Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No more, the lake, & dadgum, it's hot!!!

Well, we are empty-nesters once again.  Our foster kiddo was moved last Friday.  I think we will be permanently closing our home, as soon as our certification expires.  We are pretty darn happy when it is just the Mister and I and we both like coming and going, whenever we want to, without having to worry about what to do with the foster kiddos.  Besides, we have plenty of children in our lives, with our grandbabies!  

Lawd, have mercy...it's sure been hot!  I'm talking, "take your breath away" HOT!  I sure don't know how my Mister works out in this heat!  Of course, he does work at the lake so I guess he can jump into the water when he needs to but goodness, I need air conditioning!

Mentioning the lake... we've been spending the weekends out on the boat.  Even this old land-lubber has been loving it!  I used to not even get near a boat but now I am enjoying it.  I think it's because it is so peaceful, quiet, and my phone doesn't work real good out in the middle of the lake!  I just sit and stare out over the water and relax!

Our granddaughter loves to go with us and usually ends up being the Captain of the ship!  She's only six years old but she does really good!  Of course, Papaw is very close just in case!

We carry their kayaks out with us and when we drop anchor, Papaw and the Princess take off to explore a cove.  For only being six, she kayaks like a pro!  Future Olympian, perhaps?  She sure loves it so it is reasonable to believe she will be on the gold medal winning USA rowing team!

They always have so much fun on those Yaks and I am jealous when they go out!  So much so that I ordered my own!  I hope it will be delivered before the weekend!  We have a couple of nice, small lakes that don't allow boats with motors on them and they are perfect for kayaks!

I guess all that kayaking wears one out!  She made a pallet out of the towels and fell asleep!

Well, I guess that is all for now!  Oh, one more picture before I go!

She is also an awesome chicken mama!  Not real sure how "Riki the hen" feels about that!  LoL

Grace & Peace.


  1. It has been hot Mrs. G....the photos you have shared are just fun :0) mari

  2. Great photos . . . you are going to love kayaking :)