Monday, January 25, 2016

Still working on the kitchen and interesting...very interesting!

Yes, we are still working on the kitchen.  When my husband only has one day to do projects around the house, and the weather is as dreary and cold as it has been, working on the kitchen has been a long process.  We got all the trim put around the two windows, over the weekend.  I will attempt to sand and put primer on those, tomorrow.  Then on to those horrible cabinets!  Hopefully by the weekend, I will have have the upper cabinets sanded so my Mister can do the bottom cabinets on Saturday.  Then it will be a matter of cleaning the walls, patching a few holes, and caulking around the trim.  Then we can finally paint the whole room!  I have more projects to be done in the kitchen but I think I will wait until Spring before tackling that.  I can't wait to get everything painted!  I am ready for some normalcy!

While out gathering more supplies, we stopped in a local antique shop, and can I just say, there are crazy, demented, creative people around here!  There was one booth that had some rather interesting repurposed items for lighting.

This isn't a great picture but the little stove top percolator is filled with coffee beans and then they added lamp parts to make this cute little light.  That wasn't so bad...

My Mister, and I, both liked this old metal fan lamp.  We liked it a lot!  The price tag read $292!!!  We didn't like it that much!

This pair of lamps were kind of disturbing... I couldn't decide if they are cute or just down right creepy!  I'm leaning towards creepy!  One thing is for sure, I wouldn't have them in my house no matter how much of a conversation piece, they would be!

Grace & Peace


  1. Mr D and I love to browse through 'old stuff.' We call it 'junkin.' I have to agree with you on that one pair of lamps, just plain creepy. Hope all goes well on your kitchen project, your hard work will give you a pretty reward!

  2. Take your time doing the renovations....I know that it takes so much out of you and we become impatient :0) and those items, all I can say is ...definitely demented! creativity is just too precious to waste it in something ugly :0( mari

  3. I'm with you on that last pair. I had much rather have the old original items before they were turned into lamps. :) I can't wait to see your new cabinets. You know, I really want my old brown kitchen cabinets painted.

  4. Creepy is right! Does the fan actually work with the lightbulbs... that looked odd.

    Good luck with the painting!