Saturday, May 28, 2016

Long week this morning!

I just love my Asiatic Lilies.  The blooms are always so big and bright!  They make me smile even with all the rainy days we've had lately which leaves me in kind of a funk!  

So, school is out!  This was the first full week of having my two grandbabies everyday.  The baby is easy!  He sleeps!  My granddaughter never sleeps...NEVER!  She is such a curious and intelligent child.  I struggle to come up with enough for her to do to keep her busy.  She loves to do science experiments and crafts but...God love her...she finishes them before I know it and is begging for more!  This week, she was still recovering from a cold and strep.  She was quite whiny which used to not be a problem because we would curl up and watch cartoons or read all day, but now, with the arrival of the baby, that isn't possible.  Just about the time I get the Princess all settled and I curl up with her, Cowboy starts crying and I have to get up and change him, feed him, and get him to sleep again, before I can go back to the Princess.  Up and down, up and down!  Well, at least I got my exercise!

Last week my sister was here.  She lives in Texas and I miss her so much!  I very seldom ever get to see any of my family so it is a treat when she comes to visit.  Unfortunately, between keeping the grandson, the never ending rain, and me having a horrible sinus infection, we didn't get to do much.  Didn't even get to sit on the porch because it rained so hard.  I hate that!  Sitting on the porch and hanging clothes on the line, is so relaxing to her and she got to do neither.  I bet next time she comes, I will not keep the grands and will not let the rain keep us from doing some of the things she loves to do.  Going to get a cup of coffee at a local coffee house, or walking around downtown, or like I said, just sitting on the porch! of our foster kiddos came back to stay with us, again.  He is a sweet little boy but he does have a few issues that really try my patience, sometimes.  He is also very ornery and likes to agitate my granddaughter.  This week, with three kiddos, all yelling at the same time, I wanted to run away and never come back!  On top of two sick kiddos, my own sinus infection, the mischievous little foster son, hubby working late hours, and the infernal rain, we had visits from caseworkers, agency workers, phone calls every time I turned around, and a few appointments that had to be kept!  Thank God my Mister decided to take the foster son camping, tonight, and my grandkids are home with their parents... God knows I needed a break!  It's been a long week...every day!

Grace & Peace


  1. Your lilies are beautiful! It's raining here again! Taking care of children is a job, it really is. My grandchildren used to come for a week at the time. I enjoyed them and love them but would be totally wiped out when they went home. Now they are grown up and I miss them!

    1. I love for mine to be here but this week was difficult, to say the least. Thanks for stopping by!

      Grace & Peace