Thursday, February 25, 2016

New feathered family, special visitor, and I think I can see the light!

Since we only have the one hen, after selling all the others, I decided we needed to get more.  So last week, I took my granddaughter to pick out a few chicks.  She has gotten big enough to actually help me out, in the Itsy Bitsy Barnyard and I knew she would love the babies!

She picked out four.  There are two black chicks behind the speckled one, in this pic.  They may be Bantam chicks but I can't remember what she got.  The little yellow baby is named Popcorn..."because she is yellow, Granny!".  And that pretty little speckled chick is Eugene and may or may not be a rooster.  It has the attitude of a rooster!  Notice the flower print stuffed pig?  "Because they need a cuddle buddy, Granny!", said she who is a funny girl!  Well...they do seem to love it so I guess she was right!  

Tomorrow, there will be another tub with a heat lamp because now I've decided I need some guineas.  Have you ever eaten guinea eggs?  I haven't but some people will pay a good price for a dozen guinea eggs!  Besides, we need a snake patrol!  My barn cats do a good job but they are getting older and...lazy!

I had the sweetest visitor, yesterday!  My sweet little Cowboy!  Isn't he just precious!!!???  He slept the whole four hours he was here.  I put him in the middle of my bed, covered him up, and he slept good!  I don't know what it is about my bed but his big sister loves it and apparently he does too!  Of course, I always liked my Granny's bed so I guess there is just nothing like a Grandma's bed!

I want y'all to know, I think I see the light at the end of the kitchen cabinet tunnel!  I only have two more doors, four more shelves, and one drawer, before they are all done!  Here's a little preview.

Isn't that white just beautiful and clean!!!???  I am loving it!  No more dark kitchen!  And did I say how clean it looks???  Yes!!!  For me there is just no other color for kitchen and bathrooms.  I like for those two rooms to be clean and show it!

This is the small cabinet above the stove.  I opted to leave the doors off and I am glad I did.  That is my favorite thing about this cabinet re-do!  I can't wait until everything is put back in the cabinets, the walls are painted, and the lightbox for over the stove is put in!  

Grace & Peace

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  1. Nothing like fresh painted kitchen cabinets and I do like the white. I think it's just wonderful that gdaughter is helping with the new chicks. She is making lots of precious memories with her Granny!