Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lordy mercy, it's just been so dreary and cold here, on my little square of earth.  I think we only had one full day of sunshine back in December and I think January is trying to tie that number.  I struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder and cold, cloudy days are a real challenge for me.  I try to stay busy so I don't have time to sit and just stare out the window only to see all that gray.  I keep the bird feeders full so the sweet little cardinals will come visit and bring a bit of color to my monochrome world.  Sometimes it helps...sometimes.

This was our only good sunset for December.  Oklahoma has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  I've lived in several states but it's here in Oklahoma that I would rather watch the artwork God paints.  This time of year, sunsets are few so I snap pics whenever the opportunity arises.

I received the first seed catalog, of the year, a few days ago.  Although I am no longer able to work a garden, I do look forward to receiving the catalogs.  Maybe one day I can get back to digging in the dirt but for now I will be content to look through the ads.

I spotted this fat little sweetie, through the kitchen window, this afternoon.  We still have pecans from last year so I didn't bother picking them up this year.  I decided to let the birds and other animals have them and I guess this little guy is enjoying them on these cold days.  We've been on our place for eight years and this is the first squirrel I've seen.  They tend to stay in the woods behind us but this one has started to visit every day.  I love nature and really enjoy watching the birds and animals.

I think my grand daughter has the best idea for passing time on a dreary winter day.  Gather all your stuffies and dolls, curl up under a funky blanket, prop up on even funkier pillows, and watch a good cartoon!  Smart girl!

Grace & Peace.

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  1. It is winter...and sometimes it is hard, and other it is not so. Try to enjoy it, even when it is cold and dreary :0)