Monday, April 14, 2014

Seriously!!!???  28* tonight!!!???  UGH!!!  This weather is going to do me in.  I've had to drag all my container plants, back inside after dragging them out just a few days ago.  Even the tomato plants!  My lilac bush is blooming for the first time and this freeze is likely to kill it if I don't get out to cover it up and my rose bushes look so pretty.  Better try covering those as well, especially the ones I just transplanted to a different location.  Crazy Oklahoma weather!  Thank goodness, I haven't planted too much, just yet.


  1. PUH-LEEZE! I live in South DUHkota. I would LOVE to get UP to 28 degrees. We still have 5 feet of snow in our yard from October. We have tried to sell our home for what will be 7 years this summer. We live in the Black Hills and the winter here lasts EIGHT months!!! All of you who "complain" about cold weather - move here! You will never complain about a "little" cold again!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I am terribly sorry you live where it is cold for such a long time...terribly sorry, however, you obviously don't mind it, too much, because you are still there. You choose to live in a place that is miserable and only has two seasons. Sorry if you think I am complaining about the cold but you see, dear one, we choose to live in a place where we have four seasons. We tend to get a bit testy when one of those seasons is shortened by the weather, resulting in not having as much home grown vegetables and fruit, to put on our table. Granted, I'm sure you have it rough because of the weather and again I am terribly sorry, however, if you continue to stay in such deplorable conditions, please do not hold it against those of us who do not. With all my heart I hope the sun shines on you soon...maybe, just maybe, you can smile for at least one day.

      God bless you, dear one.