Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Big Fat Ugly Eat-In Kitchen...

I have gotten rid of all the clutter in my kitchen.  Almost everything that collects dust is gone.  The old "country" theme is history... So... Now what!!!???  

I would really like to start fresh!  These old cabinets need to be cleaned, sanded, and painted.  The floors need to be replaced, as you can see!  And the lighting is atrocious!  This kitchen is not yellow but between the horrible lighting and all that wood, it sure looks like it!  

This is the other end of the room.  Say hello to LuLuBelle and Tater-Bug!  Tater blends in very well, doesn't he.  Pardon the mess on the table.  I am trying to get back into scrapbooking and this is where all my supplies land!  Goes back to my childhood, I guess.  We did everything at the kitchen table.  Like I said, it is a big eat in kitchen.  What I wouldn't give for a formal dining room!   I have plans for my husband to build a Harvest Table so all the kids and grandbabies can sit together during holiday meals!  I drives me nuts for part of the family to be in the living room while the rest of us are eating at the table!  

This very large window is the best part of this kitchen, in my opinion.  As you can see, I have removed the curtains so I can get a better idea of what kind of window treatments I might want here.  I may not even want window treatments once I get the harvest table.  

What I really need is for Brenda at Cozy Little House and Rue from An Old Fashioned World, to come in and work their magic, not only in this room but my entire house!

So...if this was your kitchen, and you had a very small budget, what would you do in this room?  

Grace & Peace.


  1. Well, aren't you sweet to think of me as knowing what the heck I'm doing! lol Seriously, I'm flattered though :)

    Your kitchen has great bones! So, the first thing I would do is put together a pinterest board of kitchens that you absolutely love and put notes on them as to why they are there, no exceptions! After taking a good look and finding out what you truly love I would go for that.

    Are the floors real wood? If so, you could always sand and stain them :)

    I hope that helps!


    1. LoL...Rue, you know what you're doing more than I! Thanks for stopping by!

      Grace & Peace

  2. The Harvest Table sounds like a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see it. Blessings my friend ♡