Thursday, December 24, 2015

So just when we become so paranoid?

Something has been on my mind.  I know!  Big surprise, right???!!!  Well, this is bothering me and I feel I need to share my opinion.  Another big surprise...not!  So here is the deal...

I am a product of the '60s.  I believe in peace and love.  I am also a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I also believe, as Christians, we have become extremely anal, and paranoid, about a few things.

Growing up in the '60s and '70s, it was common place for folks to wish others, "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays", as well as "Merry Christmas".  Not one single soul thought of these seasonal greetings as anything but a way of being friendly, and cordial, to people we met on the street, spoke to on the phone, or who entered or departed our homes.  When did this change?

Even into the '80s, 90's, and early 2000's, these greetings were used.  Perhaps we used "Season's Greeting", at the beginning of the holiday season, because we knew we weren't going to see the the other person, again, before later in the new year.  Maybe "Happy Holidays" was said for the same reason.  When did this change?

I remember when people started using "Xmas" rather than Christmas.  Now, to me, this is the word we should get upset and angry about.  This is definitely a word that has taken CHRIST right out of Christmas.  I mean, look at it... X-mas.  CHRIST has been completely "X'd" out of Christmas with this word.  Not Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings...

I know everyone thinks there is a war on Christianity and that is true.  But then again...there has been a war on Christianity since Jesus was born.  It did not start with a few words of greeting and it won't end with them, either.  

If you are saved and believe Jesus will return again, mere words will not destroy you.  Words can never take away the blessed gift of salvation.  The problem lies with the word, SELF.  If we take our flesh and pride out of the equation, we can once again become a happy people simply wishing Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, to everyone we meet...simply because it is a nice thing to do...something that has no hidden meanings...

So...Just when did we become so paranoid?

Grace & Peace, to all!


  1. Very good...and I totally agree!

    1. Thank you, Jana, and thanks for visiting! Merry Christmas, my dear friend! Love you, bunches!

      Grace & Peace.

  2. I agree too. I could never bring myself to write X-mas...even in a hurry. Good post!