me though sometimes I think he just goes along with my craziness so I don't try doing the work myself, which would probably end up a bigger chore than if he just did it!  You know, one thing lead to another and before you know it, everything changes!  

So...these ugly brown cabinets will be painted a nice, creamy, white as will the walls.  Lots more work but it will be totally worth it!  I removed some of the doors because I am trying to get a feel for what I want to do.  I think I like the open cabinet look.  It gives a brighter appearance.  The small cabinet to the right of the sink will also come down, probably tomorrow.  I just didn't have the "want to", to do it today.  So what do you think?  Remember it will all be white, before long.  Also, I am planning on building cubbies at the top of the cabinets so it will give the illusion the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.  

See that ugly vent-a-hood?  The one that isn't vented outside or even into the attic?  The one that serves no purpose except to provide light for the stove?  Well, I am also designing something to house the light but do away with that horrible thing!  If it actually vented some place besides back into the kitchen, it wouldn't be so bad, maybe.  

 Pardon the ugly, filthy ceiling fan!  I didn't realize it had been so long since I cleaned it but once all the dust from sanding attached itself, I knew I had overlooked it for some time.  Well those two ceiling fans are going away, too, but one thing at a time.  So, I posted these last two pictures to ask your opinion.  See the other cabinet doors to the left and right of the ones that have already been removed?  Should I go ahead and remove these doors, as well, keeping with the open shelf look, or should I leave them?  Right now I think they look out of place but once everything is painted white, it might look a bit more cohesive.  What do you think?  Remove or leave?

Well, I guess I need to go figure out what I'm going to do about supper.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment letting me know you were here!  I love company!

Grace & Peace

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year and Let the Work Begin!

Happy New Year, my sweet friends!  Thank you for visiting, my blog, this past year!  I have enjoyed meeting new friends and celebrating the ones who have been with me for the long haul!  I pray God's grace and mercy for each one of you!

So, do you remember when I posted about my Big, Fat, Ugly, Eat-in Kitchen?  We are finally starting to do something about that.  I won't be able to gain any more room for my ginormous farm table, my Mister and I built, but I am going to try and make it feel a bit larger.

We are starting by working on the floor.  I decided to paint it rather than go back with more stain and polyurethane.  I am sick, sick, sick, of all that brown!  

We did these floors when we first bought, this old house, nine years ago.  They held up pretty well but you can see they were really showing the every day wear.  I was afraid they would really be damaged, beyond repair, by all the winter and spring weather we are having and will surely have during the rainy season.  I am taking a bold leap and painting them this color...

You really can't get a good idea of the color with this picture but I found one online that shows it pretty good.

Granted this is on a wall but I like the way it shows the contrast with the white and red accents.  Once the floor is done and the weather breaks we are going to tackle those ugly brown cabinets.  They will eventually be white.  The walls will also be painted white.  I like the idea of clean and simple.  I also like the idea of being able to use any color for accent pieces without having them get lost in all the brown!  I think my first accent color will be either aqua or yellow.  I've never been able to use those colors in any kitchen I've had so that will be a welcome change.  Later - probably during the summer months -  I will use bright colors like orange or red.  It is going to be so much fun!  I can't wait!

So, that is how we are starting 2016!  What is your plans for the new year?

Grace & Peace.