Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As you probably know, I keep my grand-daughter, while her parents work.  I am always looking for healthy, tasty, and fun snacks, for her.  As I reached into the pantry to get the graham crackers, I thought back to the snacks my Mama made for my siblings and I.  There weren't all these pre-fabbed, as I call them, snacks that are available now days.  If you went to the grocery store, the choices were pretty limited and usually there was no money to buy them anyhow.  I remember lots of saltine crackers in our home.  Those were, very often, snacks for us kids.  Mama put peanut butter on them or even just a bit of real butter.  We didn't complain.  We ate them like they were candy.  My daddy loved crackers and mustard and we all loved that, as well!  I still eat crackers and mustard!  Sometimes, if it happened to be grocery shopping day, Mama would get some Honey-Maid Graham Crackers for us.  Of course, she put peanut butter on them and we thought that was pretty special, since Graham Crackers didn't happen very often.  If it had been a very good payday, for Daddy, he would buy a package of Chips-Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies and we really thought we were in high cotton!  Peanut butter was a staple in our home.  Mama would mix it with either honey or Caro syrup for sandwiches and I remember her homemade peanut butter cookies!  Oh my goodness, I loved those cookies!  That is still my favorite cookie and I will go for a peanut butter cookie before I do the most decadent dessert made.  We also got lots of homemade oatmeal cookies...sometimes with raisins, but mostly not.  Raisins didn't make the necessity list, most of the time.  And homemade cakes... we always had a cake when Daddy came home.  He was an over-the-road truckdriver, who was always gone...always.  So when he got to come home, we had meals and desserts that we never got when he wasn't.  Not because Mama didn't cook or bake while he was gone but because it was a special day to have Daddy home...that and there just wasn't enough money to eat like that every day.  Mama could stretch food further than anyone I know, but that will be another post.  Another yummy snack we had a lot of was plain butter and bread...sometimes with a bit of syrup or honey.  We all loved that!  Simple stuff and most people now days would think it is crazy to eat something like that.  Well, I think we have all become a bunch of spoiled brats, with too much junk readily available, and our health is definitely showing that to be true...mine included.  Maybe we need to get back to the place where the only things we have to snack on, are those simple ones that Mama came up with...and we were none the wiser!

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