Saturday, July 9, 2016

Want to go for a little walk?

The "Surprise Sunflowers" look a bit weary, don't you think?  I bet the ants have something to do with that.

The bees seem to think they look fine.

Guineas are funny little creatures, aren't they?

Betty Goat said "Hey"!

Pretty little blooms


Not ready yet!  Maybe I will get enough to make a peach cobbler, this year!

Hmmm...Wonder what lives in there?

Hope you enjoyed our walk.  Let's do it again sometime!
Grace & Peace.


  1. Sweet post . . . thanks for the tour :) I love that you have goats and chickens, I can not talk my husband into it.

    1. Oh honey, one doesn't talk their husband into having goats and chickens! You just make them magically appear and then hubby has no choice but to build a pen and coops! LoL Thanks for walking with me, Connie! Hope you will come along on the next one!

      Grace & Peace.

  2. The sunflowers look mighty good to me. At least you have more than one! :) The picture of the guineas and the sweet goat look just like my guineas and goat, except your pictures are much better. I enjoyed the tour.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I think that's why I feel like a kindred spirit with you! We have the same animals and share many of the same likes!

    Grace & Peace,