Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Piddley Little Post

Oh mercy, it has been hot!  For three weeks, we had extreme heat warnings and by golly, they weren't kidding!  Heat indices in 100's with high humidity!  Honey, you can't get no worse than that, this side of hell!  

The barn kitties, Melvin and Fiona, just laid around in the shade and drank gallons of water.  Melvin looks thrilled to death that I stuck a camera in his face, doesn't he?

Hey!!!  What are y'all doing on the porch???  Every time I stuck my head out, there were chickens and guineas hanging out on the porch.  They would almost be hugging the water pan!

This is what happens to tomato plants in 100* weather...even with watering them, they still succumbed to the relentless heat.  Not one tomato did I get off of about ten plants!  Not even a green one for frying!

All of my granddaughter's babies (chickens & guineas) are now laying eggs!  We are eating a lot of eggs!  I will have to start sharing with the neighbors because we get more than two people can eat!  I love blessing others with the things God gives us and they appreciate the free food.  

These two are also laying eggs but we just found their nest today.  One of the stupid things has been refusing to go into the hen house at night so I figured she has a nest someplace.  We found it but unfortunately, I think a coyote probably got her, yesterday.  My daughter saw a coyote, yesterday, when she dropped off the grandson and I haven't seen the other guinea, since.

With all that grass in the goat pen you would think Betty Goat has enough to eat but apparently she thought the leaves, on the big elm tree, looked more inviting.  Silly thing.

Melvin is not happy with me!  He looks as if he is saying, "Really!!!???  You again with that dadgum camera!!!???".  Ok, Ok...I'll stop!  Mean ole kitty cat!  I'll just take my camera and go take pictures of somebody who loves me!

Isn't this little chubby boy just the cutest thing you have ever seen???!!!  Love this boy!

Well, this piddly little post isn't much but it's all I got!  

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Grace & Peace


  1. Thanks for the share, love your blog.

  2. Oh Mrs G ... It has surely been super hot this summer. 😐😐