Friday, March 27, 2015

When we first moved to Oklahoma, we lived in a mobile home park that was all but destroyed in yesterday's tornadoes. We lived there for ten years before buying our present home. During the time we lived in that mobile home, my Mister built a carport out of recycled tin, a screened in porch, and a small out building behind the home. It fascinates me that all of that was virtually untouched, while everything around it was basically obliterated! One piece of tin on the carport! Here are the pics to prove it. Very happy to see that the little lady who lived in the smaller home, next door, was also untouched except for the pine tree, that was right next to our home, looks to have gotten close to her home. The red arrow indicates our old home.  I am truly saddened by the devastation and yet, I can't help but smile at the pictures of our old home!  So many memories were made there.

Backside of the home shows the, still intact, outbuilding. 
The storm came close to our present home, as well, but God is good and we had no damage.  Me and my two fur-babies were in the bathroom under a mattress, though!  We've lived in Oklahoma for 18 years and this is only the second time I've been concerned enough to take shelter.  I'm usually standing in the yard, watching the storms go by!  Once, was while living in that mobile home but the storms, at that time, turned and nothing was touched.  Meanwhile, my daughter and all of our animals, got into my car and got the heck out of Dodge!  

You know, I am a native Texan, and I am very proud of the way Texans pull together when they need to but nothing compares to Oklahomans.  I am always impressed with how compassionate, giving, and strong, folks are around here!  I will always love and be a Texan but I am proud to call Oklahoma home.   



  1. I'm so happy you left this post. I knew that storm was close and prayed for your safty. I'm thankful you and your loved ones are OK, but sad for those who lost their homes , etc. I'm not sure if any lives were lost, if so how very sad. Saying a prayer for all you were effected by the tornado. I got your card and little book in the mail. Thank you so much. I pray you are feeling great after surgery and having some awesome results. Blessings

  2. I was going to say its amazing how your old home was protected from the tornado. Perhaps the prayers you left behind there are still covering it with God's protection. ♡

  3. I'm glad too that you are safe. Oh my goodness, those pictures are unbelievable! I've never been through a tornado, but we've had a few come within a few miles. Take care.