Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I forgot to go down and check the mailbox yesterday, so I did it this morning.  Yesterday was a good mail day!  

Shelley from Simply Shelley sent a very nice box of goodies, for me.  You know, I never question...or try not to question...God's timing and I have to say, He was right on time, with Shelley's wonderful gift.  I've been feeling kind of blue lately.  It's the weather, I'm sure, but I really needed a "pick-me-up" and Shelley certainly made me smile, this morning.  Lovely potholders, a precious card with just the right sentiment.  A sweet little Mary Englebreit book filled with recipes for all manner of sweetness!  Some cupcake decorating stencils that I am sure my grand daughter will love since she loves baking and cooking!  A set of nail files...I'm still wondering how she knew I needed those!  See God works in mysterious ways!  I just said, this morning, "I really must put nail files on my list, for when I go into town next.".  All of these things are lovely and I will put them to good use...But the icing on the cake was...

Sweet little Zuki!  She is a sock doll that Shelley hand made.  I loved her the first time I saw her on Shelley's blog and now she has adopted me!  She came with her birthday girl ribbon and baby shower invitation.  I just love the pretty swaddling cloth she is wrapped up in.  

As any good Mama does, I had to unwrap her and check out her little feet and hands.  Little Zuki has on a "onesie" made from the same fabric as the swaddling cloth.  Too, too, sweet!  I love her blue eyes and isn't that little "paci" the cutest thing!  

Such a nice, uplifting, thing for Shelley to do.  I can't put into words how much getting her package means to me.  I truly believe God puts people on our paths to make the journey just a bit brighter.  I'm thanking God, this morning, for Miss Shelley.  I hope you will visit her blog and say hello to a sweet lady!


  1. Our Lord's knew exactly what you needed :0) God's blessings be upon you my friend, mari

    1. Yes He did, Mari! Right down to a fingernail file! That's just like God! He cares about the small stuff, even!

      Grace & Peace.

  2. Yes, God's timing is always best, and I did all that fretting for nothing, worrying about getting it mailed off in a hurry when God knew all along the very day you needed her to arrive. When will I ever learn ;) I'm happy she cheered you up . Just a simple little " make do " such as are all my handmade things, but if they serve their purpose, then all is well. Enjoy her, and you are free to change her name or do as you will with her......she is yours, from me to thee ♡♡