Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Need A Trim and Is It Fall yet?

Lordy, I need my hair trimmed!  Back in the Spring I had my stylist daughter cut my hair...short...short short.  I loved the ease of the short hair but you know, it just isn't me so I am trying to grow it out.  Y'all, it is a pain in the tushy to regrow that mess!  I have naturally curly, very fine, hair which, at it's current length, pokes out all over my head.  Ok, not really all over my head because for some weird reason, the top of my head now has straight as a board hair.  ?????  What the heck!?  I can't say that I am surprised because back when I was a kid, I had that nappy curly hair down past my bum which caused my Mama nightmares, I am sure!  It was always an ordeal, come morning, when she had to brush that mess!  She'd holler, I'd holler, she'd cry, I howled like I was being bludgeoned to death by an ice pick.  One day, my Granny came over, right at the time of the morning torture session, and after figuring out what all the ruckus was about, she marched my little nappy head across the street to our neighbor's beauty shop (remember when they were called beauty shops?) and I got the shortest pixie haircut imaginable!  I hated it!  So anyway, for many years after that haircut, my hair was straight...well maybe it had a little wave to it but in comparison to the "wild child" curly hair that I once had, it was straight!  After giving birth to my son, the curls started coming back and up until this Spring, it was curly.  I don't know what happens when I get my hair cut short but I fear I am going to have to get my daughter to give me a perm!  Me...the once nappy headed, wild child, needing a perm.  Who'd a thunk it!

Is it Fall, yet?  I am so ready for some cooler weather.  I don't want cold weather but cooler than what we've had would be nice.  I'm sitting here complaining about temps in the 90's when I live in Oklahoma and temps in September are usually still extremely hot.  I should be thankful and I am but I can't wait to make a big pot of soup and sit on my back porch to eat it.  I have noticed the leaves are starting to change just a bit and of course I have started decorating for my favorite season!  I have so many ideas, in my head, that I want to do but living where I do, the availability of some of the elements, of my ideas, is slim to none!  I need to have a home in New England during the Fall months!  That would be amazing in my book!

I've been busy trying to make some items to sell.  I decided that I would use the skills I have to make a bit of money come Spring.  I've been crocheting hats, scarves, boot cuffs, coasters, and even baby teething biscuits, to sell now.  

I am also working on getting an inventory to stock a booth at the Spring craft shows and festivals.  I am also going to sew aprons, bags, and a few other little items.  I even thought about putting a few baked goods in the booth but I don't know how that works with the health dept. regulations.  I may pass on that.  

Talking about crocheting reminded me that I need to get out and pick up some yarn for my granddaughter's Christmas gift.  I am making a cute little sweater and it has to be BLUE or else!  HeHe...she's very adamant about her favorite color!  I surely can't make it in some unworthy color...not for the Princess!  

Well, I guess I need to get up and get the laundry going.  

Grace & Peace,

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