Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So quiet...

Just when I was kind of getting used to the non-stop chatter of "Little A", she leaves to go to her forever home.  This is the sucky part of foster care.  We will miss her but I am very thankful she will have a mom and dad, who will love her and make her their own.

We did get to have her for Christmas so that was fun!  All the toys, all the wrapping paper, all the squeals and giggles!  So much fun!  Of course, we are used to having our grand daughter for Christmas but having two little girls was over the top!  We loved it!

We enjoyed having our kids and, of course, the grand daughter, sharing Christmas with us.  Family is so important and I am very glad we were able to provide a sense of family and show, one sweet little girl, what the Christmas season is truly all about... Jesus.  

I pray she will take the memories of the short time she blessed our home, and remember them for a long time.  

God bless you, "Little A" and remember, Jesus loves you and so does Granny!

Grace & Peace.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

So just when we become so paranoid?

Something has been on my mind.  I know!  Big surprise, right???!!!  Well, this is bothering me and I feel I need to share my opinion.  Another big surprise...not!  So here is the deal...

I am a product of the '60s.  I believe in peace and love.  I am also a follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I also believe, as Christians, we have become extremely anal, and paranoid, about a few things.

Growing up in the '60s and '70s, it was common place for folks to wish others, "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays", as well as "Merry Christmas".  Not one single soul thought of these seasonal greetings as anything but a way of being friendly, and cordial, to people we met on the street, spoke to on the phone, or who entered or departed our homes.  When did this change?

Even into the '80s, 90's, and early 2000's, these greetings were used.  Perhaps we used "Season's Greeting", at the beginning of the holiday season, because we knew we weren't going to see the the other person, again, before later in the new year.  Maybe "Happy Holidays" was said for the same reason.  When did this change?

I remember when people started using "Xmas" rather than Christmas.  Now, to me, this is the word we should get upset and angry about.  This is definitely a word that has taken CHRIST right out of Christmas.  I mean, look at it... X-mas.  CHRIST has been completely "X'd" out of Christmas with this word.  Not Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings...

I know everyone thinks there is a war on Christianity and that is true.  But then again...there has been a war on Christianity since Jesus was born.  It did not start with a few words of greeting and it won't end with them, either.  

If you are saved and believe Jesus will return again, mere words will not destroy you.  Words can never take away the blessed gift of salvation.  The problem lies with the word, SELF.  If we take our flesh and pride out of the equation, we can once again become a happy people simply wishing Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, to everyone we meet...simply because it is a nice thing to do...something that has no hidden meanings...

So...Just when did we become so paranoid?

Grace & Peace, to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cookies and Frustration...

Today, I have managed, somehow, to get four different kinds of cookies made.  I have been trying some new recipes and so far, I have only found one that I like.  My Mister, on the other hand, loves them all.  

I really don't know what I expected because anything with sugar in it, tastes horrible to me, these days.  Not to mention, the sick feeling that comes over me when I eat it.  Such is life after weight loss surgery!  That's ok, though, I didn't need all that bad stuff anyways!

These Red Velvet Candy Cane Kiss cookies were my favorite but only a quarter of one was more than enough for me!  Delicious though!

So, last week we got our first placement.  She was supposed to be long term with possible adoption.  Yesterday, I was told that bio mom requested "A" be moved to a foster family she knows.  Of course, as  is the screwed up way of DHS, they listen to the bio mom even though she will have her parental rights terminated at the end of January.  My question is how come a woman who has continuously put her children in danger, and who will have her rights ended, still has the power to completely uproot a child who has made huge strides in the week she has been with us!!!???  This is the reason we took so long to become foster parents.  We don't want children continually subjected to crap like that.  We were adamant about not having a revolving door foster home.  We want to make a difference not be a stopping point for a few days.  Anyhow, "A" will be removed from our home the Monday after Christmas.  I did manage to get them to leave her with us so that she can experience at least one normal holiday!

So, anyways, back to those cookies...I have two more yummy recipes to make tomorrow.  These are tried and true, though!  These are the traditional cookies I've made for as long as I can remember and Christmas without them would never fly...especially with my very pregnant daughter!  

