Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kitchen, Sunsets and Diapers

Once again, we've been busy in the "Big Fat Ugly Eat-In Kitchen".  Remember I had my Mister take out all of the trim because I wanted something different?  I drew up a design, bought all the wood, and we have started installing all new trim.  We have 8 1/2' ceilings and the narrow trim just didn't work so I am going with a chunky, simple, craftsman style.

This is the baseboards on two of the walls.  I love the look and this also served as a way for me to get a good mental picture of how the dark floor will look against super white walls.  I think it looks pretty good.

Our weather has been outstanding the past few days!  Beautiful sunshine, a bit warmer temps, and NO RAIN!  We still have plenty of mud and water, standing in our yard, from the last rain, snow, and ice.  I happened to be passing by the front door, this evening, and snapped this gorgeous sunset.

As is the norm, for Oklahoma, this sunset, nor the wonderful weather, will last long.  A cold front is coming in tonight and by Monday or Tuesday, we are suppose to get more rain or snow.  I keep telling myself, this will pass and Spring always returns!  I just wish it wasn't so long until it does!  Sooooo....what do kitchens and sunsets have to do with diapers?

Well, nothing really...unless you count the fact that I used "My Ginormous Farm Table" to lay fabric on!  I've been making diapers for my granddaughter's baby doll.

When her Mommy has the baby, the granddaughter will receive a baby doll, baby boy clothes, diaper bag and everything that goes in it, and these diapers.  I am in hopes it makes the transition from being an only child to having a baby brother, that will need a lot of Mommy's attention.  I hope, anyway!  I was the same age as she is when my sister was born.  Let me tell you, I did not like her or the attention she needed.  It took my Mama away from me...or so I thought.  It was a long, long time before I "kind of" liked her!  I'm talking years and maybe even a decade or so!  I don't want that to be the case with my granddaughter.  So, we are making a gift box that will be given to her when she goes to the hospital to see little brother, for the first time.  It will have all of the appropriate "Big Sister" stuff...T-shirt, jewelry, ribbons, and anything else I come up with announcing that she is awesome AND a big sister!

I've even made baby wipes out of left over flannel.  I need to find a small container for them.  I still have to make baby doll gowns and sleepers, swaddlers and the diaper bag.  I need to hurry!  She told her Mommy that his birthday will be February 3rd!  I need to have everything ready just in case she is right!  

Grace & Peace


  1. Your trim looks wonderful! I love farmhouse style!

    Can I also say you are a wonderful grandma? This is an amazing thing you're doing for your granddaughter! I find that with my own 6 kids, that if they are prepared for the new baby's arrival, they see the baby as 'theirs' and they have no problems. Your granddaughter will also have her sweet baby boy dolly and all that goes with it. She will be caring for her baby while Mommy cares for baby brother! So precious!


  2. That sunset is gorgeous! WoW. Love all the things you've made for your grand daughter, I bet she squeals with delight when she sees it all! We had sunshine today but the rain is supposed to return tmrw! Have a great week-end!

  3. I like the white trim! Those doll diapers are really cute. That is such a good idea. I wonder now if that is why my older sister hated me for so many years. :) Of course, she was only three when I was born.

  4. The kitchen is going to be darling! I love the dark floors and the white trim :)

    By the way, my mom gave me the tree music box and she has no idea where she bought it. I'm so sorry. I thought for sure she'd have an answer. But it is cute isn't it? :)

    I hope you're enjoying the New Year, my friend.