Friday, May 29, 2015

Wondering what I have been doing this past month and a half?  Well, I am wondering the same thing!  Obviously, it hasn't been keeping up with this blog! Since mid-April I have done very little.  There have been visits from my sister and great niece, a graduation, a dance recital, and a whole lot of water has fallen!  

I am always excited to see my sister!  She is such a beautiful person and my personal hero!  She is raising her grandbaby, my great niece,  and at the end of April, they came for a short visit.  I so wish we lived closer but I cherish the times we do have together.

I love these girls!  I could eat them with a spoon!  Of course, the older girly is my grand daughter, and my great niece is next to her, but I am also proud to show off my "Fur-Niece", Pinkie Pie!  I'm guessing Pinkie would have rather been running around the yard, perhaps chasing the chickens, but my grand daughter caught her and insisted she be in the picture!
 Earlier in May, we attended the grand daughter's Pre-K graduation!  I simply can't believe she is going to Kindergarten next year!  She's supposed to stay little!  I know this is a terrible picture but trust me when I say, she was strutting her stuff!  Granny's little Princess, for sure!

A week or so after graduation, she showed off her killer dancing skillz at the dance recital.  She is a little ham if I ever saw one!  I must say she dances like her Granny... To the beat of her own drum!  Love her style!

Well, we can no longer say we are living in drought conditions!  I think we have only had six or seven days this month where we saw a little sunshine.  The entire day was not sunny but once or twice!  We've have lots of flooding around but thank God we live on a hill and while our yard is standing in water, we've had nothing like the rest of the area!  Of course, even that is nothing compared to what Texas has had but still, we really need a few days of sunshine!

I snagged this pic from one of the local news websites.  This is just a sampling of the flooding!  We've had roads washed away, a fireman lost his life while rescuing a family, two men are still missing, not sure what happened to them but considering the location they were in, I'm pretty sure they drowned.  Lots of property damage and so on.  I am very thankful for the rain but we've had so much!  There is one especially good thing about all this water, though!

The drought is over!  I say GOOD RIDDANCE!