Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello December...what did you do with Fall?

Goodness sakes, can you believe it is December?  Where in the world did this year go?  December seems to have thrust us into the throes of winter...just as I knew it would.  Seems we didn't have a Fall but went directly from summer to winter in one fell swoop!  I suppose that's how it is when you live in the middle of the country.  Oh well, I'll just grab another sweater and rock on!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My kids and their kids were here and we all ate way too much!  Normal behavior for us!  HeHe!  After we ate, the Littles "decorated" our tree.  That is something they look forward to and if truth be told, the only reason we still put up a tree!

Well, I started this post sometime last week and as would be quite normal for me, I got sidetracked and never finished it.  I guess I will try to finish now!

So anyhow, I thought I would show you a bit of my decorating, around the house.  Just let me say that I had big plans to decorate every room but I burned myself out and only got the living room and kitchen semi done.  Our rooms are so small, in this old house, that I don't do a lot, anyways.

I must say, right here, I got sidetracked again!  LoL... A.D.D. is kicking my tail, lately!  On to a bit more of the decorating.

The Redbird is my favorite bird so I decided to decorate this little primitive tree, with a whole flock of them.  I don't know what happened to the bow I had on the basket but it's still cute.  Have you ever heard, "When  a cardinal appears, an angel is near"?  I must have a lot of angels because my yard is always full of those beautiful red birds!

Most of my decorating is in the kitchen.  Remember, back last winter, we remodeled our "Brown Overwhelm" kitchen.  My favorite color for any kitchen is white so this year I decorated in a Scandinavian theme, in honor of my new found bloodline! 

This is my sweet little kitchen tree in an old rusted out bucket.  I made the salt dough ornaments that are hanging on it.  The straw angel is one that the Mister brought to me several years ago.  I think he either found it at a garage sale or somebody's left over decorations.  I love it.  Then I just scattered a few pine cones and silver ornaments and boxes around the bottom.

The top of the refrigerator got a bit of decorating with another rusted out bucket full of poinsettias, an oil lantern, the blackboard and a basket of checkers!  Simple stuff!

I think my favorite thing is the open faced cabinets.  It normally looks like this but I added the greenery, a tiny little tree, a bowl of pecans from my pecan trees, and a block of wood.  Of course I made the salt dough ornament garland and wrapped the cabinet doors with burlap and a bit of pine sprigs.  Again very simple but I love it!

Of course, my "Happy Window" got fancied up, too.  Aren't those white deer just adorable?  I had them as a center piece on the table but quickly decided to put them out of reach because I know my granddaughter would fall in love with them and want to play with them.  They are porcelain so I was afraid she might drop them.  I like them better in the window, anyhow.  Do you see that light fixture?  That is an old water can for chickens that is wired to the original light fixture.

There is also a wooden nativity sitting on another wood block that I dug out of the mud!  The candles are in baby food jars filled with small pebbles and wrapped with twine.  I have never seen a nativity like this.  

Very unusual and beautiful.  I added the star on top because it just felt right.  Do you do that?  Decorate a certain way because it feels right?  

So anyway, that is my little bit of decorating.  I may or may not do a little more but at this point I am almost ready to pack it all up for another year!  OCD starts kicking in and I have to get everything back in it's rightful place!  LoL  Me and my quirks!

 I hope you are enjoying the season.  Be blessed!

Grace & Peace,


  1. Where DID this year go! Where did November go! Your decorations are very pretty. I love the country look, and that light fixture immediately caught my eye. That's a neat idea, and I have one of those feeders. When I read your posts I smile at how much of what you say reminds me of getting everything decorated, then wanting everything put back in it's rightful place. OCD! I have it too! Never heard that about the Cardinals. I love them, but we don't have as many as we used to...wonder if I should worry? :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Henny! You sweet comments are a blessing to me!

      Grace & Peace,