Friday, August 21, 2015

Size matters...

One of the things I am having trouble getting used to is cooking for two...technically, it's more like one and a quarter people.  Since I had surgery in February, the amount and type of food I am able to eat is very limited.  I discovered, last night, just how much my cooking chore has diminished, which honestly, I never considered it a chore because I love to cook and I am a darn good cook, to boot!  Apparently, I am also a bit conceited...

Not so many years ago, when I made meatloaf...which is the best meatloaf anywhere, so everyone that eats it says...  Anyhow, I would use this 13 X 9 X 2 pyrex casserole pan.  It would be full corner to corner and side to side.  There were never leftovers...ever!  

So last night, as I stood making meatloaf, I looked at the paltry 1/2 pound of hamburger meat, the 1/4 onion and bell pepper, the half a slice of bread, and the tiny bit of ketchup, that was to be supper, and thought, "well, this isn't going to fill that pan up.  Not by a long shot.".

My Mister and I have been reduced to a mere 
4 X 4 X 2 casserole pan.  Does this even register as a casserole pan?  Really???  AND...there were leftovers!!!  This new journey...this new making me crazy!  How does one go from cooking enough for a small army to barely cooking enough for one person...and still have leftovers?  *sigh*  I guess this, too, will take some getting used to.

Grace & Peace.


  1. I have the same problem. I'm getting better at freezing leftovers right away so I can just pull them out and not have to cook. We just had some leftover baked chicken fajitas that I had frozen when we first got here and they were SO GOOD!

    1. Pammy Sue, I need to do that but I usually just heat it up, the next night, for my husband. He doesn't mind leftovers and I don't have to cook! LoL...I think I'm getting lazy.

      Grace & Peace.

  2. I understand completely. I'm mostly cooking for one most of the time these days, with the boyfriend working out of town during the week and my daughter having a busy social schedule. I just make my regular amount and eat leftovers now. It is an odd thing though.