Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Busy times...

Fall is our busiest time of the year.  This is when we go camping, take trips, and get everything done that we put off during the hot and cold months.  Of course, I've been trying to get a couple of quilts finished for Christmas gifts.  And in the middle of all that, we are trying to get licensed as a foster home, which means tons of paperwork, appointments, classes, and making sure the house is safe, according to the state, for children.  Our house is already child proof  but there were a few things we needed to do, like empty out the bedroom I was using for my crafting space.  Yes, I've lost my craft room but I am going to convert one of our old travel trailers into a studio for crafting and scrapbooking.  That will give me a little break, from the chaos that is about to happen in our lives, when I need it!  HeHe!  We are looking forward to having little ones running about so sacrifices are ok and it's for a good reason.

We made a weekend trip to West Texas a couple of weeks ago.  My Mister's family lives out there.  We took our grand daughter with us, this time.  She has only seen her Great Grandparents once and that was about four years ago.  She write letters to them, all the time, and I send pictures but there is something about seeing someone in person, that makes the heart happy.

I know she looks bored but she was only giving me "the look" because she was seriously tired of having me shove the camera in her face!  LoL...she does that or she will just ignore me altogether!  We enjoyed our visit and it was so good to see my FIL doing so good.  

Last Saturday, we took her to a pumpkin patch.  It wasn't the one we usually go to and it was a bit disappointing, but I guess when you are five, it was still fun!  Of course she ran right to the pony ride.

We have talked about buying her a pony but haven't.  I guess it is time to look into that a bit more seriously, now.  She sure does love them.  Maybe I will get one that I can ride too!  That would be fun!

Well, if I'm going to make my quilting deadline, I better get busy!  Thanks for stopping by and come back when you can!

Grace & Peace

Monday, October 5, 2015


Well, I hope y'all missed me just a wee bit!  Ha!  I've not fallen off the planet but I have been busy. Hey, do you remember this post, My Big Fat Eat-In Kitchen, where I mentioned having plans to build a big harvest table that would seat my whole family?  Well, that is one of the things I've been busy with!

My hubby did all of the cutting and sanding.  He is far stronger than I am and my hands don't have the strength they used to. 

 After all the boards were cut and sanded, I began the staining process.  I'm so OCD and it makes no sense to put it all together and then try to stain or pain between boards.  I want it all done - well most of it- before beginning construction.  This is the bottom of the table top.  These boards were heavy as all get out!  Isn't that dark color, beautiful?

I saw this color and knew it was exactly what I wanted.  I am tired of the walnut color of all the woodwork, floors, and cabinets, in my kitchen.  I love this color and plan on staining the floors with it, as well.

I really like how the woodgrain shows.  I only put one coat of stain on the table because it was so pretty.

This is the bottom of the tabletop, nicely braced and aproned.  I decided to paint the apron and legs an antique white which is also the color I will paint my cabinets, when I get the floor done.

Before flipping the top over, I decided to use the woodburning tool to engrave our names and the year, to the underside.  You never know, one of my grandbabies may want this table and I would like for them to know it's history.

Here is the table top.  It doesn't look very big in this picture but believe me when I say, it is.  I first wanted to make it 6ft X 30in, but my Mister came in and told me he didn't think that was big enough, so we made it 7ft X 36in !  Oh goodness, this thing is massive!

In this picture, you can kind of get a sense of how large she is.  The space where she is sitting is about 11ft.  There is just enough room on each end for a chair...providing the person sitting in said chair isn't a big person!

Here is a better perspective.  And mentioning chairs...

Those are going to get a nice coat of the antique white paint, that was used on the legs of the table.  When all the kiddos and grands come for supper, we will be able to sit three on one side, one on each end, and anywhere from two to five on the bench that will be on the other side.  YaY!!!  I can finally have all the family in one place!

While I have been busy with the table, I have also been doing quite a bit of sewing and quilting.

This is the quilt for my grandson, who will be born in February.  I used perle cotton and large stitches to hand quilt it.  I am almost finished. Just need to bind it and then embroider the label.  I think everything, that is made with love, needs to be labeled so many years from now, those who were the recipient of such treasures, will know a bit about it.

I pray you have a blessed day.

Grace & Peace.