Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy as bees

We have been busy as a little bees, since I last posted.  Of course there is always the day to day doings but we've replaced floors, painted walls, and started preparing for winter.  This time of year always seems to get a bit crazy around here.  

We had this ugly, nasty, carpet in the living room.  It was very pretty when we first installed it, several years ago, but with two inside fur-babies, a grandbaby, and a husband who makes a living being a oilfield rig dismantler (is that a word?), the carpet was in bad shape and needed to be replaced badly.  Hey, looky there!  There's my Mister "dismantling" our electronics in order to empty out the room.  He's really good at his job!  ;-D

That nasty carpet was replaced with laminate wood flooring!  I love it and it's so easy to care for and Lord knows, with my aches and pains, I need that!  You can't really tell but we also gave the walls a fresh coat of paint.  The floors made a world of difference in this small 13' x 15' room.

I am currently working on new curtains for those living room windows.  I have decided to go back with my all time favorite prim decorating.  There is just something very warm, cozy, and welcoming, about the style.  I like the shabby chic and cottage-y looks but, honestly, I don't think those decors are not meant for a country house where real, working, people live.  Very pretty but not very practical.  Anyways, that's just my humble opinion and if a person can make it work then good for them.

I've started preparations for the long, miserable, winter, that is sure to come.  I have begun to stockpile canned goods, toilet paper, candles, and lamp oil.  All the blankets and quilts will be washed and put in a handy place, to be pulled out and put on the beds, once the weather gets cold.  Soon the winter clothing will be unpacked and made ready but, by far, more important than all that, is my winter reading stockpile!  

I recently found the last three books of "The Mitford Series" so I plan to re-read the entire series.  I do love Jan Karon and of course I love her "small town atmosphere" books.  Cozy and warm for a long winter's read.

 There are books I've wanted to sink my teeth into for awhile now, and I finally bought them!  I love Laura Ingalls Wilder and Elisabeth Elliot.  Wisdom, practicality, and simplicity.  Can't wait to begin reading.  The Excellent Wife is another book I am looking forward to readying as well as the others in this pile.  

Naturally, I have plenty of yarn for crochet and lots of baking supplies!  I'm ready for days spent inside!

 I haven't only been working and stockpiling, I've managed to do a bit of crafting.  How do you like my Fall wreath?  I have a friend who sells these Deco-Mesh wreaths and they are so pretty, only problem is, she lives in West Texas and I live in North East Oklahoma...see the problem?  Shipping is too costly to have her send one so I decided I could make my own.  I love how bright it is and LARGE!  I like that you can see it from the road in front of our home.  Here's a close up!

 Of course I put a sunflower on it!  Sunflowers are my favorite flower to decorate with, not to mention, the literally scream FALL!!!  So what do you think?  Fall enough?

Aside from all the remodeling, stockpiling, and crafting, there is always animals to be tended, a husband to be loved, cleaning to be done, and a sweet little grand daughter to be spoiled.  With all this busy-ness, I've hardly had time to look up but I've managed to watch beautiful clouds pass by and gorgeous sunsets that I am certain, God made just for me.

Remember, Granny loves ya!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Simple prayers

Sometimes I feel as if I'm all prayed out.  I can't find anymore words.  Does this happen to you?  I was just reading Elisabeth Elliot's book, Keep A Quiet Heart, and came across this.
"Christians in the Orthodox Church use a prayer called the Jesus Prayer... the words are simple, but they cover everything we need to ask for ourselves and others;  Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy On Us... The Jesus Prayer was one my husband Add and I often used together when he was dying of cancer, when we seemed to have 'USED UP' all the other prayers..."

So many times, especially when I am praying for my family, I feel as if I have "used up" all the prayers.  I become discouraged and the feeling my prayers are inadequate.  During those times, I should remember, God already knows what we need.  He knows what our loved ones need. All we have to do is utter a simple prayer from the heart.  Whether it's a simple, "Lord have mercy on us" or maybe praying "The Lord's Prayer", if it comes from the heart, our simple little prayers will speak volumes to the Lord.  

Grace & Peace.
Granny Love You!