Thursday, November 6, 2014

I figured it was high time I got back in here and posted since it has been quite some time.  You know, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. That's whats happened, lately. The colder temps are coming in much faster than I would like.  I love Fall but sometimes, here in Oklahoma, it seems we skip right over it and barrel right on into winter. It hasn't been that cold yet but this coming weekend is suppose to bring a Blue Norther.  There is so much to do to get ready for it. With the exception of the animal shelter, we are prepared.  I will get to the animals this evening, and tomorrow, but for now the little things are done. 

All the oil lamp chimneys have been washed...

The wicks are trimmed.

 The plants have been brought in...

Even the hardy ones.

My handiwork basket is filled with one project or another.

Quilts and shawls are clean and ready, should we decide to sit on the porch, as we do some nights...

And an extra quilt lays on the foot of the bed, ready to be pulled up to our chins, should we need it.

Candles are stocked and ready...

To be burned on the window sills, to greet all who pass by.


  1. Looks like you're ready for that Blue Norther. We've got cooler weather but no blue norther yet! Loved all your pictures. Have a great day!

  2. Love you my friend and love your blogging! Stay warm!

  3. Very cosy post my friend.......we are in for some colder weather as well, but I'm in no way as prepared as you. Just to let you in on a little secret..........when I'm all finished with the little sock doll baby, she will be coming to live at your house. Consider her a small Christmas gift of sorts. Oh, I gave her the name, Suki ;) Blessings

  4. Dear Mrs. G ... your home looks so warm and cosy. I love quilts, oil lamps, candles and plants. They all make our homes so welcoming. I hope that you have a nice weekend as you finish preparing for the winter time. Blessings ♥ Teri

    1. Thank you, Teri. I also love all of those things, as you can tell. I am in the process of cutting out squares for a rag quilt for hanging on the couch. My husband thinks it is all just clutter but I know if I were to put all of these things away, he would complain that the house was bare. LoL