Friday, January 8, 2016

Cold, Dreary, And A Sick Princess...

Yuck!  Yuck!  Yuck!  Nothing but gray skies and mud!  Skies as gray as an old worn flannel blanket seem to never let up and so much mud.  We are suppose to get more rain a matter of fact, it is raining right now.  The rain is suppose to turn to freezing rain and snow before morning.  I think the weatherman didn't get the memo about my not liking days like this because it has been this way for almost two weeks.  The sun only peeked out for a very short time on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This weird little evergreen bush, the turquoise bird feeder and my little red car, are the only bright spots!  That bird feeder is usually empty by noon but not today.  The birds must even be depressed with all this yuckiness!  UGH!

My daughter called this morning to see if she could bring my grand daughter out because she had been sick last night and this morning, and wouldn't be going to school.  You betcha, you can bring her out!  She has laid on the couch, played, threw up, laid on the couch, played, threw up...for most of the day.  She seems to feel better  and suddenly she will crawl on the couch and say, "I don't think I feel good, Granny."  Poor baby.  She is going to stay the night because of the weather and her pregnant mommy sure doesn't need to get sick.  She will feel better by morning, I'm pretty sure, but I am going to cuddle with her all night!  My little cuddle buddy!

Well, I guess I will go listen to it rain, some more.  OHhhhhhhh!!!!!

Grace & Peace.


  1. Oh good grief, I feel the same way! It rained here all day yesterday, same thing today. Not a hard rain, but gray skies and mist all day long. It makes me feel down, very down. I need sunshine too! Sure hope your sweet baby is well today. If I haven't mentioned it before, I simply love that picture at the top of your blog of, I suppose, your husband and granddaughter. I have to stop and admire it every time I visit your blog.

    1. Thank you! That is my husband and grand daughter. It is, perhaps, my favorite picture I have ever taken. Thanks for stopping by!

      Grace & Peace