Friday, July 18, 2014

I am beginning to despise blogs these days.  So much pressure to "measure up".  I'm sure it is all unintentional but it seems everyone is showing off, now days.  Decorate this way, cook that way, do this, don't do that...  It's enough to make a person question everything they do!  Why must we try and be better than the others?  Who are these people who have picture perfect homes?  Does anybody even live in those houses?  Really???  Where is the dust and the clutter?  Where are the greasy hand prints, on the light switches, after a husband has spent all day working on a broken down car?  I know there are kid-stained carpets, everywhere, and not everyone cleans the kitchen, every night!  Everywhere you look people are bragging about this or that.  Come on!!!  We do not live in a perfect world!  Nobody can be as perfect as we are trying to portray, on our blogs! I'm as guilty as the next blogger.  I have gotten so overwhelmed with blogs like this.  I say...
 I only have a handful of blogs I read on a daily basis.  Those are listed on the right side of this page. I like blogs about every day life.  Simple blogs.  Blogs that share the every day life of every day people.  Blogs about the ups and downs of daily living!  Some of my favorite blogs have nothing to do with fact, the ones I read most, are about people, who often have old, beat up furniture, peeling paint, and flower beds that are filled with weeds!  They don't cook gourmet meals...just  happy with what the Lord has provided.  Many times the pictures that appeal to me have little dirty faced children running around a yard that is filled with toys and no landscaping!  Just the dirt and grass God put there.  People who are living the simple life are the ones I want to visit.  

Just keeping it REAL!!!


  1. Very well said my friend......I love you!

  2. I have been blogging on and off, for over 5 years now, and one of the things I knew I was never going to do is impose my way of life on anyone! life is hard, plain and simple. I enjoy sharing a little bit at a time.
    As i continue to write, I realize that blogging has become an admiration society and a format to be critical and judgemental....blogging should be about uplifting others and encouraging them to be themselves always....thank you for sharing my sweet friend. Mari

  3. Maria, I love sharing just a little bit about our daily life. I hope I never get where I am not blogging just for the enjoyment of sharing with family and friends. I do not want to brag about what we have nor do I want to complain. Sometimes, of course, that does happen, but I would rather my blog be as if you came for a visit to my home. What you see on my blog is exactly how life is on our place, Good, Bad or Otherwise!

    I do love visiting your blog. I have come to care for you, and your family, as well as the folks from the other blogs I visit. I pray for each one.

    Grace & Peace.