Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just trying to stay awake...

It is such a cool, cloudy, day and I am fighting to stay awake!  Truth be known, I will probably fail.  I love cool weather...perfect napping weather, in my opinion!  

I finally had to break down and buy new cloths.  I have lost 69lbs and have only bought one new pair of yoga pants, a couple of skirts, and four new tank tops since having surgery in February.  I couldn't put it off any longer for fear of losing my pants while grocery shopping.  Now that would have fixed the problem of long check out lines!  Store clearing scene, for sure!  HeHeHe!  Now that I think about it, that might not be a bad thing!  So, since I am a known tightwad and hater of all things shopping related, I invited my beautiful, fashionista daughter, to go with me.  She's tough!  She takes no for an answer...NEVER!  And on top of that she has amazing taste in clothing and keeps it classy, sassy, and modest!  I knew she would be perfect to actually get me to spend money on myself.  I ended up with a pair of jeans, corduroy pants that I've been wanting, two cute tops, AND she let me buy yoga pants!  Only if they were to be worn with nice matching tops...I guess the days of wearing just whatever I find in the closet, are over!  At least for now...   I didn't buy too much because I am still losing weight but at least there won't be any public indecency charges brought against me!  Above getting new clothes, the biggest blessing was getting to spend time with my daughter.  She is so busy all the time and now with being pregnant and having a five year old, she doesn't have a lot of extra time.  I thank God for the time we spent together.  Oh!  And yeah, I had to buy some little baby boy clothes, too, even though it is still five months until he will be born!  You know, how it is, Grandma's!  Just couldn't resist!

Mentioning buying for the new baby, I went last weekend and bought fabric to make blankets.  I decided I would try my hand at quilting so I also bought fabric for that.  This morning, as I was trying to stay awake, I cut the squares and got them all laid out.  Once I get my table from my craft booth, I will start piecing it together.  I have to wait until I get the folding table because I am smart... In all of my getting rid of and minimizing, I got rid of my sewing desk.  As if I weren't ever going to sew that will ever happen.  Soooooo, now I either have to put the machine of the kitchen table or my computer desk.  Neither works well for me because once I start sewing I don't want to move anything until I am finished.  doh!  I'm a flippin' genius!

So anyhow, I'm still trying not to fall asleep but my inner self keeps saying, "It's cloudy, cool, and your pillow loves you."!  I think I'll go give it some love, right back.

Grace & Peace.


  1. Congrats on all your weight loss! That's so great. I know it must be fun buying new (smaller) clothes to show it off, not to mention so your pants won't fall off in public! Hahaha! That made me laugh.

  2. I'm so happy for you in your weight loss! It's wonderful, even if you have to do the dreaded shopping ;)

    Funny, the cooler weather actually makes me feel spunky LOL

    Have a great weekend.