Sunday, May 1, 2016

Oh goodness, me, where has the time gone!  I don't even know what has kept me so busy.  Well, today, I know what has kept me so busy!  Mowing!  I had the bright idea to help my Mister out by doing some of the mowing.  I got most of it done but the bouncing on the mower just about got the best of me.  My back is going to give me fits and I know it!  Anyway, the yard looks better so I'm glad about that!

Since I posted last, we've had four more foster kiddos, come and go.  I wish we could get kids, in here, that last more than 15 minutes!  They don't stay long, for one reason or another.  When a child leaves I try to kill myself by bleaching everything and getting it all ready for the next one.  My poor hands are so dry from all that bleach and disinfecting spray!  

My Mister volunteers out at one of our many area lakes so we have a camp site there.  He stays out there most of the time.  I don't mind.  He has always worked so hard to provide for me so he deserves a place where he can get away.  I will stay out there when the weather breaks a bit more.  Too many storms and here lately, the temps have decided to drop back to the mid 40's at night.  Too cold for me to enjoy the lake.  Of course, I also have my animals to tend to every morning and might, so staying away from home at night is not very convenient!  

Well, I just heard the timer go off!  Time to get supper out of the oven but before I go, I'll leave you with a picture of one of the beautiful sunsets over the lake!

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