Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Busy times...

Fall is our busiest time of the year.  This is when we go camping, take trips, and get everything done that we put off during the hot and cold months.  Of course, I've been trying to get a couple of quilts finished for Christmas gifts.  And in the middle of all that, we are trying to get licensed as a foster home, which means tons of paperwork, appointments, classes, and making sure the house is safe, according to the state, for children.  Our house is already child proof  but there were a few things we needed to do, like empty out the bedroom I was using for my crafting space.  Yes, I've lost my craft room but I am going to convert one of our old travel trailers into a studio for crafting and scrapbooking.  That will give me a little break, from the chaos that is about to happen in our lives, when I need it!  HeHe!  We are looking forward to having little ones running about so sacrifices are ok and it's for a good reason.

We made a weekend trip to West Texas a couple of weeks ago.  My Mister's family lives out there.  We took our grand daughter with us, this time.  She has only seen her Great Grandparents once and that was about four years ago.  She write letters to them, all the time, and I send pictures but there is something about seeing someone in person, that makes the heart happy.

I know she looks bored but she was only giving me "the look" because she was seriously tired of having me shove the camera in her face!  LoL...she does that or she will just ignore me altogether!  We enjoyed our visit and it was so good to see my FIL doing so good.  

Last Saturday, we took her to a pumpkin patch.  It wasn't the one we usually go to and it was a bit disappointing, but I guess when you are five, it was still fun!  Of course she ran right to the pony ride.

We have talked about buying her a pony but haven't.  I guess it is time to look into that a bit more seriously, now.  She sure does love them.  Maybe I will get one that I can ride too!  That would be fun!

Well, if I'm going to make my quilting deadline, I better get busy!  Thanks for stopping by and come back when you can!

Grace & Peace


  1. What kind hearts you and your husband must have. I don't know of many who would turn their home into a foster home for children. You have a sweet and cute granddaughter. Fall is a busy time. There is so much I need to do outside...but keep running out of energy!

    1. Thank you, Ma'am, but I have to say it truly is a God thing. We have talked about it, on and off, for years, but recently God has brought it to the forefront and after talking some more and praying, we took the leap. So, we should be licensed before December.

      Grace & Peace.

  2. I get that same look from my daughter sometimes and she's almost 20 LOL

    I love your new kitchen table :)