Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Gratitude Month -- Day 10

Day 10

I am very grateful for our home.  I complain, too much, about the old gal's problems but I thank God for her.  She is an old house with old house issues but she provides shelter, warmth, and there is a whole lot of love, within her walls.  

We have endured many struggles, since we bought her, but so many memories have been made here, as well.  We have thought about selling and moving someplace where we would have very little to maintain but the reality is, I can't see us anywhere else.  

This little lady welcomed us with open arms and has gently made us love her more than any other house ever has.  

This is "Granny's House" to our grand daughter.  A place she feels safe and loved.  This is the house she will remember when she is old.  The House That Love Built!

Are you thankful for the shelter God gives?

Grace & Peace. 

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