Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shower and piddly stuff...

My daughter's friend gave her a baby shower, today.  Can I just say, that sweet little baby boy will be the best dressed  baby, around!  Lots of clothes, blankets, etc.  

Some of you will recognize that quilt.  It is the one I made back in the Fall.  What isn't in the picture is the baby doll quilt, exactly like this one, for my granddaughter's baby doll.

Isn't she just beautiful!!!???  And don't we all wish we had looked like that when we were pregnant!!!???  She is only a month away from her due date and she is so ready!  

Big sister is excited about having a little brother!  She is always asking if he can go camping or fishing with us!  Of course, we all know that is subject to change once "Cowboy" is actually born!  

The granddaughter and I are listening to what "Cowboy" has to say and Papaw was making fun of Mama for being chubby like him.  I have got to teach that girl to say smart things like, "Yeah but I'll lose mine.  What are you going to do about that belly of yours?".  She's too sweet...much more so that me!  

We finally saw sunshine, today!  YaY!!!!  Naturally, it was so cold you couldn't go out and enjoy it, but I'll take what I can get!  I will be glad when we have warm days.  I'm looking forward to going for walks again.  That is something I haven't been able to do in several years but I am doing so much better since I lost all the weight!  Heck, who knows, I may buy myself another bicycle!  That is an lofty wish, for sure!

So...we have a meeting with our foster agency, tomorrow.  We will listen to what they have to say and then make our decision as to whether we will continue or close our home.  Ultimately, it will be up to my husband, so we'll see.  

We are in the process of becoming licensed for adoption, though.  Whether we decide to continue or not, we will still be open to adoptions...maybe an older child than what we had planned on.  I suppose I will leave all of this in God's hands.  No sense in me trying to change what He has in store!

Grace & Peace.


  1. First of all, YES she is beautiful! Congrats on the new baby. How wonderful that you and your hubby open your home to foster children. I'm sure you've been a blessing to all you've had in your care. I've enjoyed visiting and will see your again!! Hope your Monday is happy and blessed!

    1. Thank you, Mary, and thanks for stopping by!

      Grace & Peace

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and so are you...and the granddaughter! That is such a sweet quilt you made.