Merry Christmas and may God bless you richly, in the coming days!

Grace & Peace.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting settled and routines...

We got our first kiddo, on Monday, and can I just say how happy and blessed I am used to having a little one running around!!!???  Needless to say, I am busier than a squirrel gathering nuts!  It's a good busy, though.  

I am trying to get "A" into our routine and that is a bit difficult but will line itself out within a few days.  I think the biggest challenge will be working with her school work.  She has been attending a daycare/preschool but we are not approved for the daycare allowance, since I don't work outside the home, and our local public school is maxed out for Pre-K, so I will be trying to keep her on track.  We will concentrate on that after the holidays so we can get the daily routine down before worrying about doing letters and numbers.

So, how is your Christmas shopping coming along?  I was done until little "A" came!  That's ok.  We will get it done this weekend.  It is going to be an exciting day!  It's been many years since we had littles that woke up at the crack of dawn to see what gifts they received!  I think my Mister is more excited than anyone!  Now that is something nobody ever expected!  He hasn't always been the kidlet type but with the birth of our granddaughter, five years ago, all that changed.  He is definitely a Papaw who loves playing with kiddos, now!

Well, I just heard little feet hit the floor so I guess I better go get breakfast started.

Grace & Peace

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tying up loose Christmas ends and approved, but...

Well, I can't decide if I am finished with my Christmas shopping or if I need to get more.  My inner minimalist says I am done but my Granny side says otherwise!  I think I will give Papaw money and let him finish shopping for the granddaughter.  The big kids(adult children) are easy because we all decided to purchase one gift each, costing no more than $5, and playing a game or something.  Christmas should be about celebrating Jesus and gifts more for the children, than adults.  Besides, money is always so tight for my kids.  Us too, for that matter.  Anyhoooo...

I have made several things, for the grand daughter, already and have plans to make a few more.  Just today, I finished her quilt.  I am quite proud of it.

It is a very simple pattern but I really like it and I know she will, too.  I decided to do a little bird and dragonfly quilting motif in each of the small squares.  

Of course, as is my belief, every handmade item needs a label telling who made the item, when it was made, and for whom it was made.

I also managed to get a wreath made for both the front and back doors this week.

This is the one for the front door.  It is probably 32" across.  Hey, I wanted it to be seen from the road!  HeHe!  I don't know why I didn't take a pic of the backdoor wreath but it is much smaller version of this one.

So, we were finally approved, as a foster home, this afternoon and within an hour we had a call about our first placements.  The children were 1 and 2 years old.  I had to decline because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with two babies this soon.  Not to mention, my new grandbaby will be born within a couple of months, so that would be three babies to care for, ALONE, during the day because I will babysit the grandson when he is born!  That kind of freaked me out! It wouldn't have be so bad if there were a couple of years between them but man, three babies???!!!  I feel horrible about it but I know my limitations so Papaw and I felt it was best.  

Well, that is all I have!

Grace & Peace

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Busy weekend!

I can't believe it is almost the middle of December!  Where in the world have these past couple of weeks, gone? Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!  I've done a little decorating but I don't think I will get much done but that's ok.  I don't necessarily like a lot of "stuff" all over the place.  I will post some of that decorating, later.  

We were certainly busy this past weekend.  We got a last minute call from our agency, needing someone to do respite care for two little girls.  I decided, since we are so close to being a licensed home, we would just jump in and get our feet wet!  Since I am not one to do anything half way, I called my daughter and asked if our grand daughter could come stay, as well.  Did I mention my sanity has been in question for a long time???  Well, now I question it, myself!  

These three sweet girls range from 5 years old to "just turned" 7 years old!  Sweet Baby Jesus!  This is just about as still and quiet as they got and that didn't last more than five minutes!  They all loved Papaw, of course, and by the time they all went home, he was dragging and saying he is going to change his name and not tell anyone!  LoL

Grace & Peace...sweet peace and quiet!  (HaHa)