Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Time flies, Is it dead, and handsome feller...

Lord, help me, the time seems to just fly by, these days!  Probably because I have been staying busy, which is a good thing!  Lets see... what have I been doing?  

Of course the kitchen - as if that is ever going to end!  At least all the cabinets are finished and now we are patching holes, cracks, and trying to get years of grease off of the walls and ceiling!  Actually, it is coming along nicely now but I am getting impatient because I want it finished before I go to my family reunion Saturday after next!  It will be done!!!  Or at least the majority of it.  I hope all that is left after I get back is just touch up, here and there.

So last weekend, my Mister and I decided to go see what goats and pigs are going for.

Way too high, is how much they were selling for!  Good Lord, $175 for a bony little goat, is more than I am willing to spend!  There weren't any pigs selling so I don't know how much they are going for.  I had fun anyways!  Brought back tons of memories of years gone by!

Mentioning critters...I brought home four little guineas, last week.  They are so cute and feisty!  I go in and check on the feeder and water jar, every morning and evening.  One evening, I went in and saw that one little guy was laying over in the feeder.

His little head was in the hole and so was one of his little wings.  Oh sweet Pete!  Is it dead???  I was freaking out because I didn't have time to go get another one before the granddaughter came over!  Oh dear, oh dear!  Just about the time I reached in to pick his little lifeless body up, he jumped up and ran to the other end of the brooder!  I just about pee'd!  He scared me to death!  LoL...the little nugget had fallen asleep while eating!  

I've been getting to see this little guy, a lot, lately!  

Handsome little feller, isn't he!  He loves his Granny, too!  He is happy as a clam...even though you wouldn't know it from this pic!

Grace & Peace.