Monday, June 9, 2014

Where the REAL "people" are...

Over the weekend, I was out among quite a few people and had a scathing blog post all written up in my head -- then I came home...

I was greeted by jumping, tail wagging, loud meows, braying, bleating, cackling, puppy kisses, chirping, and dancing.  I forgot all about those two legged "animals", I had come in contact with. I quickly realized, I am blessed to live with the  
best "humans" - my fur and feather babies

I am very blessed to have spent the weekend with Princess Sparkles, too.  She will make you understand the really important stuff in life!

Coloring, cartoons, laughing, reading, and dancing! 

It is very clear, to me, where the REAL, GOOD, KIND, and LOVING,  "people" are.  They share this tiny little square, in a great big world, with me and my Mister.

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  1. Children and fur babies, very forgiving and un judgemental. The best thing about our animal friends is we can talked to them about anything and they will never tell a soul :) Blessings friend